New Star Manager Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 60-80 hours.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.


    Welcome to New Star Manager Trophy Guide!

    New Star Manager was initially a Football Club Manager Simulator created for Mobile Devices by New Star Games. The port to consoles does not disappoint and is a throwback to the original Football Manager Simulators, as it does not over complicate the management idea.
    The trophy list for this game is pretty straight forward, however, expect to spend hours upon hours chasing that elusive Platinum Trophy.

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    This Trophy Guide was written thanks to a promotional code donated to us by New Star Games. A special thanks to them for providing us the opportunity to try and guide their game.
    If you are also interested in reading the review, please check it out!


    Most of the trophies themselves will come through natural play, however there are a few that will require a number of hours to achieve. Expect to take around 20 Seasons as a minimum to be able to achieve what is needed for the Platinum on this game.

    Step 1: Learning your Trade / Moving Leagues
    For this step you will want to concentrate on learning the game and building your skills. Your Assistant Manager will guide you through the initial steps before being able to control the club completely.
    To save time it is suggested that you aim to move leagues twice as quickly as possible by selecting countries that have minimal league tiers within its structure. This is your main goal during the initial step because if you leave the moving leagues to the end of the game, you will be adding unnecessary time to the quest for the Platinum Trophy.

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    You will most probably be earning these trophies naturally through gameplay during this step:

    Bronze Adjust team formation, Bronze Play a match,
    Bronze Adjust your ticket prices, Bronze Hire a PHYSIO,
    Bronze Hire a SCOUT, Bronze Win a cup tournament,
    Bronze Win a match by 5 goals, Bronze Make 20 passes in 1 match,
    Bronze Get promoted, Bronze Win the league title,
    Silver Go unbeaten in the league, Bronze Buy a SCOUTED player,
    Bronze Sign a YOUTH player, Bronze Get 100% BOARD relationship,
    Bronze Get 100% FANS relationship, Bronze Get 100% SPONSORS relationship,
    Bronze Hire a YOUTH Coach, Bronze Score a last minute winner,
    Gold Score direct from a corner, Bronze Score from your own half,
    BronzeCome back from 3 goals down, Silver Win Manager of the Year,
    Bronze Win a match with 9 men, Bronze Score 10 goals in a match,
    Bronze Score 100 headers, Bronze Score a goal from 40 yards,
    Bronze Win ‘Manager of the Month’ 20 times, Bronze Get 100% PRESS relationship

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    Step 2: Going for Continental Cups / The Final League
    Most of the Miscellaneous Trophies will have been earned during Step 1, so for this step you will want to focus on getting your club into a Continental Cup as quickly as possible. The quickest way to do this will come from winning one of the National Cup Competitions in the previous season, as you will be entered into at least the qualifying rounds of the relevant Continental Cup automatically.
    Once there you will be able to build on the longest time-sink in the game “Win 10 continental cups” before making that third and final league move.
    Trophies suggested to earn during this step:

    Silver Win a continental club tournament, Gold Do the treble (league, cup and continental cup),
    Silver Play for 10 seasons, Bronze Score 1000 goals,
    Bronze Make 10,000 passes, Bronze Score 100 penalties,
    Bronze Win 10 league titles, Bronze Win 10 cup competitions,
    Silver Win 10 continental tournaments, Silver Win 20 games in a row,
    Silver Go 40 games unbeaten, Bronze Generate 100 million Bux in player sales,
    Bronze Spend 100 million Bux on transfer fees, Bronze Sign 100 players,
    Silver Win 20 competitions, Silver Move league three times,
    Bronze All squad black quality, Bronze All staff black quality,
    Bronze Sell a black quality player, Bronze Upgrade a player to black,
    Bronze Upgrade a coach to black, Silver Have a home attendance of 60,000,
    40-platinum Earn every Trophy


    2L1ac2b7Earn every Trophy
    Earn every Trophy

    As with all Platinum Trophies, you will need to earn all the other trophies within the list for this one.

    22Lff65e1Adjust team formation
    Adjust team formation

    After you have played your initial introduction matches the Assistant Manager will allow you to have more freedom in your choices for the team. To change formation, move to the Squad tab and at the bottom and press R2 to move along to the formation screen.
    Personally, I had more success with the 4-2-2-2 formation.

    22Lff65e1Play a match
    Play a match

    This will be the first trophy you will earn, as the Assistant Manager will guide you through a match as soon as you have selected where you are going to start your career. Simply finish the match to obtain the trophy.

    22Lff65e1Adjust your ticket prices
    Adjust your ticket prices

    The ticket prices can be adjusted within the Club Screen. Once there click on the Fans section and you will be able to adjust the prices up or down.

