One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz Kid 1-3 Answers

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    In One Piece Odyssey, there is a quiz side-quest you can do, but what are the answers? Well, in this guide we will tell you all the One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz Kid 1-3 Answers.

    The quiz asks the questions in a random order and there are always 3 options you can pick from, here are the answers to the 3 questions

    1. Quiz 1
      • The Desert Strawberry.
      • The Kung Fu Dungong.
      • Cobra.
    2. Quiz 2
      • Banana Gators.
      • The Bilker Heron.
      • Rain Dinners.
    3. Quiz 3
      • “Pell the Falcon.”
      • The Andora Catfish.
      • Perfume.

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