One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 4/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 30 – 75 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: Super Hard Difficulty
    Playthrough: 2


    Welcome to the One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Trophy Guide!

    Return to the world of One Piece where the crew of Heroes… Pirates hunt for the legendary treasure of the Pirate King Gol D Rogers.

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    The Second entry in the Pirate Warriors series this one does not, however, follow the story from the anime or manga, instead, we get an interesting alternate story of power and control. The main story behind the game is that “Dials” have been experimented on and are being used as weapons, there is the main Control Dial and the other Rampage Dials, which are used to control an individual. Some of the Straw Hats fall victim to such Dials and it is up to an unlikely alliance of Pirates to rescue the infected and put an end to the sinister Dials found on Punk Hazard.


    Step 1: Campaign and Crew Missions
    Set sail for fame and fortune, leave with a missing crew and unlikely allies. During this stage of the game, you will want to complete every mission the game has at least once, we are not looking to get the best grade of even all coins just to complete the campaign.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

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    Bronze A new adventure is beginning!
    Bronze My skills are all… evolving.
    Bronze Thanks! I owe you one!
    Bronze From here on out is the New World!
    Bronze Now it’s my turn!
    Bronze Getting back my captured allies!
    Bronze Join my crew!
    Bronze Look at this big haul!
    Bronze I’ll only grow stronger.
    Bronze My strength has grown!
    Bronze Alright! I got it!
    Bronze There’s probably a lot more of these.
    Bronze Big Spender!
    Bronze What!? I missed!
    Bronze Come with me!
    Bronze Got something rare.
    Bronze It’s hiding a terrible power!
    Silver Victory is mine!
    Silver Let’s adventure together!
    Silver Business is good!
    Gold The Pirate King is the freest person on the seas!

    Gold You’re all my family…

    Step 2: S Rank
    Now that you have played through all the missions in the game you will want to replay them and obtain the highest ranking you can. This will take you some time and probably some attempts on a few of the later missions in the game.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Bronze Look at this big haul!
    Bronze There’s probably a lot more of these.
    Silver All the treasure in the world is mine!

    Step 3: Super!
    Now the real challenge begins and you will have to take on the hardest part. By this point, you should have a fully leveled character and even Level-Broken a good number of your favorites. This is the perfect time to take on the Super Hard difficulty and Challenges.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Bronze Like some sort of legendary monster!
    Bronze Possessing tremendous power!
    Silver There’s only room for one Pirate King!
    Silver Wow! He’s amazing!
    Gold People’s dreams never die!

    Step 3: Final Clean up
    Now in the home stretch, you will be completing all the trophies that you haven’t yet, like playing as characters and completing 5 missions. Anything that will be classified as a miscellaneous trophy should be saved for this stage where you will be attempting to finish the adventure with ease.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Bronze My strength has grown!
    Bronze Come with me!
    Bronze Possessing tremendous power!
    Bronze He already has so many wonderful allies.
    Bronze I’m hungry for some meat!

    Bronze Unbelievable power…!
    Bronze Luffy’s true allies…
    Silver I’m ready for my close-up.
    Silver We… know everything…
    Silver You can count on me!
    Silver Wow! He’s amazing!
    Silver Bring on a thousand more!
    Silver This’ll buy a lot of meat!
    Silver I think I’ll buy the world!
    Silver I’m getting fired up!
    40-platinum Rise to the top!

    Tips and Strategies:


    ControlWhat it Does ControlWhat it Does
    L StickMove R2(Special) Attack
    R StickCamera L1
    L Stick Click L2
    R Stick ClickLock on (Strong Enemy) D-Pad Left
    XSprint/ Dodge D-Pad Up
    OSP Attack D-Pad DownMap Levels
    Square(Light) Attack D Pad DownMap Levels
    Triangle(Heavy) Attack SelectTaunt
    R1Style Mode StartPause

    General Tips:

    • Using an under-leveled character is risky, however, the reward pay-out is more than worth it
    • If you fail a mission you will get no reward other than the level-ups you gained in the mission. No Money, EXP, Support Class EXP, or Coins picked up will be counted.
    • There are a few good characters in the game, you can find a chart below highlighting all playable characters.
    • Sanji will not attack a female character!
    • Chopper’s weak point analysis is a valuable ability to use
    • Law has 2 really useful moves, Shambles, and Counter-Shock. He can also provide Weak Point analysis to help others.
    • If you have saved game data from One Piece Pirate Warriors (ワンピース 海賊無双) you can get a play bonus of some Beli (500,000).
    • Coins you have maxed out will be sold, Bronze sell for 10,000, Silver sell for 50,000, and Gold sell for 100,000.
    • You get more money the higher the difficulty you play in
    • You cannot get S Rank on Easy Mode, only on Normal or higher
    • When on missions, some territories that can be captured have a symbol on them, like a Heart or Fist. These are Army Bonuses and will assist the Army that holds the area.
    • If playing in Split Screen Coop you can actually go down, you will get the Green Ring indicating that you need assistance. It should be noted that the person reviving will take health damage reviving you unless in Style Action as the Supporting Crew Member.
    • Kuzan (Akijo) is the best character in the game and is overpowered when upgraded. His Ice Age ability 4x Square and Triangle can clear areas of enemies in seconds and when in Style he becomes near unstoppable (Lv 21).
    • The Skills that seem to provide the most use are:
      • Shipwright’s Wisdom
      • Stylish ++
      • – Personal Choice – (Ice Crash ++ for Kuzan)
      • High Tension ++


