Must Play Games Where You Play As An Animal On PlayStation Plus

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    This month, we wanted to change it up from playing as a human, so we have turned to the games where you play as an animal. Whether that be a common pet like a cat or dog, or something that you wouldn’t consider a pet. Here are some Games Where You Play As An Animal on PlayStation Plus.

    Cat Quest

    Must Play Games Where You Play As An Animal On PlayStation Plus - Cat Quest

    A Cat on a quest to save his sister turns into a mythical hero from ages past. The game follows you controlling a cat who has a little spiritual guide, hunting for a way to save his sister from an evil white cat.

    Although the main story is short, there is a vast variation of sub-stories to complete and even dungeons to explore. There is also a wide selection of gear that you can use, ranging from Helmets, Body Armor, and Weapons. Your cat can also use magic, being the chosen Dragonblood, of which there are 7 which you can obtain to use within your adventure.

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    Developed by The Gentlebros and published by PQube this sprite game set in an isometric perspective is rather an interesting adventure. From the enemies you fight to the gear you obtain, Cat Quest is an enjoyable experience for all ages. Want to know more? Check out our Review.

    Spirit Of The North

    Set against a somewhat morbid concept of Death contrasted by the incredibly cute fox, this is an emotional story that is silent. While most games need some form of narrative exposition to guide the player in a set direction, Spirit Of The North needs no such help and is one the best reasons, if we weren’t looking for Animal-related games, to add it to this month’s selection.

    Based on the old Nordic landscape and Folklore of Iceland, you play, as stated, as a cute Red Fox, although we don’t want to spoil it too much we will state that the Fox does collapse from exhaustion, knowing this is only half the truth as it’s shown in the trailer. What I was taken with, with Spirit Of The North, is the merging of the art styles with everything. While the game gives off a serious vibe its semi-cartoonist approach and realistic characters make you want to know more about this Fox and have it result in a favourable outcome, much like Stray.

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    Developed by Infuse Studio and Published by Merge Games, this emotional tale of a Fox is a moving and heartwarming story of nature which you can easily lose yourself in a tremendous Indie game. Although this is only the PS5 version of the game, and not both PS4/ PS5 versions, it is still worth playing if you haven’t already.


    The ocean is a dangerous place, more so when there is a dangerous shark devouring everything in its path. Enter into the life of the newborn shark destined to become a mega.

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    While the story is about revenge, on two counts, your goal is to terrorise a shark hunter and send him to a watery grave. Along the way, you will need to evolve to become the meanest thing in the water devouring anything and everything to evolve and meet your destiny.

    Developed and Published by Tripwire Interactive this fishy tale of one of the ocean’s most deadly predators feels like a bad joke of the PS2 era Jaws Unleashed. Although this seems the case, it is far from it and Maneater is a fantastically addictive dive into one of the biggest places on our planet. Want to know more? Check out our Review or full Trophy Guide.

    Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time

    As animal games go, we couldn’t not include Sucker Punches fantastic series, Sly Cooper. A Raccoon, part of the family of master thieves, Sly left that life behind at the end of the Third instalment of the franchise. Now, back for one last job only this time his adventure will lead him through time.

    Essentially Sly’s job in the game is to save his ancestors from an evil bent on destroying the Cooper Legacy, Clockwork much? Traveling through time with Bently and Murry at his side Sly finds himself in the Wild West, the Ice Age, and even Feudal Japan in a quest to save his family and restore the title of Master Thieves.

    Developed by Sanzaru Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, this dive into the Cooper story isn’t like others, Trophies are a little more strenuous and the game is left with a pretty big cliffhanger, which, to this day I hope will be resolved in the coming years. All that being said it is a nice addition to the story and one that should be experienced.


    Man’s best friend, is said to be a Dog, so why not close off this selection by having a game where the player takes control of said animal? Playing as a Spiritual Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed, you are set to guide humans to a specific goal utilising actions to reach the desired outcome.

    Although the game concept, personally, doesn’t make much sense to me, it is more or less a Herdy Gurdy-type game. Although this is a bit of a crude comparison, Herdy Gurdy is an old PS2-era game, both are about “Hurding” subjects to a location. Humanity is a drastic improvement on the aforementioned Herdy Gurdy, and far superior in every way, but it does the job, it’s also the first game I think of when we think of Humanity.

    Developed by tha LTD. and Published by Enhance Games this somewhat physics simulations and experiment into the fluidity of flow using people is really a game to be enjoyed. Coming soon to Xbox, literally in a few days, therefore it is a perfect addition to our list.

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