    22Lff65e1Hire a PHYSIO
    Hire a PHYSIO

    In order to hire a Physio, you must first build a Fitness Centre. This is one of the first things you will build, as it is part of the tutorial you go through with the Assistant Manager at the beginning of the game. Your first build will cost 6,000, with every upgrade thereafter costing more each time.
    Each build or upgrade will take a specific number of matches to be completed. Once the Fitness Centre is built you are free to head to the Staff Screen and select a Physio to hire.

    22Lff65e1Hire a SCOUT
    Hire a SCOUT

    As with the Physio, a Scout can only be hired once you have built a Scout’s Office. Once the Office is ready you are free to navigate to the Staff Screen to hire your first Scout.

    22Lff65e1Win a cup tournament
    Win a cup tournament

    Which country you choose to manage your team will play a big part on when this trophy can be achieved. Those countries that have minor leagues within the game may give you an opportunity to earn a trophy in a lesser cup competition. In order to achieve this trophy however you must reach and win the final of the cup competition you entered.
    If going for the Platinum, this trophy will come naturally alongside “Win 10 continental tournaments” and “Win 10 cup competitions”.

    20L35ad35Win a continental club tournamentupscale-245262160018212
    Win a continental club tournament

    One of the hardest trophies in the game. You much reach the final and win the hardest cup competition within the region you are playing. In order to even reach the competition itself you must either win a nations cup competition or obtain a high enough finish in the respective first division to gain entry.
    See “Win 10 continental tournaments” for some additional tips.

    22Lff65e1Win a match by 5 goals
    Win a match by 5 goals

    This trophy can be obtained either in a single match, or a cup game over 2 legs. Once you are used to the mechanics of the game you will be scoring goals for fun. A little tip for this would be to have the match clock on the slowest rate, as this increases your chances of getting more goal scoring opportunities.

    22Lff65e1Make 20 passes in 1 match
    Make 20 passes in 1 match

    This can be achieved within the first match you play. Simply pass the ball between a few players until you are confident that you have made 20. This does not have to be achieved within a single chance, but over the course of the entire match.

    22Lff65e1Get promoted
    Get promoted

    In order to achieve promotion, you must finish within the top few places in the league you are playing. Each league has its own set of promotion places depending on what one you are playing in. The only way to guarantee promotion is to win the league outright.
    See “Win 10 league titles” for some further tips.

    22Lff65e1Win the league title
    Win the league title

    Finishing first in your respective league will net you this trophy. You will need to win the league title a number of times on your way to achieving the Platinum Trophy, so this will come naturally whilst achieving some of the other trophies.
    See “Win 10 league titles” for some further tips.

    20L35ad35Go unbeaten in the leagueupscale-245262160018212
    Go unbeaten in the league

    One of the hardest trophies in the game. You must go the whole league season without losing a game. You are fine to lose within cup competitions, but you cannot lose a league game.
    This is not as difficult as it sounds however, as you are able to cheat the game somewhat, as the game does not save the match result until you press continue once the match is finished.
    If you find yourself losing a match, but you are confident you can win, simply pause the game close the application itself and when you load the game back up you will be back in time to before the match itself.

    2L1ac2b7Do the treble (league, cup and continental cup)Gold
    Do the treble (league, cup and continental cup)

    Another trophy that may sound harder than it actually is. You must have a very good team within the top division to even reach a continental cup, let alone win it. For this trophy you must “Do the treble” and win your respective league, a national cup and a continental cup all within the same season.
    This trophy can be achieved at any point throughout your playthrough, however as suggested within the Roadmap it would be time beneficial to wait until you have switched leagues twice before really worrying about this trophy.
    Remember, as mentioned within “Go unbeaten in the league”, this trophy can be somewhat cheated by closing the game down before the auto-save kicks in.

    22Lff65e1Buy a SCOUTED player
    Buy a SCOUTED player

    Post-match you will be given the choice to pick an option from the Staff Screen for any member of staff that you have hired. For this trophy you will need to select the Scout option and purchase one of the suggested players from the Transfer Centre. This can be located within the Magnifying Glass at the top of the screen and scrolling across to the Scouted Players.

    22Lff65e1Sign a YOUTH player
    Sign a YOUTH player

    As with a Scouted player, once you have hired a Youth Coach you will be free to pick them at the end of the match. With a youth player however, they will be automatically added to your squad once you have selected the youth coach. The downside to this is that you do not have any control over what position your youth player will be, but of course, the player will be free.