    Straw-hat Luffy This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Luffy.jpg
    Pirate Hunter Zoro 
    Cat Burglar Nami 
    King of Snipers Usopp 
    Black Leg Sanji 
    Cotton Candy Loving Chopper 
    Demon Child Nico Robin 
    Cyborg Franky 
    Humming Swordsman Brook 
    Vice-Admiral Smoker 
    First Son of the Sea Jimbie 
    First Division Commander Marco 
    Former Admiral Kuzan 
    Ghost Princess Perona 
    Pirate Empress Hancock 
    Fire Fist Ace 
    Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma 
    Hawk Eyes Mihawk 
    Desert King Crocodile 
    Buggy the Clown 
    Vice-Admiral Garp 
    Pirate Emperor Whitebeard 
    Surgeon of Death Trafalgar Law 
    Marine Admiral Kizaru 
    God Eniru 
    Marine Admiral Akineu 
    Blackbeard (Double Ability) 
    Monkey D. Luffy (2 Years Ago) 
    Roronoa Zorro (2 Years Ago) 
    Nami (2 Years Ago) 
    Usopp (2 Years Ago) 
    Sanji (2 Years Ago) 
    Tony Tony Chopper (2 Years Ago) 
    Nico Robin (2 Years Ago) 
    Franky (2 Years Ago) 
    Brook (2 Years Ago) 
    Marshal D. Teach (2 Years Ago)

    Crew Logs:

    In addition to the main story, you can play through side missions that are designed to challenge and provide little side activities for characters in the game. They are mostly short and comprise of a handful of characters from the campaign, where you are able to build friendships, level, gain money, and test character. Below are some pointers of information:

    • You must first beat the Log on the Story mode, this will unlock the log so you can play as whomever you are best within Free Mode.
    • You cannot complete Crew Log with a character who is an enemy on the mission unless you use Free mode, an example is Zoro cannot be used to complete his Log the first time.
    • There are lots of different Crew logs to pick not just Straw Hats, or allies of the Straw Hats, but any character in the game, this means there is a total of 57 logs to play, and you need to play them all.
    • They Unlock in a specific Order, which can be seen below:
    Starting PointUnlocks
    Smoker (Lv. 4)Nami (Lv. 4)
    Nami (Lv. 4)Zoro (Lv. 29), Usopp (Lv. 28), Sanji (Lv. 29), Chopper (Lv. 10), Robin (Lv. 28), Franky (Lv. 6), Brook (Lv. 10), Jimbie (Lv. 8), Marco (Lv. 12), Kuzan (Lv. 14), Perona (Lv. 16), Hancock (Lv. 18), Ace (Lv. 20), Kuma (Lv. 22), Mihawk (Lv. 24), Crocodile (Lv. 26), Buggy (Lv. 28), Don Krige (Lv. 35), Lapan (Lv. 35), Mr. 3 (Lv. 35), Buno (Lv. 35), Jabbra (Lv. 35), Kaku (Lv. 35), Minotorus (Lv. 35), Hanybel (Lv. 35), Ivankov (Lv. 35)  
    Jimbie (Lv. 8)Arlong (Lv. 40)
    Arlong (Lv. 40)Hatchan (Lv. 35)
    Marco (Lv. 12)Vista (Lv. 40)
    Ace (Lv. 20)Garp (Lv. 29), Jozu (Lv. 40)
    Crocodile (Lv. 26)Mr. 2 (Lv. 40)
    Lapan (Lv. 35)Wapol (Lv. 35)
    Kaku (Lv. 35)Lucci (Lv. 40)
    Hanybel (Lv. 35)Magellan (Lv. 40)
    Zorro (Lv. 29), Usopp (Lv. 28), Sanji (Lv. 29), Chopper (Lv. 10), Robin (Lv. 28), Franky (Lv. 6), Brook (Lv. 10)Luffy (Lv. 45)
    Complete all Available Crew LogsWhitebeard (Lv. 45)
    Complete 4.2 with the alternative endingTrafalgar Law (Lv. 35)
    True Ending 1Kizaru (Lv. 45), Eniru (Lv. 45)
    Kizaru (Lv. 45)Akinu (Lv. 45)
    True Ending 2Blackbeard (Lv. 45), Pasifista (Lv. 45), Moria (Lv. 45), Straw Hat Crew 2 years ago (Lv. 45):
    Luffy 2 years ago, Zoro 2 years ago, Nami 2 years ago, Usopp 2 years ago, Sanji 2 years ago, Chopper 2 years ago, Robin 2 years ago, Franky 2 years ago, Brook 2 years ago
    Pasifista (Lv. 45)Sentomaru (Lv. 45)
    Straw Hat Crew 2 years ago (Lv. 45):
    Luffy 2 years ago, Zoro 2 years ago, Nami 2 years ago, Usopp 2 years ago, Sanji 2 years ago, Chopper 2 years ago, Robin 2 years ago, Franky 2 years ago, Brook 2 years ago
    Marshal D. Teach (Lv. 45)



