Must Play Horror Games This Spooky Season

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    Welcome to the Season of Terror, kicking off this terrifying time of year we have selected some Must Play Horror Games you can sink your teeth into. Ranging from standard Zombie survival to one-sided bloodbath there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

    Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One/ PC Only)

    Must Play Horror Games - Dead Rising 3

    Kicking things off we have the zombie series that is hard to ignore, from simple beginnings on Xbox 360 back in 2006, first up is Dead Rising 3. Although only an Xbox and PC-released game, the third major installment is probably the best.

    Joining a new protagonist, Nick Ramos, some years after the events of Fortune City, a new city has fallen to the zombie hoard. Former characters such as Chuck Green, and Isabella Keys, and even references to the series’ long-standing franchise hero Frank West can be experienced. Following the formula developed in the Second iteration of the game with Chuck’s Comboing weapons, Nick has improved on this, and with his enhanced abilities he is able to build even better and more deadly weapons.

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    Developed by Capcom Vancouver and released in 2013 this decade-old game still seems pretty unique throughout the series. Mechanics and graphics have both had an overhaul compared to Chuck’s adventure in Fortune City and although only an exclusive, Dead Rising 3 really highlights a fantastic point in Dead Rising’s history.

    The Callisto Protocol

    Set against the backdrop of Jupiter’s second-largest moon, Callisto, and the horrors of the Black Iron Prison that is housed there, The Callisto Protocol revolves around a Freight Transporter who gets incarcerated there. Where this wouldn’t warrant a good story, The Callisto Protocol has its surprises in store for players.

    What seems like an adventure with mild horror aspects, The Callisto Protocol is very much reminiscent of Visceral Game’s Dead Space Trilogy. Taking a similar approach to the horror game genre as Dead Space, The Calisto Protocol feels like it could be a Spiritual Sussesser to Issac Clarke’s Necromorph adventure.

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    Developed by Striking Distance Studio and published by Krafton in 2022, this horror game looks to be made along the same lines as Dead Space. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise Glen Schofield, the Executive Producer of Dead Space, was the Director of The Callisto Protocol. This explains how the two horror works function so similarly.

    Dante’s Inferno (Xbox Game Pass)

    “Midway upon the journey of our life.

    I found myself within a dark forest. ”

    – Divine Comedy – Inferno by Dante Alighieri –

    So we cheated a little for this selection, and Dante’s Inferno is a bit of an odd selection for this list, but hear us out. Out of all the games we could select, Dante’s Inferno is based on a story that is centuries old, written by the titular Dante.

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    The story of the game stops at the end of book 1, known as Inferno, which describes Dante’s descent into hell to save his betrothed. The Second and Third Books, Purgatory and Paradise, are not incorporated sadly, however, the journey through the Inferno is an interesting one. On his journey, he travels through the 9 rings of hell, which are Dante’s own personal sins. Where you might think it’s just another story based on someone’s writing, the Divine Comedy isn’t just a story. Originally written in Italian and translated into other languages, including Latin, nearly 100 years after its initial publication, the tale of the Divine Comedy is a Poem.

    Developed by Visceral Games and released in 2010, this incredible take on Dante’s Divine Comedy is an experience. Although most don’t like the game, and feel it’s a bad clone of God Of War, it really seems like it does justice to the original content.

    Dead by Daylight

    Next up we have an Asymmetrical multiplayer, which is played with a total of five players. This might seem a strange concept but that’s Asymmetrical games, one player will control a “Killer” whereas the other four will control “Survivors”. Out of all these types of games, we felt that Dead By Daylight was the best to illustrate Asymmetrical games.

    Having released in 2016/ 2017 time this game has continued to stay strong and even come to the current generation of Gaming systems. Although this is a multiplayer game, it doesn’t mean that all the players in the team need to cooperate to achieve their objectives. Let’s face it, with one “Killer” player whose objective is to kill the survivors, and four survivors whose objective is to escape, there is going to be some non-cooperation. In addition to all this, Dead By Daylight has had numerous content updates having different Killers and Survivors featuring the likes of Freedy Kruger, Pinhead, Leatherface, and the Xenomorph.

    Developed by Behaviour Interactive, this almost one-sided multiplayer game is something in the horror genre. Just look at it this way, Jump scares, being hunted and a lack of resources have nothing when it comes to human players, having AI enemies doing these things isn’t as bad as when a Player is.


    Images are taken from the DLC packs the game has, which are sold separately from the game.

    Dead Space (2023)

    To conclude our selection we have a remake of an iconic franchise’s origin point. Let’s face it, we had to pick Dead Space. Set aboard a newly derelict Planet Cracker, the crew have been mutated into something less than human by a mysterious artifact found on an out-of-bounds world.

    Re-experience the terror of the USG Isshimura, alongside Isaac Clark and the crew of the Keligan, the Necromorph outbreak is uncontrollable, and heading towards Convergence. Are you to reenter the space experience of a lifetime?

    Developed by Motive Studio an EA studio, and released in 2023 for all major systems. This take on the classic and iconic horror game from 2008 is one to enjoy this Halloween. Why not kick back, grab your Plasma Cutter, and prepare to take on the Outbreak? Still not convinced, why not check out our full review? If that isn’t enough we have a full guide.

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