    22Lff65e1Get 100% BOARD relationship
    Get 100% BOARD relationship

    In order to get 100% Board Relationship, you must do things that keep them happy. Most of the time this is simply by winning games, however, you can ruin your Board Relationship by making silly decisions off the pitch.
    A further way to boost relationships is by picking the relative option post-match. On occasions the Green box in the bottom right hand corner that usually says “Match” will have “Decision”, “Dilemma” or, “Interview”. What you do here will affect your relationship with the relevant party.

    22Lff65e1Get 100% FANS relationship
    Get 100% FANS relationship

    Similar to the Board Relationship, you must do things that appease the fan base. This will include keeping ticket prices and club merchandise prices at a good level, scoring lots of goals and picking the right options during the post-match decisions. Selling popular players can negatively affect your relationship with the fans.

    22Lff65e1Get 100% SPONSORS relationship
    Get 100% SPONSORS relationship

    This will come naturally on your way to the platinum and winning all that the game has to offer.
    Sponsors love a winning team, and this will most likely come after winning your first league title.
    Sponsor relationships can be affected by the post-game decisions/dilemmas.

    20L35ad35Play for 10 seasonsupscale-245262160018212
    Play for 10 seasons

    You do not have to achieve any particular place, simply play for 10 complete seasons to obtain this trophy. This will come naturally on your away to “Win 10 league titles”.

    22Lff65e1Score 1000 goals
    Score 1000 goals

    Goals scored are accumulative and do not reset when you move leagues/teams. You can view how many goals you have scored total by clicking on your profile in the top left corner and scrolling down within “Achievements”. This is likely to come naturally on your way to the Platinum.

    22Lff65e1Hire a YOUTH Coach
    Hire a YOUTH Coach

    As with the other coaches you will need to build the facility before you can hire the coach. Once the Youth Academy is built simply hire your first Youth Coach from the Staff screen for the trophy.

    22Lff65e1Score a last minute winner
    Score a last minute winner

    One of the more luck-based trophies; scoring a last-minute winner is something that may just happen naturally. To increase your chances however I would suggest that when you are comfortable with the game and are finding it easy to score, you may want to leave keep missing chances against a weaker opposition during the preseason friendlies so that the game stays nil nil until the final minute. Then score the goal with the final opportunity.
    Slowing the match clock down towards the end of the game will also increase the goal scoring opportunities.

    2L1ac2b7Score direct from a cornerGold
    Score direct from a corner

    This is something that you may need to practice on. There is a specific position to select when crossing the ball in order for it to result in a goal. You can hope that the ball bounces off the ‘Keeper, or Defender, however I found that the position of the strike within the below video made this trophy easier than it sounds. Just remember to use the shoot button when crossing, rather than the pass.
    Refer to the video below for the best method –

    22Lff65e1Score from your own half
    Score from your own half

    Another trophy that sounds more difficult than it actually is. There are 2 ways of obtaining this trophy, with one of them being to run the ball from your own half directly into the net; however, within the video below is the method to guarantee the trophy to unlock. This method is to use the aimed pass that you were taught during the time with the Assistant Manager and can be done with any player by simply passing the ball into the net.
    Refer to the video below for the best method –

    22Lff65e1Come back from 3 goals down
    Come back from 3 goals down

    How confident do you feel giving your opposition a three-goal head start? Well, we can make this trophy easier than you think. During a cup game you may draw a team from a lower division, or during the preseason is another good opportunity to attempt this trophy, as the result does not really matter and the team you will play against will hopefully be of a lesser standard then yours. You can attempt this at any time however, and the video below shows you the easiest way of doing so. When you are confident of beating the opposition simply score 3 own goals and then fight your way back to victory.
    Refer to the video below for the best method –

    20L35ad35Win Manager of the Yearupscale-245262160018212
    Win Manager of the Year

    Likely to come alongside your first league title. You will achieve this a number of times naturally throughout your playthough.

    22Lff65e1Win a match with 9 men
    Win a match with 9 men

    The most luck-based trophy in the game. In order to achieve this, you must have 2 players sent off. You cannot finish the game with 9 players due to injuries and lack of substitutions.
    To increase your chances of obtaining this trophy you can purchase players with a “Red Mist” Trait. Red Mist increases the chances of the player getting sent off when they are tired or unhappy. Keep a number of these players within your team regardless of the happiness level and eventually they will get sent off in the same match.
    Personally, when I had a good team, I purchased 5 players with the Red Mist trait from the Transfer Centre and kept them in my team continuously.

