Must Play Racing Games On PlayStation Plus

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    With the recent addition of Need For Speed Unbound to the service, we felt it was about the right time to pick some Must Play Racing Games On PlayStation Plus that caught our attention. While Need For Speed, essentially defines this list several other contenders might surprise you. So, if it is not apparent yet we picked Racing this month and in doing so we have picked the best racing games without addressing other components like Vehicular Combat, this means the likes of Jak, Pursuit Force, and even Twisted Metal were left out. Worry not, there are still enough to fill out our list and then some.

    Need For Speed Unbound

    Must Play Racing Games On PlayStation Plus - Need For Speed Unbound

    Like most other entries in the franchise, Need For Speed has been going for years and is a core game for any Racing fan to sink their teeth into. Unbound is not much different than other NFS games, street racing and driving remain a core component, this is racing we’re talking about after all.

    While the game itself has increased in quality and diversity since the last one that I enjoyed, that being NFS Rivals, Unbound has its vehicles going for it, an example being the Deloreon in the above image. While the realistic styles of the franchise shine through the Stylistic and almost comic book artistic within the other aspects have been woven in, to a degree, so that they flow quite nicely, however, NFS has always been a more real-looking game, that said, it is a nice change of pace.

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    Developed by Criterion Games, a company under the EA banner, and Published by Electronic Arts (EA), this latest addition to the franchise didn’t quite resonate with me, however, as the Realistic Environment and Vehicles combined with the Comic/ Stylised effects of character, smoke and other effects didn’t give the right feel for the game. This isn’t to say that it is bad and overall it looks pretty good but in a Need For Speed, or a realistic-looking art style this looks out of place, however well it works.

    MotoGP 23

    Ever dreamt about being a famous Superbike racer? MotoGP lets you live out that dream as your favourite racers, competing in world championship leagues and against digitally recreated riders, in one of the most dangerous Motorsports out there.

    To say the game looks like a game isn’t doing this justice. We would like to use the term Hyper-Realism as it really feels like you could be the rider… at least until you fall off the bike. The density of the world is something else and the bikes have had expert care and attention to make them seem like their real-world counterparts. As we highlighted in the intro, if you ever wanted to be a famous Superbike rider this is the way to go, and look at it this way you don’t have to worry about death, injury, or anything else when you fall off.

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    Developed and Published by Milestone S.r.l., this Italian company has a long history with Superbikes dating as far back as 1999, which was their first Racer involving Superbikes and was part of EA Sports Superbike Game Series. Over the years and different iterations, the Franchise has grown into what can arguably be one of the best handling Superbike games on the market, personally, we have yet to try this outing however with the legacy that Milestone holds we are looking forward to the experience.

    MX vs ATV Legends

    So we touched on Streat Racing with NFS and Track racing with MotoGP 23, however, there is another prominent form of racing which is Dirt Races. MX vs ATV Legends will give that dirt bike feel and offroad racing challenge that can’t be achieved in a controlled Championship Event or Heart-racing street challenge.

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    Unlike our selections to this point, which were Track Based and Streat racing, our offroad selection of MX vs ATV is not as limiting. Sure there are still courses and rules to the races however there is more freedom to have with racing offroad. This, in addition to the open world you are given, makes that freedom more apparent, whereas MotoGP is confined to the Race Track and NFS, which is an open world, however, you are restricted to the type of vehicle you need to race with.

    Developed by Rainbow Studios and published by THQ NORDIC GMBH, this racing game in an open world lets you ride bikes, ATVs, and UTVs in a vast world with lots to explore.

    Redout 2

    Enter into the future of racing with what could be the spiritual successor to the Wipeout games. Fast, high-stake races where racing is all there is, not too dissimilar to Star War’s Podracing.

    Enter into the galaxy’s greatest thrill ride, Racing, where high speed and the win are what matters. Armed with gravity-defying technology and the will to race, Redout 2 is a must-play play for any gamer looking to compete against the Galaxy’s finest. Featuring not only a solo campaign but an online mode, where you can challenge against other racers to earn the title of the Galaxies Fastest.

    Developed by 34BigThings and published by Saber Interactive, this 2022 Sci-fi racer, as stated feels a lot like the Wipeout Omega Collection.

    Trials Rising

    When you think of a racing game, the first thing that comes to mind is a Third or maybe First-person, fast-paced adrenaline ride, so how about we throw that off and go for a 2.5D Sidescroller?

    Although we have addressed a Dirtbike racer already in the form of MX vs ATV Legends, this was picked for another reason. This reason is the simple fact that it is more of a showoff racer. By this we mean it’s more a Struntdriver cross with a Physics experiment. While there are racing elements within the game, we thought that our final selection should be something more grounded and fun to mess around on, and Trials Rising is the best that came to mind. Let’s face it, some of these sequences you would never truly race under, like in a construction site or even the jumps to change platforms.

    Developed by RedLynx and Published by Ubisoft, this racer is anything but what you would think when you start it up. If you were expecting a calming or fast-paced follow camera or driver view you would be mistaken. Trials Rising is a side-scrolling 2.5D racer much like Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games where you will be controlling your character and enjoying the scrolling nature with a full 3D character.

    If you’re looking for more games to add to your collection, be sure to check out some of our other gaming lists. From in-depth reviews to top 10 type lists, we’ve got plenty of content to keep you entertained and informed.


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