Old World Review

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    Old World is a historical strategy game where you manage a city and have to expand across the world. Here is our Old World Review.

    The game was developed by Mohawk Games and published by Hooded Horse, it was released on May 5, 2020, for PC. We want to thank Hooded Horse for providing us with a key for the game.

    If you like the Civ games, then Old World is a game you should sure give a try. I never really cared for those types of games, but when I do get dragged in, I just lose my sense of time and this is one of those games. The story is whatever you make of it, you can pick what you do and how you answer the prompts that come up.

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    The gameplay isn’t that unique to others in the genre, you have to build things, train people, and explore, just like others in the genre, but what did end up bothering me was how long some things would take at times like recruiting more settlers, warriors or builders. While I’m not that familiar with the genre, I think this might be pretty normal, but I did feel like the enemy teams would just do everything faster than I could and I got stuck pretty quickly not being able to expand.

    Old World Review - World

    The visuals and UI are very overwhelming if you are not used to games like this and the majority of options I just didn’t end up using because I had no clue what was important, so I do suggest playing some of the tutorial levels before you jump into an actual match to at least get some basics in. Not just that, because in my 1st match, I just picked the biggest map and ended up playing for about 3/4 hours with no end in sight, so starting off I would say you should pick a bit of a smaller map with fewer enemies so you can slowly figure stuff out better.

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    A civ-type game worth your time

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    A civ-type game worth your timeOld World Review