    22Lff65e1Score 10 goals in a match
    Score 10 goals in a match

    Another trophy that sounds more difficult than it actually is. This can be achieved over a two-legged cup game, however I found this easier to achieve during the preseason.
    The games’ mechanic is to give you more goal scoring chances against a weaker team, but not so many that you score double figures every game. As with “Come back from 3 goals down” you can trick the game into giving you these chances over and over by going behind in a match against a lesser opposition.
    To begin with slow the match clock down and score an own goal at the first opportunity. Next you will want to score for yourself and then score an own goal again. Repeat this process against a weaker opposition and the game mechanics will keep giving you the opportunity to win the match.
    Refer to the video below for the best method –

    22Lff65e1Make 10,000 passes
    Make 10,000 passes

    One of the last trophies you will probably achieve. As with “Score 1000 goals”, passes made are accumulative and do not reset when you move leagues/teams. You can view how many passes you have made by clicking on your profile in the top left corner and scrolling down within “Achievements”

    22Lff65e1Score 100 penalties
    Score 100 penalties

    Likely to come naturally along the way to the Platinum Trophy. Just ensure that you are taking the penalty with a bit of lift and aiming for one of the corners.
    You can also attempt to dribble the ball side to side in the penalty are to increase your chances of being awarded penalties.

    22Lff65e1Score 100 headers
    Score 100 headers

    When you learn how to loft cross in this game you will score a number of headers in no time.
    Playing counter attacking football will increase your chances of have a 2v1 attacking threat on the opponent’s goal. This is then the time attract the ‘keeper and loft pass to your teammate.
    Passing will only make the ball go along the ground, so ensure you shoot softly and angle the shot as shown in the video below –

    22Lff65e1Win 10 league titles
    Win 10 league titles

    All leagues won count for this trophy. Finishing at the top of the division will ensure you collect the league title and if following the roadmap tips, you will achieve this towards the beginning of your third country. There is nothing complicated about the trophy once you have got used to the mechanics and league titles should come in an abundance.
    I found that the best formation/tactics were 4-2-2-2 and Counterattack with ¾ effort, then easing the effort off to half if you were a couple of goals ahead.

    22Lff65e1Win 10 cup competitions
    Win 10 cup competitions

    Remember the tip given in “Go unbeaten in the league”? This is a great little tool for this trophy.
    You will need to win a certain amount of games in a knockout cup competition to progress onto the next stage. If you are struggling with this one it would be beneficial to wait until your team is flying high in the top division and then using the quit game exploit if needed.

    20L35ad35Win 10 continental tournamentsupscale-245262160018212
    Win 10 continental tournaments

    The same as “Win 10 cup competitions”, but this time you will face the best teams on your chosen continent. This is the one trophy that take the longest, as qualifying for the tournaments itself will take some time. You will then need a team good enough to compete with the continents best.
    It is highly suggested that you go for this trophy in 10 consecutive seasons otherwise you will be dramatically increasing the time needed for platinum. Remember the quit game exploit and follow the roadmap for the quickest route.

    22Lff65e1Score a goal from 40 yards
    Score a goal from 40 yards

    Can be achieved fairly easily by taking a random shot from outside the area, however, can also be achieved in the same fashion as “Score from your own half” if you are struggling.

    20L35ad35Win 20 games in a rowupscale-245262160018212
    Win 20 games in a row

    This can be achieved at any point during your managerial career. Preseason friendlies and cup matches count, as does matches over different seasons.
    Your best friend here could be the quit the game exploit. It is not necessary, but you are struggling to win matches there is a way to make it easier.

    20L35ad35Go 40 games unbeatenupscale-245262160018212
    Go 40 games unbeaten

    As with “Win 20 games in a row” you will need to ensure you have a decent team before even thinking about this. Within this one you are allowed to draw games, just not lose them. Keep building/upgrading your squad/staff and eventually you will have a team you feel confident with.

    22Lff65e1Generate 100 million Bux in player sales
    Generate 100 million Bux in player sales

    Transfers are only available to be made during specific times of the season and you will get offers for some of your players during these windows. This is not a particularly difficult number to achieve, as some of the best players in game can receive bids of 30+ Million. Just wait until you have played for a number of seasons and this trophy will be easily achieved.
    As with the others transfer sale are accumulative and totals can be seen in your profile.

    22Lff65e1Spend 100 million Bux on transfer fees
    Spend 100 million Bux on transfer fees

    You’ll most likely achieve this around the same time as “Generate 100 million Bux in player sales”, unless the businessmen in you comes to the fray and wheel n deal in the transfer market.
    Money may seem a bit tight to begin with, but once you start winning leagues/cup, the money will be piling in.

