Must Play Games at Halloween

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    Continuing our theme of horror games why not pick some adventures specific to Halloween? We have picked some Must Play Games at Halloween that we feel are better to experience around this time and feel the terror of what the Witching Hour instills.


    Must Play Games at Halloween - Medievil Header

    An evil sorcerer returned, A remembered hero revealed to be a fraud, and a second chance to prove the heroism of a fallen Knight. Even if it’s more of a childish horror game we had to include the likes of Sir. Daniel Fortesque, MediEvil is an old series that has recently returned from beyond the grave and is definitely worth a chance.

    Embark on an epic quest to save all of Gallowmere from the evil sorcerer Zarok, once defeated by what history remembers as Sir. Daniel Fortesque. In truth Sir. Dan entered the conflict with Zarok as the first casualty but now has been given a second chance to finish what he started and defeat Zarok proving his heroism and taking his rightful place among the Hall of Heroes.

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    Developed by Other Ocean Interactive for the PS4, this modern remake of the 1998 classic PlayStation 1 title is just as good now as it ever was. Keeping all the charm of the game’s original routes, the MediEvil Remake is a must-play for any PlayStation fan. How would a full trophy guide sound? We have you covered with a MediEvil Trophy Guide.

    Dead Island 2

    A New City, A New Problem, no we don’t mean traffic it’s a new zombie apocalypse, isn’t that why you are here? Enter the fallen city of Los Angeles as a brave soul fighting to survive and save all they can in Dead Island 2!

    14 years after the events on the island of Banoi in the first game Los Angeles is quarantined by the military due to a stronger variant of the zombies. Like the first game, you will have some characters to play as, however in DI 2 you will have six to pick from. Each of them will have their own abilities skills and stats to help with progressing and slaying the undead. The story will take you as far out as Santa Monica which in real-world terms is 16 miles away, but you will get to explore a good amount of the game and kill countless zombies in the process.

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    Developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver, this sequel to the fantastic Dead Island is worth the time to play. If having a new city to explore and slay monsters in doesn’t grab your attention, then the weapon system has been enhanced and a procedurally generated dismemberment system has been implemented for added devastation to walking corpses. Want more information? Why not check out our Dead Island 2 Review?

    Alien Isolation

    Space, The Final Frontier… In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream. Although a spooky selection we couldn’t overlook the venture to space. Alien Isolation is set between the first and second movies starring Ellen Ripley and is in the time when she is drifting in space before being saved and taken to the newly colonized Exomoon LV-426.

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    Taking place just 15 years after the disappearance of Ellen Ripley at the end of the first movie, Amanda Ripley, daughter of the aforementioned protagonist, sets off to retrieve the flight data from the Nostromo, Ellen’s ship. On her journey through the space station Sevastopol, where the game takes place, she encounters an array of hostile forces including the Xenomorph.

    Developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega this take on the Alien franchise is pretty good compared to others. The first-person aspect makes you feel isolated, and alone, which coupled with the limitations of equipment that you have makes the terror sink in. If it was Creative Assemblies’ goal to capture and make the player feel alone, hunted, and on edge they did an impressive job, let’s face it it’s not like you can step out into space for a breather.

    Days Gone

    A world on the brink, A Biological Threat, and a world to cross to fulfil a promise. A flowing ocean of zombies is the hope of all gamers who want to pit themselves against a zombie apocalypse, Blend’s Days Gone provides that perfectly with the Freaker threat.

    Enter the world of Deacon St. John, a biker turned mercenary in this newly risen end-times tale. A biological threat has spread over the world transforming inhabitants into a speedy threat known to the survivors as Freakers. Explore an almost untamed landscape that has fallen to the freakers, left for nature to reclaim. Remnants of civilization scatter the world and law and order are a distant memory.

    Developed by Blend Studio, a first-party developer for Sony this marked their first original concept since Syphon Filter back in 1999. Being released 20 years later, it definitely left a mark, however good or bad it was the game is a fascinating blend of action, stealth, and survival.

    Fatal Frame: Mask of the Luna Eclipse

    Five girls with no memory of their childhood, two are found dead under mysterious circumstances, and the other 3 return to the Island where they were rescued. The fourth overall instalment in the Fatal Frame franchise, The Mask of the Luna Eclipse, follows the story of the surviving girls who are looking to find out what they have forgotten and the mystery behind the island.

    Released, as the fourth entry in the Fatal Frame franchise, but it’s events are chronologically first. As with other entries in the series, The Mask of the Luna Eclipse features mainly female leads along with supernatural elements that have made a lasting impression. The Story of The Mask of the Luna Eclipse is played out by 3 characters, 2 of these are the girls who were rescued from the island. All they have to guide them is a melody and hazy memories of the island.

    Developed by Tecmo and published by Koei Tecmo, this game might have originally come out in 2008 however a re-release saw it on to all modern home systems in March of this year (2023). Out of both of the available games in the series, on current-gen systems, this is probably the scarier.

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