    If you are English/ American (or another nationality) and you are playing ワンピース 海賊無双 2 (the Asian Version of the game) be warned:

    •             You will not understand the story (unless you played the Western version) because it is in Japanese and has NO English Subtitles.

    •             The Menus are in Japanese. DO NOT be surprised.

    •             One of the biggest troubles if you do not speak the language is that the X and O keys are remapped. In the Asian version, the O key is to accept and the X is to cancel/ decline. This is only true inside the application and not in the Save, in here the buttons are mapped to what the Western audience knows.


    Trophy Guide:

    Rise to the top!
    All Trophies acquired!

    Obtain all there has to offer!

    A new adventure is beginning!
    Cleared the first Episode.


    You will get this after beating Eneru in the Sky Island, at the end of the first mission.

    My skills are all… evolving.
    Performed your first Style Action.


    If you manage to miss this you really deserve a medal as Style mode is a Power-up mode where you will get to deal more damage and are faster at performing actions. It is triggered by using the R1 Button and lasts for the duration of the bar next to your character image (See the image below). It will build up over time, or you could pick up a food item to make it fill faster.

    One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Trophy Guide - Style Action

    Thanks! I owe you one!
    Performed your first Crew Strike.


    Like Bronze My Skills are all… evolving. If you manage to miss this you need a medal as they are hard to miss. A Crew Strike is when you utilise the power of your Style mode, to fill the Strike Bar and make the support member available to use for a short time.

    From here on out is the New World!
    Cleared the Prologue.


    The Prologue for the game has 2 missions, which are listed below:

    • Sky Island
    • Punk Hazard

    Beat both of these and you will finish the prologue to Pirate Warriors 2, and learn what you need to do.

    Now it’s my turn!
    Cleared the Second Chapter.


    For this, you will need to complete Chapters 1 and 2.

    Chapter 1 has 4 missions that let you recover some crew members and end in fighting the Whitebeard Pirates, below you will find the locations listed:

    • Baratie
    • Ship Battlefield
    • Thriller Bark
    • Skypia

    Chapter 2 has 4 Missions which gain you some more members and powerful characters to play as, like Kuzan, below you will find the locations listed:

    • Punk Hazard
    • Arlong Park
    • Impel Down
    • Marineford (Site A)

    Getting back my captured allies!
    Cleared the Third Chapter.


    The Third chapter is the act where you will gain your crew back and where you will battle through 6 missions. Once you beat the act you will gain access to the end game in act 4, you will find locations listed:

    • Sabaody
    • Baratie
    • Alubarna
    • Thriller Bark
    • Orange Town
    • Enies Lobby

    Victory is mine!upscale-245262160018212
    Obtained a Normal Ending.

    This is for completing the standard ending to the game. To get this just play through Chapter 4 and basically, you should end up getting the standard ending, where Whitebeard dies and you go after Blackbeard, allied with the Marines, you will find locations listed:

    • Drum Kingdom
    • Marineford (Site B)
    • Punk Hazard

    For getting the true ending, please refer below to Gold The Pirate King is the Freest Person on the Seas! for more information.

    The Pirate King is the freest person on the seas!Gold
    Obtained a True Ending.


    Now return to Marineford (Site B) and do things a little differently. Before you attempt the True Ending you will need to complete some of the Crew Episodes, it is better to complete them all once you have cleared the game so you shouldn’t need to worry about which ones you need, however, there is a list below highlighting the order in which you can get them:

    • Smoker (Lv. 4)
    • Nami (Lv. 4)
    • Zoro (Lv. 29)
    • Usopp (Lv. 28)
    • Sanji (Lv. 29)
    • Chopper (Lv. 10)
    • Robin (Lv. 28)
    • Franky (Lv. 6)
    • Brook (Lv. 10)
    • Jimbie (Lv. 8)
    • Marco (Lv. 12)
    • Vista (Lv. 40)
    • Kuzan (Lv. 14)
    • Hancock (Lv. 18)
    • Whitebeard (Lv. 45)
    • Ace (Lv. 20)
    • Garp (Lv. 29)
    • Jozu (Lv. 40)
    • Kuma (Lv. 22)
    • Mihawk (Lv. 24)
    • Crocodile (Lv. 26)
    • Buggy (Lv. 28)
    • Hanybel (Lv. 35)
    • Magellan (Lv. 40)
    • Luffy (Lv. 40)

    Basically, everyone present on your side that you can complete Crew Logs for. Completing all of them will unlock Whitebeard, which will be the final one needed for the preparations to save him and complete the true ending.  Once you have gone to 4.2 and Saved Whitebeard you will get an alternative outcome where you will need to go defeat Teach over 2 missions.