    22Lff65e1Sign 100 players
    Sign 100 players

    Players signed are accumulative, however Youth players signed do not count for this trophy. You can leave this until towards the end of your Platinum journey and simply purchase the cheapest/oldest players if you have not achieved by then.

    20L35ad35Win 20 competitionsupscale-245262160018212
    Win 20 competitions

    All competitions count for this one, included lower league cups if they are an option in the league system that you have selected. This will come naturally along with the other trophies, as you will need to win more than 20 competitions cumulative across league/cup/continental.

    20L35ad35Move league three timesupscale-245262160018212
    Move league three times

    Likely to be the last trophy you should be looking to earn. In order to move leagues, you must win the league title in the top league of your chosen country. Once you have done this you will be given the option at the end of the season to move leagues if you wish. Be wary that if you do move leagues everything involved with your current club will disappear. You will keep your personal records, but team/money wise you will start right at the very beginning.
    As suggested in the Roadmap it is worth leaving this to be your last trophy otherwise you will unnecessarily have to work your way through to the top of another league system.

    22Lff65e1All squad black quality
    All squad black quality

    In order to achieve this trophy, you must have a minimum of 21 players within your squad that are all “Black Quality”. Players/Coaches have a ranking system as per below and players can be upgraded by collecting Skill Cards post-match from your Coaches, or during Interviews and Gifts from Sponsor/Board. These come in several different choices and attributes.
    Each player has specific skills on their own page that can be upgraded, including Strength, Skill, Pace, Tackling etc. Each player also has a maximum that the relevant attribute can go too.
    Every time you use an upgrade card it will use up some health, so be wary of how much health you player has and how much the upgrade will remove.
    Hovering the card over the player will give you a bar at the top of the screen that will show what the change that will take place.
    Bare in mine that for this trophy to trigger, do not release the last player that is not of black quality within your squad. Either sell (auction) the player or upgrade them.

    0-24 / Grey Quality Player/Coach
    25-49 / Bronze Quality Player/Coach
    50-74 / Silver Quality Player/Coach
    75-89 / Gold Quality Player/Coach
    90-100 / Black Quality Player/Coach

    22Lff65e1All staff black quality
    All staff black quality

    As with the Players, all Coaches can be upgraded. The best tip here is that there is no real difference between a (Gold Example) 75 rated Coach and an 89 rated Coach. They both give pretty much the same output. You are best advised to save your Coach upgrade cards and only use them when you have enough to put the current coach into the next bracket of quality.
    Another tip for Coaches would be to look at the available coaches on the Staff Screen when a current contract is up for renewal. You are guaranteed to get a better/cheaper coach by letting the current contract expire and hiring a new one. This also has zero effect on any relationship.
    Coach upgrades can be obtained by correctly answering the questions during an interview and selecting the relevant option during Decisions/Dilemmas.

    22Lff65e1Win ‘Manager of the Month’ 20 times
    Win ‘Manager of the Month’ 20 times

    Likely to come naturally along the way to the Platinum trophy. You will be awarded Manager of the Month pretty much every month when going for other trophies.

    22Lff65e1Sell a black quality player
    Sell a black quality player

    Once you have built your squad up you may need to balance the books or try and save for that Stadium upgrade. Be sure to look at the transfer offers when they come in, as your board may advise what they think of the offer. The first time you sell a Black Quality player, regardless of price will net you this trophy.
    See “All squad black quality” for tips on how to upgrade your players.

    22Lff65e1Upgrade a player to black
    Upgrade a player to black

    You will obtain this trophy the first time you upgrade a player from 89 quality to 90. You do not have to build them from a Youth player, so simply purchase an 89 rated player and offer up some training to them.
    See “All squad black quality” for tips on how to upgrade your players.

    22Lff65e1Upgrade a coach to black
    Upgrade a coach to black

    As with ” Upgrade a player to black” you will need to upgrade the coach from 89 quality to 90. Hiring a 90 rated coach will not net you this trophy.
    See “All staff black quality” for tips on how to upgrade coaches.

    22Lff65e1Get 100% PRESS relationship
    Get 100% PRESS relationship

    Press relationships will be increased by correctly answering questions during interview and selecting the relevant option during Decisions/Dilemmas. Winning competitions will also increase this, so will most likely come naturally along the way to platinum.

    20L35ad35Have a home attendance of 60,000upscale-245262160018212
    Have a home attendance of 60,000

    You will need to build your Stadium up and be successful on the pitch in order to achieve this.
    A full stadium rebuild will also be required once you have built your stadium to this point and will cost you 50,000,000 Bux for the trouble. If you are following the suggested roadmap, only work on this trophy once you have moved leagues twice and you are on your final playthrough for the 10 continental cups.


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