New Activities in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

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    Like A Dragon (formally known as Yakuza), has always had lots to do apart from the story. For nearly 20 years Kazuma Kiryu has been the focus set in the fictional Tokyo district of Kamurocho. 2019 saw a new protagonist in the likes of Ichiban Kasuga, and now, in 2024 we see a journey outside of the normal and head to the Sunny Shores of Hawaii. Activities in Infinite Wealth have some pretty unique things you can participate in, and these ones you can only enjoy in the Lands of Opportunity. So let’s check out all New Activities in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.


    Unlike other Yakuza games, Infinite Wealth is the first time in the series of mainstream events where you can actually enjoy swimming. While Kiryu is seen swimming in the opening of Yakuza 3 and even participates in Speargun Fishing in Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life, swimming on the beaches of Hawaii is an entirely new experience. You might have thought that you would have been able to swim while in Okinawa at the orphanage in Yakuza 3, however, this was not the case, a private beach and not even being allowed to swim.

    Aloha Friend!

    Yakuza introduced a friendship mechanic in Kiwami 2 which also featured in a few other titles, however, not as prominent as it is in Judgment. Infinite Wealth adapts this system and incorporates it in a way that feels new and unique. While there are significantly more friends in Infinite Wealth than in other titles under the Ryu Ga Gotoku umbrella, they have an interesting way of befriending them. All you need to do is walk around the city and tap the Square Button when you see the friendship icon over someone’s head. This will greet them and add them to the Aloha Phone App, simple right? There is more to it than that, but some of the fun can begin when they are a friend. Occasionally they can be assaulted by ruffians on the street which you can step in and save them from, they might get attacked before you complete friendship events, however, this didn’t happen for me.

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    Rearing Dragon

    So we all know Kiryu is part of the dual protagonist set up with Infinite Wealth, however, this has more to do with the uniqueness of his combat. Both Yakuza: Like A Dragon and Infinite Wealth adopt the Real-Time Stratagy combat mechanic, common in series like Dragon Quest and Atelier, to progress and build characters. While most RTS-style games lock your navigation or remove player locomotion completely, like Yakuza: Like A Dragon does, Infinite Wealth on the other hand, lets the player pick an optimal attack location and rotation angle. Kiryu on the other hand takes this one step further by being given the freedom of the new RTS System and incorporating his traditional combat system. Essentially Infinite Wealth is the best of both worlds, there are catches however but this is something that only Infinite Wealth could merge so flawlessly.

    Area Kings

    Once you complete the story section, which was seen in last year’s Man Who Erased His Name Demo of Infinite Wealth, you will be introduced to the concept of area bosses who are tough opponents. They are designed as the Kings in each area, and defeating them will net you some nice rewards. Although we see similar things throughout the other titles in the Ryu Ga Gotoku catalog of games, only Like A Dragon and Infinite Wealth have the capability of achieving this convincingly. The reason is because of how they have handled the map, there are so many different areas ranging in difficulties and landscape to host the enemy classes available in the game. While Kiryu’s, and even Yagami’s, story has a good number of enemies ranging from Street Punks to Yakuza and even Chinese Mafia at times the variety that Ichiban can dream up as the Hero is astounding. From Degenerates to Animals and even Heavy Machinery Ichiban has to battle them all, and at the top in each area is an enemy who could arguably control the others.

    Need For Wheels?

    Getting around is a big deal as video game maps increase in size, while Taxis are still a neat way to traverse the city, if u don’t want to run around, it can get pretty costly always taking a taxi. Different developers address this in different ways, Geralt has Roach (The Witcher), Public Transport in WatchDogs or GTA, or even your Broom in Hogwarts Legacy. Thankfully Infinite Wealth has a solution, which is giving Ichiban a set of wheels. If you find you have to travel a vast distance to get something sorted or just tired of punks picking on you pull out your trusty scooter and travel in, well, yeah it’s not style but it’s faster than walking… slightly.

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    Radio Kasuga

    While you are still in Ijincho you will encounter a compulsory side mission where you will learn about radio broadcasting, which you can tune into. This is done by using your phone while you are running around, we aren’t sure how Ichiban manages this once he’s been stripped and left on the beach, the power of the hero maybe? Anyway, we selected this as it is an event in the world as well, which can be done if you head to your safe house and interact with the radio.

    Dondoko Island

    Yakuza is a lot of things however a city builder or civilization game isn’t one of them. With Infinite Wealth, however, this changes, and Ichiban actually becomes a more or less builder of an island. Other Yakuza games have had similar things like the Business Managment for both Ichiban and Kiryu however this introduces strategy into the mix by making you build up a city in the way you would in Anno. All told it’s way more than just a simple civilisation-building minigame, so let’s dive into it. Firstly you do more than build, you maintain. This broadly addresses the fact, that you have to collect resources before you can do anything, these resources are then used to craft what you place. From this, you place things on a grid-based system making the civilization system. I would compare this to something like One Piece World Seeker meets Dark Chronicle. It is a strange comparison, but the Georama Carpenterion within Dark Chronicle and the general sense of how One Piece World Seeker works with needing to find resources and craft things were the first things we thought of (yes we know about animal crossing and how people compare it to the island, but I haven’t played it).

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    Although that is the end of our selection there are more things that Infinite Wealth has in store, these were just the things that left the biggest impact that other Ryu Ga Gotoku games haven’t covered.


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