Must Play Psychological Horror Games

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    Concluding our selection we have selected some slightly different games. This time around we wanted to address the games that have a Psychological impact on the player rather than just your typical horror experience. Before we go into the selection we wanted to make it perfectly clear that this particular selection is based on games that are not necessarily scary but that toy with the player, making them feel uneasy. Here are our picks for some Must Play Psychological Horror Games.

    Alan Wake

    Must Play Psychological Horror Games - Alan Wake Remastered Key Art

    Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there’s little fun to be had in explanations; they’re antithetical to the poetry of fear

    – Stephen King – Quoted from the opening to Alan Wake 2010

    An Idyllic Small Town, A Writer Struggling to Write, and The Darkness in the Lake which gives life to the words he creates.

    Set in the Idyllic small town of Bright Falls, Washington, the bestselling crime fiction author takes a vacation away from the busy city of New York, unknown to him Bright Falls holds more than a quiet relaxing retreat. There is a darkness in Bright Falls, hidden below the gentle lapping of the waves of Cauldron Lake, which twists and breaths life into the works of people. Like a poison, it takes hold of Wake and makes him write a horror story that comes true. In desperate attempts to keep the Dark presence at bay Wake writes a forgotten author, Thomas Zane, into his story to help free him and create an ending where the evils of the lake stay buried, at the cost of himself.

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    Developed by Remedy in 2010, this masterpiece returned in 2021 as a remaster to all current-generation home systems. Just like the original release of the game, the remaster is just as impressive and rekindles the fact that there is more hidden in the darkness than you can see, and the best weapon against it is light. Want a full review of the game? we have you covered with an Alan Wake Review.


    A Missing Cousin, The guilt felt from ignoring, and the monsters that bind us. Gylt is an emotional story of fighting inner monsters and the courage that is needed to face things that will fix things.

    Set in a small town, the protagonist soon finds that the town she knew is not the one she is presently in. Overall the game has a Silent Hill Vibe where the town is run down and there are monsters around. The goal of the game is to save Emily, Sally’s missing cousin. The game features multiple endings which is a real surprise, both good and bad endings, however, an optimal ending is also present.

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    Developed by Tequila Works, known for developing RIME, this odd story is something that is worth a look. Originally developed for Stradia and released in 2019 this came to all home systems in 2023 following the closure of Stradia. Want a full review of the game? we have you covered with a Gylt Review.

    Tormented Souls

    A Creepy mansion, Twins missing in the dead of night, and sinister enemies who are relentless and deadly.

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    Taking influences from the likes of Silent Hill, resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, and even the works of H.P. Lovecraft, this adventure really plays homage to an era of games that we don’t see very often nowadays. Tormented Souls really is a return to the classic formula of the aforementioned franchises, and keeps to the formula pretty well combining an uneasy feel to the game and puzzles to keep you guessing.

    Developed by Dual Effect and released in 2021, this indie game is something inspirational. This could be the game that you have been waiting for if you are an old-school gamer who grew up with the likes of Resident Evil, where the camera is a set location and you control a character around that, rather than the horror games we see now in a near true third person.

    The Sinking City

    Mysterious unrelenting Flooding, a plagued War Veteran and Private Investigator, and the resurrection of a Great Old One. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s work and set in the Cthulhu Mythos, The Sinking City is the combination of all of Frogware’s work over the 15 or so years until its release.

    At the end of the First World War, War Veteran Charles Reed is pulled to the city in hunt for answers to what is plaguing him. The game features an investigation system which directly impacts the outcome of the event, depending on how observant you are. A real ” Eyes and Brain” type game, however, it really is an interesting way to play rather than just shooting up everything or doing a fetch quest kind of game.

    Developed by Frogwares and released in 2019 this delve into the Cthulu Mythos has everything that the previous Sherlock Homles games had and more. Explore a vibrant 1920s fictional city where you have the power to see it survive or sink, giving rise to the Great Old One, Cthulu.

    Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

    The Spiritual Mountain, known as Hikami Mountian, Mysteries surrounding an Ancient Ritual for sealing the Black Water, and three heroes drawn to supernatural events. Taking place as the final release and final chronological game in the Fatal Frame/ Project Zero series, this entry tells the story of the Shrine Maiden’s fate and the mysteries surrounding the Black Water.

    Uncover the secrets on the infamous Hikami Mountain surrounding the shrine maidens and the titular Black Water, as you battle ghosts and encounter supernatural entities. As with other entries in the Fatal Frame franchise, a camera is your only weapon against the otherworldly beings, using it to snap photos of supernatural apparitions and purify them. Featuring mainly female protagonists, as the series is famous for, this title sees the daughter of one of the heroes from the very first game taking a leading role.

    Developed by Tecmo and published by Koei Tecmo, this game might have originally come out in 2014 however a re-release saw it on to all modern home systems in 2021. Maiden of Black Water features a localized audio track, so for the West, we could enjoy it in English which takes the edge off the horror aspects to some degree, unlike its previous title Mask of the Luna Eclipse, featured in the Must Play Games At Halloween.

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