    • Skypia
    • Punk Hazard

    There’s only room for one Pirate King!upscale-245262160018212
    Cleared all Challenge Scenarios.

    There are 2 you need to complete from the main menu. The first is not all that difficult, even if you are not Level Broken yet, the second will test you.

    Challenge 1:

    • Team 1
      • Moria
      • Perona
    • Team 2
      • Ivan
      • Kuma
    • Team 3
      • Garp
      • Marco
    • Team 4
      • Law
      • Teach (Double Ability)

    Above you will see the pairings for the encounters (this does not seem to depend on the character you pick). Honestly, you should be able to beat anyone sent against you provided you have a Lv. 50 or Level Broken Character.

    Challenge 2:

    • Team 1
      • Ace
      • Crocodile
    • Team 2
      • Kizaru
      • Akinu
    • Team 3
      • Smoker
      • Kuzan
    • Team 4
      • Teach
      • Eneru

    The second challenge, as you can see, is way harder and will take a few attempts even with a fully-level broken character and your strongest character to boot. Personally, this was down with Kuzan and still took a lot of effort.

    Join my crew!
    Assembled 10 or more allies.


    This will come naturally as you make your way through the game. You should get it by the end of Chapter 3 when you have recovered Zoro and Sanji.

    Let’s adventure together!upscale-245262160018212
    Assembled 30 or more allies.

    Once you have completed the normal ending, you should attempt to attack the Crew Logs. Upon winning one you will get a new crew member. An example of this is completing Jimbie’s Crew Log will get him as a Support character, and therefore recruit him as an ally. Completing Crew Logs will meet the condition for this trophy also, for more information please refer to Gold You’re All My Family.

    You’re all my family…Gold
    Cleared all Crew Episodes.

    Crew Logs, as stated in the Tips and Strategies section, are little missions which you can embark on. For this trophy you will need to complete all 57 Missions in order to obtain the trophy, fortunately, you can complete them with any rank. You will need to complete all missions with an S Rank for the Silver All The Treasure in the World is Mine!, please refer there for information on ranking.

    Crew Logs
    Perona Hancock
    Don Krieg
    Luffy 2 Years Ago
    Zoro 2 Years Ago
    Nami 2 Years Ago
    Usopp 2 Years Ago
    Sanji 2 Years Ago
    Chopper 2 Years Ago
    Robin 2 Years Ago
    Franky 2 Years Ago
    Brook 2 Years Ago
    Teach Double Ability

    Look at this big haul!
    Acquired all Secret Coins in any single Main Episode.

    For this trophy, you will need to complete any main mission by redeeming all 3 of the secret coins you can get on the mission. You can do this by completing the following:

    • 1000 KO’s
    • Completing a special objective (Depends on the mission)
    • Getting an S Rank

    Getting the 1000 KOs should be an easy task and should come through natural progression. The objective can depend on what you are asked to do, for instance, you might need to defeat an enemy or prevent allies from fleeing. In order to get an S Rank you will need to meet 3 conditions, which are:

    • 1000 KO’s
    • Damage Taken
    • Time

    Just remember to collect the Secret Coin in the mission, you will only get the Secret Coins for 1000 KO’s and Special Objectives shown in special chests like shown in the image below:

    All the treasure in the world is mine!upscale-245262160018212
    Acquired all Secret Coins.

    Much like the Bronze Look At This Big Haul!, however, for this you need to collect all Secret Coins in the game, there are a total of 63 in the Main Campaign and 57 in the Crew Logs.

    The only ones you will really need to worry about at the 2 condition based coins found in Main Missions:

    • 1000 KO’s
    • Completing a special objective (Depends on the mission)

    The S Rank will come naturally as you attempt and complete missions. Below is a breakdown of what you need to do in order to complete the special objective in each mission.

