Nexomon: Extinction Review

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    I wanna start off by saying this: This game is currently my favorite game of this year and this is a must play for every fan of this genre! I know im a bit late with the review, i kinda got sidetracked getting the platinum….

    This game is the 2nd game in the series but the 1st game that made it onto consoles. the game is made by VEWO Interactive Inc. and PQube games. If you want to platinum this game, don’t forget to check out our trophy guide for the game!


    The game starts off with a bit of story but in the beginning, it can be very confusing because it doesn’t really make any sense until later in the game. After that, the game drops you straight in pokemon style and lets you discover a little bit and lets you learn the game mostly on your own. Right from picking your 1 of 9 starter nexomon you can get almost everywhere on the map and catch all the nexomon you want, this is very nice because on other games of this sort there is a lot that is story locked. But after playing this I can kinda get why they do it. It made the game a bit confusing early on.

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    The gameplay is like every Pokémon game but also isn’t. You have your team of 6 with different types of elements. But this game differs in that you have a special amount of stamina per Nexomon that you can use at a time, this does regenerate over time if you press the rest button. There are a total of 381 Nexomon to capture as well, some are harder to get then others, every Nexomon has a different rarity and spawn chance. To capture these creatures you will need to buy or craft nexotraps. When trying to catch you don’t get the basic wait to catch, no, you can see the capture percentage and even up it by giving them food and by using different types of Nexotraps.

    In the overworld is also a lot to do. There are trainers to defeat, shards to mine and you can even do a bunch of quests to get item to make the game easier. The developers even added healing shards right before i finished the game, with these shards you get fully healed in the middle of where you are. The healing in this game isn’t the greatest, you die pretty quick if you are not massively overpowered.

    If you finish the game you can even get the special legendary Nexomon, these are called Tyrants and Dragons, most of the dragons and tyrants are super easy and are related to side-quests, but there are also a few that can be a pain…… Some of them took me over 30 hours to find, not a fun time for me, but in a recent update they did make it waaaay easier to get them, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

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    The visuals of this game are pretty nice, its your typical colorful 2D adventure game. The sprites of all the Nexomon are amazing though. They all have their own theme that perfectly fits in the area’s they are found at and they are just pretty epic overall. The world is big and colorful, every area has their own style but also blends in perfectly to each other.


    At the moment the most replayability you can get is grinding out the end game legendaries and some final side quests, other then that there is not much. If you are a trophy hunter there is a 2nd stack of the game if you would want to replay the full game again and get another platinum.

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    There are plans for an end game story and new game plus, this would give it more of a lifespan. The developer also keeps updating the game with more cool stuff that was not in the game when I started like charms that increases the chances of getting Cosmic Nexomon, these are like Shiny Pokémon.


    I don’t want to spoil much of the story so ill keep it short. The story is about a kid that wants to become a Guild Tamer and sets out into the world and tries to climb the ranks of the Guild. Short into your adventure you find out some secret things that give you the drive to go to different shrines and collect new powers. There are twists and turns everywhere that you don’t expect. The story overall was a great experience and i cant wait to see what they are going to do with the end game story that they are going to add into the game. Once you play it you have kind of seen it all and its a “been there done that” kind of deal, but its sure worth the play

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    Currently, there are already a lot of things to do besides the main story. You can collect a bunch of Nexomon, find charms, try to get your favorite Nexomon in Cosmic form, doing sidequests, and defeat all Tamers. I’m sure more will get later because the Charms were not even in the game when I played it.


    • Cool Nexomon
    • Super open world from the start


    • Some confusing missing features early in the game


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    This Pokémon-like game is amazing and a must-play for everyone that likes those games. There is so much to see and explore in this amazing and colorful open world and you will have more than 50+ hours of fun 100% guaranteed.

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    This Pokémon-like game is amazing and a must-play for everyone that likes those games. There is so much to see and explore in this amazing and colorful open world and you will have more than 50+ hours of fun 100% guaranteed.Nexomon: Extinction Review