Must Play PlayStation 3 Games on PlayStation Plus Premium

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    Welcome to this article about the Must Play PlayStation 3 Games that you can play with a Premium Subscription. We have had a hard time trying to work out the best of the PS3 generation games that you can enjoy on your Subscription and we feel that this selection defines the Must Play PlayStation 3 Games. This time was a lot harder than the previous articles in this series as there are a good number of PS3 games that we could have selected to meet the criteria. In the end, we settled for Five Must Play PlayStation 3 Games on PlayStation Plus Premium.

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

    Reenter the gothic fantasy world of Castlevania, with former Brotherhood of Light member Gabriel Belmont, once a warrior for God now cast out and become the very thing he hunted, a Vampire. Lording over the creatures of the night as the Prince of Darkness, Dracula.

    The game starts in the Prince of Darkness’s Castle with an adult from the Brotherhood of Light where Dracula reveals to the paladin that he was once a part of the Brotherhood but now abandoned by God. This sequence sets the scene for the rest of the game where Dracula meets Alucard and takes a thousand-year sleep, in which time the creatures and monsters have had free rain over the world, and the once great evil that Gabriel had bested schemed his imminent resurrection. In the modern day, a severely weakened Dracula must not only prevent the rise of Satin but reclaim his powers and stop the acolytes from reviving their master.

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    Developed by Mercury Stream and Published by Konami, to date, brings a conclusion to the Lords of Shadow events started with Gabriel Belmont and fellow Brotherhood of Light member Zobek. Shifting up gears to take place in the modern day is a drastic change from what was shown in the previous title where Gabriel is in medieval times.

    Devil May Cry HD Collection

    Three games, Three adventures, One great protagonist. Originally released in 2001 this Hack-and-Slash trio of tales is one to really try out, following the story of the Son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda players assume the role of Dante. To put it simply he is the one who hunts the things that go bump in the night, for a fee, running a shop named Devil’s Never Cry and taking odd jobs, Dante is a one-of-a-kind sort of Hero.

    Chronologically the first game in the set that should be played is the 3rd, as it is the earliest point in Dante’s life, outlining him naming the shop and the events with his brother, Vergil. However, this is also harder than the other two included in the set if you are a 100% gamer. Next up in order we have the First game, which takes Dante on an adventure to a mysterious island set in motion by a client that resembles Dante’s deceased mother. The events of the first game pit Dante against the evil demon Emperor Mundus, who is not only trying to break into the Human world but whom Dante holds personally responsible for the death of his Mother and Brother some 20 years prior to the events. Concluding the chronological events is Devil May Cry 2, where Dante is actually only half of the playable character’s role list. The second character is Lucia who invites Dante to her homeland to deal with a human trying to raise a demon in a bid to gain ultimate power. Out of all of them, DMC 2 has the weakest storyline, but it is still a fun game, and worth a chance.

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    Developed by and produced by Capcom, this hack-and-slash adventure has aged nicely and even now we have a version on the PS4, so you can decide for yourself the validation for this list. While most people will relate to 4 or, more likely, Devil May Cry 5 which is on current and last-gen consoles, it is always worth checking out the origins of a series.

    Tron Evolution

    Fight for the Users, Protect the Grid, Welcome Program. Tron Evolution sees the player controlling an untitled security program, placed into the grid by Kevin Flynn. Initially designed to keep balance, this little program’s function will soon be turned on its head, needing to find a way to stop the coup orchestrated by Clu.

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    Taking you through the world of Tron unlike ever before and having an on-the-ground experience with Light Disk battles, riding Lightcycles, and even getting to cause devastation with Lighttanks. The game also features online Multiplayer, which lets you team up with friends or battle against them.

    Developed by Propaganda Games and published by Disney Interactive Studios, this bridge between the events that lead up to Tron Legacy is probably the Tron game any fan wants.

    Warriors: Legends of Troy

    Great warriors of legend, and a battle that spanned a decade, soldiers of Greece besieged the city of Troy due to a foolish prince. Set during the time of the Trojan War, Warriors: Legend of Troy is actually not that bad of a game. Historically it tells a story from the points of different “hero” class characters like Achilles.

    The game will set you playing as an array of different characters like Achilles, Odysseus, Hektor, and Even Paris. Switching sides of the war to complete different battles and progress to the end of the conflict. Each character will be unique in how they work and fight, an example being Achilles is a front-line fighter whereas Odysseus and Paris are long-range fighters. That being said, each character has the ability to become a ranged fighter by being able to throw procured weapons from the battlefield.

    Developed by Koei Canada and published by Tacmo Koei, who is proficient at these types of games. Tecmo Koei’s catalog of titles includes similar ones like the One Piece Pirate Warriors series and Dynasty Warriors, both of which you can feel in the mechanical capabilities of Legend Of Troy. Other titles include the Atelier games, Fatal Frame Series, and even Ninja Gaiden, all of which, if you have played any of them, you can feel the influence of them on Legend Of Troy in some small way.

    God Of War: Ascension

    Slave to the Gods of Olympus, and confined to servitude as a tool, the Spartan General Kratos is left with the rest of the dammed after the slaughter of his family. Set in the 10 years before Kartos slays the War God Aries and ascends to the throne of Olympus, he is confined within the Prison of the Damned by the furies.

    Filled with everything that we know and enjoy from the franchise and headlined with a version of Kratos who is still coming to grips with the murder of his family is a different story. The game opens in the Furies’ prison which was designed to house the oath-breakers of the world. Having broken his Oath to the God of War, Aries, Kratos finds himself imprisoned, but being who he is no prison can contain him completely, and upon breaking free Kratos raises hell. From a personal standpoint this is really an impressive tale and the enemy who I would call the first real boss is so worthy of a Remaster that it’s near criminal. The Hecatoncheires, a monster said to have 100 arms, is probably one of the best combat sequences within this title and despite his size, falls to Kratos.

    Developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, this addition to the Greek Mythos adds some more depth to the man known as the Ghost Of Sparta. This game has all the trademarks that made God Of War what it was before the Retelling of Kratos in the Norse Realms, Ascension is a fantastic game that takes Kratos on a journey over a few weeks to reach the conclusion that he needs to become the Gods Warrior in order to be redeemed. This, as we know, is not how Kratos’s tale will unfold.

    If you’re looking for more games to add to your collection, be sure to check out some of our other gaming lists. From in-depth reviews to top 10 type lists, we’ve got plenty of content to keep you entertained and informed.


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