    Mission 1Perform Nami’s Strategy Successfully
    Defeat Smoker, Without any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 21000 KO’s
    Defeat All Enemy Generals, Without Smoker Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Chapter 1
    Mission 11000 KO’s
    Make Kuzan Appear, Without any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 21000 KO’s
    Make the Enemy’s Base open their Gates, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 31000 KO’s
    Make Moria Appear, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 41000 KO’s
    Make the Enemy’s Base open their Gates, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Chapter 2
    Mission 11000 KO’s
    Defeat Akainu, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 21000 KO’s
    Defeat Arlong or Crocodile, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 31000 KO’s
    Make Magellan Appear in Front of the Lab, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 41000 KO’s
    Make the Enemy’s Base open their Gates, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Chapter 3
    Mission 11000 KO’s
    Corner Eneru, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 21000 KO’s
    Corner Zoro, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 31000 KO’s
    Make the Enemy’s Base open their Gates, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 41000 KO’s
    Make the Enemy’s Base open their Gates, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 51000 KO’s
    Make the Enemy’s Base open their Gates, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 61000 KO’s
    Defeat Teach, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Chapter 4
    Mission 11000 KO’s
    Make the Enemy’s Base open their Gates, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 21000 KO’s
    Corner Moria, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 31000 KO’s
    Make the Enemy’s Base open their Gates, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Final Chapter
    Mission 11000 KO’s
    Corner Eneru, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank
    Mission 21000 KO’s
    Make the Enemy’s Base open their Gates, Without Any Ally Fleeing
    Achieve S Rank

    The 57 that are in Crew Logs are only for S Ranking and do not need a breakdown like what is highlighted above.

    People’s dreams never die!Gold
    Cleared all Episodes on the highest difficulty level.

    To first do this you will need to complete the True Ending on any other difficulty, this will unlock Super Hard Difficulty, which you need to complete for this trophy. This Difficulty is the hardest part of the game, however, it is totally doable. The Trick is to Level Break your characters, this should be focused on your best ones first. It is advised to Break Kuzan first as he is the most powerful and useful of the characters, however, the choice is ultimately up to you.

    Firstly you should know that you will need to complete Super Hard Difficulty on Story Log, not Free Log. If you complete it on Free Log you will not complete the constraint to unlock the Trophy, you will see an image of the indicator showing that you have completed the mission on Super Hard Difficulty.

    With that cleared up now let’s address the other parts of Super Hard. Primarily, the Level of the mission or your character does not seem to play a role in if you can complete the mission, If you are Level 50 or even Level 100 you will still take similar damage on a Level 4 Rated mission. This means that you will need to be extremely careful when working your way through this difficulty. Second, if you have Level Broken a Character you will now have access to 9 more coin slots to help power them up, this is divided into 3 for each of the disciplines. This will mean that you can get a grand total of 70 additional Attack, Health, and Defence from the coins once you reach Level 100. To help with this, an image can be seen below of a form of what you can set up to give you the 70 on each.

    Finally, if you are going through with Kuzan you will need to note that 5 missions are unavailable for him to be used and therefore you will need to use a different character. The advised character is Law as he has similar moves to Kuzan, and his Shambles ability is the same combo mapping as Kuzan’s Ice Age, making this easy to use.

    I’m ready for my close-up.upscale-245262160018212
    Unlocked all movies in the gallery.

    The movies in the game are any of the higher-quality rendered sequences that depict the story of pirate warriors 2. Most are gained through playing the game and are naturally unlocked for your ease, however, some are limited to completing certain events in mission or playing as specific characters, but all are for the main log.

    No.MovieWhere to GetCost
    1Opening MovieStart the game30,000
    2The beginning of a New AdventurePrologue 130,000
    3Maxim SurfacingPrologue 130,000
    4The natural enemy of “God”Prologue 130,000
    5White Hunter SmokerPrologue 230,000
    6Prelude to MadnessPrologue 230,000
    7The Raging “Iron Man”Chapter 1-150,000
    8The Man Who was AdmiralChapter 1-150,000
    9Fist of Love (Missable)Chapter 1-2
    (Meet Garp while playing as Luffy)
    10The Marines’ Greatest War AbilityChapter 1-250,000
    11Shadow Shadow Fruit UserChapter 1-350,000
    12First Son of the Sea JimbeiChapter 1-350,000
    13Want to be a Monster! (Missable)Chapter 1-4
    (As Chopper get 1000 K.O’s)
    14Phoenix MarcoChapter 1-450,000
    15Fire Fist Ace (Missable)Chapter 1-4
    (Meet Ace while playing as Smoker)
    16The Enforcer of JusticeChapter 2-1100,000
    17Unexpected HelperChapter 2-1100,000
    18The Sand KingChapter 2-2100,000
    19“Gatekeeper of Hell”Chapter 2-3100,000
    20Love-Love Mellow (Missable)Chapter 2-3
    (let Magellan invade your start location)
    21Ace and TeachChapter 2-4100,000
    22Legendary Marine (Missable)Chapter 2-4
    (Meet Garp while Playing as Marco,
    Do not damage the Marines control,
    but you can save your home base.
    Attack only the Pirates faction)
    23Complete JusticeChapter 2-4100,000
    24The Battle of MarinefordChapter 2-4100,000
    25A New ThreatChapter 2-4100,000
    26Feast of “God”Chapter 3-1200,000
    27It’s Now or Never KumaChapter 3-1200,000
    28The World’s Greatest SwordsmanChapter 3-2200,000
    29Soul King (Missable)Chapter 3-2
    (Confront Mihawk while playing at Brook,
    when he becomes his own faction)
    30Devilish Swordsman of the Triple Sword (Missable)Chapter 3-2
    (Confront Zoro as Luffy when
    he is the victory Condition)
    31Raging “Devil Child”Chapter 3-3200,000
    32Negative Champ (Missable)Chapter 3-4
    (Defeat Usopp as Perona when
    he is covering Moria’s escape)
    33The Legendary BuggyChapter 3-5200,000
    34Raging “Gatekeeper of Hell”Chapter 3-5200,000
    35Raging “Pirate Hunter”Chapter 3-6200,000
    36Raging “Black Leg”Chapter 3-6200,000
    37Even if I Die, I’ll Never Kick a WomanChapter 3-6200,000
    38Light and ThunderChapter 4-1300,000
    39The Nefarious CoupleChapter 4-1300,000
    40Raging “Whitebeard”Chapter 4-2300,000
    41Whitebeard DiesChapter 4-2300,000
    42The Pirate that Spurs CorpsesChapter 4-2300,000
    43I Lose to No One!Chapter 4-2300,000
    44The Strongest ParameciaChapter 4-3300,000
    45Straw Hat Pirates vs TeachChapter 4-3300,000
    46Continuing the AdventureComplete chapter 4-3300,000
    47Whitebeard LivesChapter 4-2500,000
    48The Power of the Dark Dark FruitChapter 4-2500,000
    49“Dial” RampageChapter 4-2500,000
    50“Surgeon of Death”True Ending Chapter 1500,000
    51Raging “God”True Ending Chapter 1500,000
    52The Final BattleTrue Ending Chapter 2500,000
    53Raging “Blackbeard”True Ending Chapter 2500,000
    54Power of the New Generation vs. TeachTrue Ending Chapter 2500,000
    55The Grand FinaleComplete True Ending Chapter 2500,000

