No More Heroes 3 Review

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    in No More Heroes 3, a group of aliens want to take over the earth by force, you have to stop them in some wacky ways. Here is our No More Heroes 3 Review.

    The game was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. and published by Xseed Games, for the Nintendo Switch it was released on August 27, 2021, and it launched a year later for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

    No More Heroes 3’s story starts off pretty cool, you get some insight into the villain’s backstory and “childhood” on earth and how he returned to his planet, thinking this was going to be a good guy, the shock was all the bigger with his return to earth and desire to take it over. After properly meeting the villain, you get introduced to the protagonist, Trevis. Living in a hotel with some other heroes, Travis instantly shoots into action when he sees some weird alien creature, activates his weird Switch watch, and gets some cool powers to take them down.

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    The story is great, it has some very wacky characters and they are memorable till the end, even the early villains you will defeat. The villains work in some kind of ranking system and when you defeat the 1st boss, you will get on the leaderboard in the 10th place. All the bosses are lackeys of the main villain, they helped him escape some prison in space and now help him take over the galaxy planet by planet, even their own homes were not safe for his destruction.

    No More Heroes 3 Review - 1st boss

    It’s gameplay is a bit strange, there is a lot of other stuff to do besides just the regular combat. These things are mainly tied to random side objectives, you can mow the lawn and unclog toilets early on just to name a few. The unclogged toilets also count as save points, so when you see one, make sure to unclog it to get new save locations. Most of them are just okay, nothing really that special, but it is surely a nice break from the normal gameplay loop.

    There is of course also the combat, which is also just fine, it’s not that hard to get a grasp on, but does get a bit boring after a while. The sword you use has some energy and with each hit the energy goes down, so then you gotta button mash a bit quickly to recharge it fast, this kind of took me out of the combat multiple times.

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    The game is both a visual masterpiece and a visual abomination, the UI and all the effects are absolutely amazing, but the general visuals of the world itself are like a general Wii U game. With the game launching as a Switch exclusive for a year, I expected the visuals to not be amazing, but with a port for the real “next-gen” consoles at the time I just expected a lot more than a barren wasteland with only a few props in it.

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    The game is both a visual masterpiece and a visual abomination. While it is a good game, its not really that enjoyable to play all the way through.

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    The game is both a visual masterpiece and a visual abomination. While it is a good game, its not really that enjoyable to play all the way through.No More Heroes 3 Review