Must Play Board Games On PlayStation Plus

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    This month we wanted to travel back in time to before Digital games were everything and Physical games were how to pass the time. This month we have gone through the service and selected the best Board Games On PlayStation Plus. These range from card-based games to Board games to games of strategy however these five are what we feel best show off the media and illustrate the theme of Board games the best.


    Must Play Board Games On PlayStation Plus - Mahjong

    While Chinese in origins, Mahjong has been heavily illustrated in Japanese culture over the past 20 or more years thanks to Video Games and Anime interference. Originating in the 19th Century the game of Mahjong has spread across the world and has been regarded as similar to the the Western card game Rummy.

    While Mahjong is a game of Skill, patience, Luck and even strategy this isn’t the same for its digital counterpart. This version of, some would say the Infamous game is more akin to Mahjong Solitaire where tiles are arranged to be matched, like a game of snap. This version takes it a little further by presenting numerous boards to play on and find matching tiles.

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    Developed by Sunuk Games, and published by Bigben Interactive SA this 2016 game is a calming and easy game to play compared to its counterpart in games like Yakuza. Played as a single player and matching tiles is easy after all, when you add three more people into the game, even AI, and have to play a Rummy-style game that’s where Mahjong needs a lot of Skill.

    Pure Pool

    Pool or Billiards is a game played on an average table size of 3.5 by 7 feet, (however, this can differ) where the centre of the long edges and corners are referred to as pockets. Players utilise sticks called Cues to propel spherical numbered balls into one of the pockets. This can vary on the game that you play however we are only referring to the game known as Pool, other games which can be played on a similar set-up, known as Snooker, use solid colour balls.

    Playing this in a virtual environment is the best way most of us will enjoy this game as there aren’t that many people who could not only afford the set-up but have the space for it in this day and age. That being said, it seems to have slipped more into a specialised profession so having the opportunity to play it without it being a Mini-Game in something, like Yakuza or GTA, is an experience.

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    Developed by VooFoo Studios and Published by Ripstone, Pool is a relaxing and somewhat calming game which can take hours for a definitive outcome to a match.

    Chess Ultra

    Everyone knows the game of chess, right? A game played on a board set up as 8 alternating squares of black and white tiles. Players use one of 6 different pieces to advance the game, overall having 16 pieces per side, with each of the 6 pieces moving differently.

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    Each player takes turns to move pieces strategically in order to “Checkmate” their opponent and win the game. Utilising different strategies and complex manoeuvres in order to win a game of kings.

    Developed by and Published by Ripstone, who doesn’t enjoy a game of chess?

    Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship

    Card games and gambling are nothing new, even in video games. Played with 2 hand cards per player and 5 face cards which anyone can use, participants need to make hands which can beat their oppositions. The most common hands seen are normally pairs or 3 of a kind as there are more chances for the same cards to show however other hands do show.

    Pure Hold’em is a must-play for enthusiastic Poker lovers, that being said the selection is a World Poker Championship game. Gamblers talk about “Lady Luck” being needed, in a high-stakes game of chance there is nothing truer.

    Developed by VooFoo Studios and Published by Ripstone, this take on the well-known Card based game is an interesting skill-based game where Luck is needed.

    Monopoly Madness

    Monopoly is a turn-based game where several players roll two dice and move pieces around the board, depending on the number rolled. The objective is to buy properties around the board, originally based on London England, and cost your opponents their funds so you come out on top.

    While Monopoly is a good game outside the computer, Ubisoft has taken that concept and radically tweaked it making it more of a free-for-all where players are vying for control based on the resources that they can put into properties and gain.

    Developed and Published by Ubisoft, this 2021 game is a pretty unique take on the game of Monopoly as it is more of a free roam rather than the turn-based game that it has always been known as.

    If you’re looking for more games to add to your collection, be sure to check out some of our other gaming lists. From in-depth reviews to top 10 type lists, we’ve got plenty of content to keep you entertained and informed.


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