    We… know everything…upscale-245262160018212
    Unlocked everything in the gallery.

    This is a little deceptive, in the terms of you only needing to get 1 thing in each of the desired categories. You should only need to buy a movie and a soundtrack in the Beli Shop to get this to unlock, but if it does not work just buy something in each of the 7 categories.

    I’ll only grow stronger.
    Acquired your first skill.

    Refer to Silver You can count on me!

    My strength has grown!
    Acquired 10 skills.

    Refer to Silver You can count on me!

    You can count on me!upscale-245262160018212
    Acquired 20 skills.

    Skills are obtained by completing the Bingo Boards. Once you get 3 Coins in a line, either Straight or Diagonally, you will obtain a skill to use. These can then be equipped to your characters to help in missions. You will most likely obtain this through natural progression, but there is a breakdown below to help you:

    BoardCoins NeededSkills that can be unlocked
    Board 1:
    Beginning Skill Notebook
    001 Luffy
    006 Chopper
    039 Jimbei
    057 Kuzan
    003 Nami
    046 Marco
    008 Franky
    009 Brook
    056 Smoker
    Leader’s Body
    Final Blow
    ∆ ∆ □ Combo Enhancement
    Leader’s Strength
    Musician’s Wisdom (Brook)
    □ □ □ □ □ Combo Enhancement
    Board 2:
    Clashing Skill Note
    038 Hancock
    010 Buggy
    034 Kuma
    012 Mihawk
    033 Perona
    004 Usopp
    020 Crocodile
    007 Robin
    047 Ace
    Leader’s Body
    Ice Crash (Kuzan)
    Gorgon’s Eye (Hancock)
    ∆ ∆ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Meat For Strength
    Essence Of Sand Power (Crocodile)
    Sadist (Perona)
    Navigator’s Wisdom
    Board 3:
    Decisive Battle Skill Note
    005 Sanji
    023 Eneru
    055 Law
    058 Kizaru
    002 Zoro
    053 Akainu
    045 Whitebeard
    044 Teach
    054 Garp
    Wicked Tongue (Perona)
    Soul Requiem (Brook)
    Pirate Alliance
    □ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Sadist (Perona)
    Gorgon’s Eye (Hancock)
    Aerial Battle Knowledge
    □ □ □ □ □ Combo Enhancement
    Board 4:
    Straw Hat Pirates Mark Skill Note
    157 Nami New World Mark
    156 Zoro New World Mark
    160 Chopper New World Mark
    158 Usopp New World Mark
    155 Luffy New World Mark
    161 Robin New World Mark
    163 Brook New World Mark
    159 Sanji New World Mark
    162 Franky New World Mark
    Meat For Body
    High Tension
    Health Comes First
    □ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Quick Charge
    Snipers Wisdom
    Meat For Strength
    Aerial Battle Knowledge
    Board 5:
    Straw Hat Collaborators’ Skill Note
    127 Sun Pirates Mark
    016 Vivi
    024 Iceburg
    035 Rayleigh
    126 Hancock’s Mark
    040 Ivankov
    011 Zeff
    017 Doctor Kureha
    145 Heart Pirate’s Mark
    Cooks Wisdom
    Sneak Attack
    Soul Requiem (Brook)
    □ □ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Wicked Tongue (Perona)
    Leader’s Strength
    Unique Action Enhancement
    Board 6:
    Straw Hat Pirates Favourite Item Skill Note
    268 New World Log Pose
    260 Wado Ichimonji
    280 Electric Guitar
    271 Kabuto Black
    259 Straw Hat
    275 Poneglyth
    274 Chopper’s New World Hat
    255 Thousand Sunny
    277 General Franky
    Warrior’s Wisdom
    Hero’s Body
    Miraculous Strength
    □ □ □ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Hero’s Strength
    Power to Perceive Ones True Form
    □ □ □ □ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Board 7:
    Powerful Enemies’ Mark Skill Note
    130 Don Krieg Pirate’s Mark
    128 Whitebeard Pirate’s Mark
    139 Moria Pirate’s Mark
    131 Arlong Pirate’s Mark
    144 G-5 Marine’s Mark
    133 Baroque Works Mark
    129 Buggy Pirate’s Mark
    134 Blackbeard Pirate’s Mark
    132 Wapol Pirate’s Mark
    Pirate Alliance
    Shipwright’s Wisdom
    Brute Strength
    ∆ □ Combo Enhancement
    Miraculous Body
    Meat for Body
    Miraculous Strength
    Board 8:
    Women’s Skill Note
    218 Hancock
    197 Doctor Kureha
    187 Robin
    337 Nami New World Mark
    213 Perona
