New Tales from the Borderlands Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 20-30 hours(depending on choices and how far you need to go back and replay chapters)
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1 + at least 4 replays of Episode 5 or further back for all endings (5 total)


    Welcome to the New Tales From The Borderlands Trophy Guide!

    Within the perpetually war-torn metropolis of Promethea, you’ll control Anu, Octavio, and Fran on the worst day of their lives. Help these three lovable losers as they endeavor to change the world (and maybe even save it)! Face down a planetary invasion, vicious vault monster, and cold-hearted capitalist in this cinematic thrill ride where what happens next is up to you! Meet a motley cast full of misfits, assassin bots, and talking guns in this race to the top! It’s time to fight back against exploitation and corporate greed. It’s time to make Mayhem your business.

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    Step 1: Complete the game, make “good/nice” choices, best ending, 80% Skateboard Score, all chapter-specific trophies, get all collectibles

    To get the best ending (where everyone lives) you need to have a Skateboard score of at least 75%. You earn Skateboards by working as a team, this is where it can get a bit confusing – you have to make dialogue choices where the group reacts positively. That could be including LOU13 in the group when asked about it, or in one instance choosing: “Our success was us.” See the trophy “New Business” for a full playthrough with all choices.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    14 – “You´re Not Naked” “Each Sold Separately” “Don´t Get Cocky” “We´re In” “Who Needs Keys” “Totally Intentional” “You Rich Now!” “You Poor Now!” “Murderous Mascot Mayhem” “Hey, Thanks!” “Tale In The Toilet” “Those Were The Days…” “Bring Back The Butt!” “You Got The Goods, Kid”
    3 – “Super Trusting Friend” “Mas, Por Favor” “New Business”
    6 – “From Zeroes” “Shard Snatchers” Our Lucky Winner” “The Shardmenstration” “To Heroes” “And Still Champion…”

    Step 2: Replay Episode 5 four times for the remaining endings, or further back

    This is where it can get frustrating. After I got the best ending I replayed Ep.5, Ch.4 two times with different choices and replayed Ep.5, Ch.2 once. Then I replayed the whole game for the last ending. See “You Played This Before?” for more info on how to get the different endings.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    1 – “Not Dolls, Action Figures!”
    2 – “You Played This Before?” “Okay, Vain Much?”
    1 – “Total Tale Told”

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    Trophy Guide:

    Total Tale Told
    Collect all other trophies.

    You got all other trophies/achievements!

    From Zeroes…
    Complete Episode 1.

    Story-related, unmissable

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    Shard Snatchers
    Complete Episode 2.

    Story-related, unmissable

    Our Lucky Winner
    Complete Episode 3.

    Story-related, unmissable

    The Shardmenstration
    Complete Episode 4.

    Story-related, unmissable

    …To Heroes
    Complete Episode 5.

    Story-related, unmissable

    New Business
    Finish the game with a good skateboard rating.

    You get this ending when all 3 relationships are about even and the Skateboard Score is 75% or above. Always be nice to the team, pick the dialogue that seems like a good response (usually not the funny ones). If you get an answer which is negative, quickly quit and continue – then you have a chance to pick another dialogue. The game usually saves some time after your dialogue choice. In the worst case, restart the chapter.

    —-Failing QTE´s lowers your skateboard score. Note that ALL dialogue choices affect your scores, not only the major choices you can see on the end chapter screen.—-


    Not Dolls. Action Figures!
    Collect every Vaultlander figure.

    There is a total of 19 Vaultlanders in the game. 3 are unmissable, 4 are picked up in free-roam sections, 5 are from optional Badass Superfan fights, 1 from specific dialogue choice, 4 from post-game Friendship/Skateboard Scores, and 3 extra Vaultlanders (which aren´t needed for the trophy – Salvador, Flak, Axton).
    The last 4 post-game Vaultlander Figures can be a bit annoying. You have 4 Scores = 4 Vaultlanders. The 3 Friendship Scores need to be at least 50% to unlock a figure each, and the Skateboard Score need to be 75% or above. Do note that it can be done over multiple replays. If you are lucky and have high Scores from Episode 4, you can replay from Episode 5 and make different dialogue choices. You have to replay anyways for the endings, so just focus on those.

    Okay, Vain Much?
    Obtain every cosmetic.

    You need to purchase all skins and accessories for Octavio, Fran and Anu for the trophy. It´s impossible to get enough money on your 1st playthrough. But you´re going to replay the game a couple of times for all endings anyways. You can pick up all the money you can find in a free-roam section, trigger the next checkpoint and quit – you keep it all. The same with replay from a certain chapter, you keep all your money from the end of the game + the money you collect when replaying.

    You’re Not Naked
    Obtain a cosmetic item.

    See “Okay. Vain Much?”

    Each Sold Separately
    Obtain a Vaultlander figure.

    See “Not Dolls. Action Figures”

    Don’t Get Cocky
    Win a Vaultlanders battle.

    See “And Still Champion.”

    And Still Champion…
    Win every Vaultlanders battle.

    You have to find and battle The Badass Superfan for a total of 6 times (2 of them are story-related and unmissable). You can find him in the free-roam sections of the game.

