Must Play PlayStation 1 Games on PlayStation Plus Premium

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    Welcome to this article about the Must Play PlayStation 1 Games that you can play with a Premium Subscription. We have been hard at work to select some Must Play PlayStation 1 Games that you can enjoy with a Premium subscription. Ranging from Vehicular combatant racers all the way to relaxing sports games, there should be something for everyone to enjoy from the late 90s.

    Twisted Metal

    Must Play PlayStation 1 Games on PlayStation Plus Premium - Twisted Metal

    Enter into a high-stakes game of death in the Twisted Metal Tournament. A death game where the last driver left standing is the winner and the reward is whatever the driver wishes from the mysterious organizer, Calypso.

    Although somewhat dated now, Twisted Metal is synonymous with the PlayStation branding, gracing multiple systems over its lifespan and now being honored with a Live-action Movie. Although it seems like a lifetime ago, Twisted Metal first rose to its pedestal in 1995 on the original PlayStation and inspired an entire generation of gamers, not to mention spawning sequels and, one could argue, forging its lasting mark in gaming histories, Vehicular Combat genre.

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    Originally developed by Sony Interactive Studios America and SingleTrac for the PlayStation 1 this game has finally risen from the ashes like the Phoenix to grace PlayStation 4 and 5 gamers, and re-ignite the motors of battle. Where it is very dated, let’s face it what nearly 30-year-old game is going to look pretty and play perfectly nowadays? This should be on your radar for no other reason than it forged gaming for a generation and defined a genre on PlayStation. Can’t get enough of Twisted Metal? Then you should for sure check out the brand new series on Peacock.

    Syphon Filter

    Espionage, Stealth, Action-based Spy Tactics. No, we are not referring to Metal Gear Solid, despite the description we are giving. Syphon Filter is, in this author’s mind, an early take on Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell franchise rather than the existing MGS, and a competitor to Hideo Kojima’s incredible MGS series.

    The time to gear up as Gabriel Logan has finally re-emerged after nearly 16 years of his franchise being left in the dark, thanks to PlayStation bringing back Syphon Filter. Although an overshadowed franchise now, Syphon Filter has been a game that has helped push the Stealth genre and make it what we know today. No matter how small the impact, everything about the game is an experience that has been shown to impact the Third Person action and Stealth Genres. Although other franchises like the Previously mentioned Metal Gear Solid and later franchised like Splinter Cell always seemed to push this magnificent franchise to the bottom. This franchise deserves its place of honour and now thanks to a port to the PS4 and PS5 it has its time to shine with no Splinter Cell or MGS in sight. This means that gamers can finally experience the glory of Gabriel Logan’s tale and how the Syphon Filter franchise has impacted the Third Person Action and Stealth Genres throughout the past 24 years.

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    Originally developed by Eidetic, now known to the world as Bend Studio, this 1999 game has seen way better days. However, it didn’t always have a happy outcome. Syphon Filter, over the course of its development cycle, almost saw its end before the public even touched a copy, due to studio difficulties, and inexperience in making games. Thinking about this now, it is really shocking that a game series this impactful nearly never got off the ground, however, the ending was a happy one as it reached critical acclaim. Where dated and plays sort of clunky it was designed for a different time, and that makes it a special part of gaming history that should be tried if you are a Third Person Action gamer or a Stealth Gamer.

    Star Wars Demolition

    Everyone Likes Space and Star Travel, so Star Wars needed to be selected. Although not one of the best Star Wars games ever built, it has its moments. A vehicular combatant game where you can play as famous Star Wars characters from Infamous Bounty Hunters to Sith Lords, all taking part in Jabba the Hutt’s newest tournament.

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    So most people will click on this because it is Star Wars, however, when they learn that it’s trophy-less or it’s a Vehicular Combat game they might abandon it. Others might see the Vehicular Combat and think there are better games, and granted Twisted Metal would be a better pick, however, this is star wars so it has some degree of pull for a lot of people. The concept is nothing special, if you have seen the movies, you will know that Jabba the Hutt, the technical ruler of Tatooine, runs the Podracing tournament, which Anakin Skywalker wins in the first movie during the Galactic Republic Era, and Luke Skywalker calls Tatooine home during the rule of the Imperial Empire Era. During this time of Imperial Rule, the Podracing tournaments are cancelled and the Hutts need a new form of “entertainment” so a more deadly competition is devised.

    Developed by the now-defunct Luxoflux and published by LucasArts this Star Wars game was released 23 years ago in 2000. Surprisingly it is the only game within our selection to have not aged as badly as the others, granted that Textures are flat and models are more than a little clunky but in comparison to the other 4 in the selection this is the one that looks and plays the best from our PlayStation 1 Era selection.

    Ape Escape

    If you ever wondered what a comical version of Planet of the Apes was like then look no further. Ape Escape might sound like a “Planet of the Apes” game, however, it is far from it. You take control of the lead character, Spike, who has the some might say, Tedious job of, capturing escaped monkeys and stopping their super-intelligent leader named Spector. Thanks to the Professor’s gadgets, Spector has been able to gain vast intellect, corrupt Spike’s friend and built an army of obedient Monkey minions through the limits of Time.

    Although really rather dated now, Ape Escape is an impressive gem that has yet to spoil. Full of wacky moments, interesting characterised Apes and fun gadgets, Ape Escape has things for all ages. Stages include Prehistoric lands, Medieval villages, and even futuristic settings.

    Developed by Japan Studio, a First Party developer for Sony Computer Entertainment, this first saw its way into public hands in 1999 on the original PlayStation. Uniquely it utilized both Joysticks to control and capture Monkeys, utilizing the Left Stick to control the placement of Spike on the screen and the Right Stick to use a gadget. This, at the time, was a rather strange development as it was so revolutionary, now it might seem like a common thing but back then it was a pioneer.

    Everybody’s Golf/Hot shots Golf

    Want a nice relaxing time playing a game of skill? Our final selection is Everybody’s Golf/ Hotshot Golf, for all the sporty types out there. Unlike our other selections on this list, Hotshot Golf is just a simple game where you hit a ball across the course to the hole making it as close to Par as you can. Okay, that’s oversimplifying it but let’s face it, golf is more a game of skill than anything.

    What else can we say? Golf is just that no matter what universe you are in. There are plenty of games out there that have golf as a sub-activity, which we have seen in recent years, the Yakuza Franchise, Grand Theft Auto 5, and even Dark Chronicle to name a few. But each of them handles the mechanical interaction differently, this doesn’t become evident how differently until you play a proper Golfing game, like Hotshot Golf. Where it is old and somewhat hard to play it has enough character to and gained enough following back in the day to spawn a franchise, which makes it a perfect fit for our PS 1 Era games. The others on our list are action-oriented, so why not relax with a game of skill to end your day?

    Developed by Camelot Software Planning in 1997 and released on the PS1. Ported to the Premium Service of the PlayStation Networks Subscription tiers in 2022, this original entry in the Everybody’s Golf/ Hotshot Golf series helped define the PS1 Sports games.

    If you enjoyed this article and want to discover more must-play games, be sure to check out our other game lists. With a variety of game genres and platforms to choose from, you’re sure to find your next favorite game. Keep your gaming experience exciting and fresh by exploring our selection of games to play.


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