    341 Robin New World Mark
    183 Nami
    318 Alvida Pirate’s Mark
    196 Vivi
    Miraculous Body
    Archaeologist’s Wisdom
    Sadist (Perona)
    Musician’s Wisdom (Brook)
    Ship Doctor’s Wisdom
    Cat Burglar
    Board 9:
    Marines’ Skill Note
    234 Garp
    230 Sengoku
    324 G-5 Marine’s Mark
    233 Akainu
    231 Kuzan 2 Years Ago
    232 Kizaru 2 Years Ago
    330 Marine’s Mark
    282 Navy Cape
    236 Smoker
    Ice Crash (Kuzan)
    Quick Charge
    ∆ □ Combo Enhancement
    Musician’s Wisdom (Brook)
    Unique Action Enhancement
    □ □ □ □ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Board 10:
    Pirates’ Skill Note
    194 Arlong (Max Lv.)
    202 Mr. 3 (Max Lv.)
    199 Wapol (Max Lv.)
    228 Jozu (Max Lv.)
    201 Mr. 2 (Max Lv.)
    229 Vista (Max Lv.)
    193 Don Krieg (Max Lv.)
    212 Moria (Max Lv.)
    195 Hatchan (Max Lv.)
    Brute Strength
    Meat for Body
    □ □ □ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Sneak Attack
    Battlefield Charisma
    Soul Requiem (Brook)
    Royal Disposition
    (Luffy, Ace, Hancock, and Whitebeard)
    Board 11:
    World Government Affiliates’ Skill Note
    208 Jabra (Max Lv.)
    217 Sentomaru (Max Lv.)
    222 Hannyabel (Max Lv.)
    206 Lucci (Max Lv.)
    207 Kaku (Max Lv.)
    221 Magellan (Max Lv.)
    209 Blueno (Max Lv.)
    216 Pacifista (Max Lv.)
    223 Minotaurus (Max Lv.)
    Aerial Battle Knowledge
    ∆ ∆ □ Combo Enhancement
    Final Blow
    ∆ ∆ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Miraculous Body
    Meat for Body
    Cat Burglar
    Board 12:
    Former Prisoner’s Skill Note
    190 Buggy (Max Lv.)
    201 Mr. 2 (Max Lv.)
    202 Mr. 3 (Max Lv.)
    220 Ivankov (Max Lv.)
    227 Ace (Max Lv.)
    200 Crocodile (Max Lv.)
    219 Jimbei (Max Lv.)
    352 Impel Down Prisoner (Max Lv.)
    194 Arlong (Max Lv.)
    Sneak Attack
    Quick Charge
    Sniper’s Wisdom
    □ □ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Unique Action Enhancement
    Pirate Alliance
    Final Blow
    Board 13:
    New & Former Seven
    Warlords of the Sea’s
    Skill Note
    398 Hancock
    415 Law
    394 Kuma
    392 Moria
    399 Jimbei
    404 Teach
    380 Crocodile
    500 Doflamingo’s Mark
    372 Mihawk
    □ □ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Hero’s Body
    Hero’s Strength
    ∆ □ Combo Enhancement
    Hero’s Strength
    Ship Doctor’s Wisdom
    Board 13:
    New & Former Seven
    Warlords of the Sea’s
    Skill Note
    406 Marco
    405 Whitebeard
    409 Vista
    501 Marco’s Mark
    488 Whitebeard’s Mark
    485 Ace’s Mark
    408 Jozu
    436 Moby Dick
    407 Ace
    □ □ ∆ Combo Enhancement
    Archaeologist’s Wisdom
    Wicked Tongue (Perona)
    ∆ ∆ □ Combo Enhancement
    High Tension
    Leader’s Strength
    □ □ □ □ □ Combo Enhancement
    Board 15:
    Sky Island Skill Note
    446  Magic Clima-Tact
    437 Ark Maxim
    450 Kabuto Slingshot
    538 Sky Island Captain
    383 Eneru
    530 Sky Island Soldier
    452 Impact Dial
    466 Nonosama Bo
    445 Perfect Clima-Tact
    Hero’s Body
    Mantra (Eneru)
    High Tension
    Warrior’s Wisdom
    Sniper’s Wisdom
    Captain’s Wisdom
    Board 16:
    Pirate King Skill Note
    361 Luffy (Max Lv.)
    514 Mark of D (Max Lv.)
    439 Straw Hat (Max Lv.)
    370 Buggy (Max Lv.)
    508 Roger’s Mark (Max Lv.)
    395 Rayleigh (Max Lv.)
    414 Garp (Max Lv.)
    507 Shank’s Mark (Max Lv.)
    407 Ace (Max Lv.)
    Leader’s Body
    Ice Crash (Kuzan)
    Gorgon’s Eyes (Hancock)
    Warrior’s Wisdom
    Miraculous Strength
    Cola Value Pack (Franky 2 Years Ago)
    Cat Burglar
    Ship Doctor’s Wisdom
    Board 17:
    Crew Symbol Skill Note
    419 Luffy 2 Years Ago (Max Lv.)
    376 Vivi (Max Lv.)
    421 Nami 2 Years Ago (Max Lv.)
    420 Zoro 2 Years Ago (Max Lv.)
    513 Crew Symbol Mark (Max Lv.)
    422 Usopp 2 Years Ago (Max Lv.)
    423 Sanji 2 Years Ago (Max Lv.)
    434 Going Mary (Max Lv.)
    424 Chopper 2 Years Ago (Max Lv.)
    ∆ ∆ ∆ Combo Enhancement Brute Strength Grit □ □ □ ∆ Combo Enhancement Concentration Archaeologist’s Wisdom Captain’s Wisdom □ □ □ □ ∆ Combo Enhancement