    We’re In
    Complete a hack.

    This will be one of your first trophies if you don´t skip the minigame. First option to get this is in Episode 1, Chapter 3. You will help Paco find Junniper and he´ll install some apps on your EchoDex. Then you will be tasked to hack the radio to get it to work. Complete the hacking minigame and the trophy is yours.

    Who Needs Keys?
    Perform a Super Science Slap.

    Story-related, unmissable

    Totally Intentional
    Fail an action for the first time.

    Super simple – fail a quick-time event (QTE). You will most likely get this by playing the game.

    You Rich Now!
    Get the money from Sink or Swim.

    Story-related, unmissable

    You Poor Now!
    Spend the money from Sink or Swim.

    Story-related, unmissable

    Murderous Mascot Mayhem
    Win a Vaultlanders battle using the Claptrap figure.

    You find the Claptrap Vaultlander in Episode 1, Chapter 3. You will help Paco find Junniper and he´ll install some apps on your EchoDex. Then you will be tasked to hack the radio to get it to work. BEFORE you hack the radio, find the Claptrap in some trash opposite of Pacos location.

    Use the figure in any fight against the Badass Superfan and win.

    You Played This Before?
    View every ending.

    There is a total of 5 endings in the game. Each ending is determined by your relationship scores and your Skateboard Score. You need 1 ending for each Relationship and 2 for the Skateboard Score. 

    —-Failing QTE´s lowers your skateboard score. Note that ALL dialogue choices affect your scores, not only the major choices you can see on the end chapter screen.—-

    The Relationships are set up like this:
    Skateboard Score (Team)
    Brain´n Brawn (Anu & Fran)
    Sis´n Bro (Anu & Octavio)
    Frogurt´n Tacos (Fran & Octavio)
    This is how the endings work by default. Some choices in Ep.5 may lead to other deaths, like Octavios, no matter the score.

    BAD ENDINGS (1 dies):
    By default, the highest relationship (50%+) is the two people that survive, as long as ONE other relationship is below 50%.
    For example:
    Brain´n Brawn = 47%.
    Sis´n Bro = 57%
    Frogurt´n Tacos = 52%
    This results in Fran´s death because Anu & Octavios relationship are the highest, and one random relationship is below 50%.

    You get this ending when all 3 relationships are about even and the Skateboard Score is between 50-74%.
    You get this ending when all 3 relationships are about even and the Skateboard Score is 75% or above.
    But it doesn´t always work that way, as you can see on the scores in the video. Anu should have died when Octavio did, according to the scores. But here´s how I got all endings.
    – From here I replayed Ep.5, Ch.4 two times for “Fran died” and “Anu died” ´endings. Don´t hug Octavio as Fran during Ep.5, Ch.4 for her to die, and don´t hug Anu as Fran during Ep.5, Ch.4 so she dies. And also don´t mention Fran during the killshot on Susan.
    – Then I replayed from Ep.5, Ch.2 for the Octavio died” ending. To get that ending I was mean to Octavio as Anu and he was mean to her during the conversation just before you get to Susan (Ep.5, Ch.5). I Aso said “No” to her when she asked for Eridium during the last section (if she doesn´t merge with the shard)
    – I think these were the triggers and how he died.
    – After many replays, I started completely over to get the last ending, where they wish for more skateboards.
    Here you can see all endings and THE SCORES. Octavio died when Anu should, according to the scores and system above (Octavio & Frans Relationship Score was the highest). 

    Hey, Thanks!
    Watch the credits after finishing the game.

    Watch the credits from the main menu or after beating the game. Beware that the credits are pretty long – about 20 minutes.

    Mas, Por Favor
    Wish for more tacos.

    During Episode 1: Chapter 4, you will be stopped by a Tediore guard. Pick “square – I wish I ate more tacos.” when you are prompted with dialogue choice.

    Tale in the Toilet
    Reach a Tale Over for the first time.

    This trophy is earned by failing a certain action, you will reach an end-game screen and have to reload the checkpoint. For example, during the big fight at the end of Episode 2, or at the end of Episode 5. There are tons of options to get this trophy throughout the game. 

    Super Trusting Friend!
    Perform every background check.

    There are only two chapters in the game where you can perform Background Checks – Episode 1: Chapter 3 and Episode 5: Chapter 4. There is a total of 7 Checks you need to perform. If you miss a Background Check, go to chapter select and pick the correct chapter.

    Those Were the Days…
    Win the retro battle.

    Story-related, unmissable

    Bring Back the Butt!
    Summon the Sexy Intern.

    This trophy is obtainable in Episode 5: Chapter 4, during the Retro Battle. This is a mandatory part of the game. You will be given the option to choose “assist” on your 3rd turn. This will summon the Sexy Intern and give you the trophy.

    You Got the Goods, Kid
    Nail a perfect, sexy dance.

    This trophy is obtainable in Episode 4: Chapter 3. You will be introduced to Fergus and will be put in a new minigame. You have to press “left” and “right” when they line up. If you miss a button input, quit to menu and hit continue to try again. You need a full 30x combo for the trophy. 

    Want to read some more trophy/achievement guides? Then check out this page!


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