Must-Play Sandbox Games On Game Pass

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    Xbox Game Pass has consistently been a haven for gamers seeking diverse experiences without breaking the bank. Among its extensive library, sandbox games shine bright, offering worlds where creativity, exploration, and survival blend seamlessly. This month, we spotlight some Must-Play Sandbox Games On Game Pass that promise to unleash your imagination and adventurous spirit.

    Lightyear Frontier (Available March 19)

    Set to launch on March 19, Lightyear Frontier introduces you to an enchanting, open-world farming adventure set on an alien planet. This game combines the fun of farming with the thrill of exploration, all from the cockpit of a customizable mech. Prepare to cultivate alien crops, manage resources, and unravel the mysteries of a new world.


    Must-Play Sandbox Games On Game Pass - Minecraft

    Minecraft needs no introduction. A cornerstone of gaming, it offers an unparalleled canvas for creativity. Whether it’s building colossal structures, surviving against monsters, or exploring endless worlds, Minecraft’s enduring appeal makes it a must-play on Game Pass.

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    Shrinking you to the size of an ant, Grounded is a backyard survival experience like no other. This game challenges you to survive in a world where everyday objects are monumental and insects are predators. Craft, build, and explore your way to uncovering the secrets of the backyard.


    Palworld is a unique blend of monster collecting, crafting, and survival in a big, open world. You can “befriend” and collect Pals, creatures with abilities, to help you with building, farming, and battling. The game’s blend of genres offers a fresh, engaging experience for fans of creature-collecting and sandbox gameplay.

    No Man’s Sky

    No Man’s Sky invites you on an epic space exploration adventure across a universe filled with unique planets, alien life forms, and constant danger. With significant updates that have transformed the game since its launch, No Man’s Sky is an ever-evolving journey through the cosmos, perfect for those who yearn to discover the unknown.

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