    All Skills that you obtain again Stack up to give you a +, making them a bit more powerful.

    Alright! I got it!
    Collected your first Coin.


    This trophy will come naturally through the progression of the story, however, if you want to instantly pop this you can use save game data from Pirate Warriors, from the same region, and Pirate Warriors 2 will detect it, unlocking the trophy when you head into the first mission.

    There’s probably a lot more of these.
    Collected 100 or more different Coins.

    This should come naturally as you progress through the story and other missions, there are a total of 550 coins in the game, meaning that getting the 100 different coins you need for the trophy will come with progression.

    Wow! He’s amazing!upscale-245262160018212
    Collected 250 or more different Coins.

    Just like in BronzeThere’s Probably a lot More of these you should have no trouble obtaining different coin types.

    Bring on a thousand more!upscale-245262160018212
    Total number of defeated enemies exceeds 100,000.

    This will come naturally, and you shouldn’t need to worry about it. Since you need to complete the game twice on 2 different difficulties, and then clean up and Secret Coins you have not gained you will get this somewhere along the way.

    This’ll buy a lot of meat!upscale-245262160018212
    Acquired a total of 100,000,000 Beli.

    Refer to Silver I think I’ll buy the world! for more information

    Big spender!
    Spent a total of 100,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop.

    Refer to Silver I think I’ll buy the world! for more information

    Business is good!upscale-245262160018212
    Spent a total of 10,000,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop.

    Refer to Silver I think I’ll buy the world! for more information

    I think I’ll buy the world!upscale-245262160018212
    Spent a total of 100,000,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop.

    For these trophies, you will need to both obtain a total amount of Beli and spend it. To obtain Beli you will need to play missions, you will gain so much for completing the mission (Difficulty Dependent, the higher the difficulty the more you get), additionally to this you will gain some through opening Treasure Chests in the mission, below is an image of the kind of chest you are looking for:

    Other than this you will get Beli when Coins are sold, as such:

    • Bronze Coins
      • 10,000
    • Silver Coins
      • 50,000
    • Gold Coins
      • 100,000

    These will be the main way you will obtain Beli in the game. As for spending it, there are a few ways but the way that will make you spend the most is through Beli Growth. This is when you level up a Character from their Current Level to a Higher Level. You can only do this if you have reached the level with another character, so if you have a character at level 50 you will be able to Grow any other character up to that level. Other ways of spending Beli is in the Beli Shop where you can buy all sorts of things, like the Movies you have unlocked, the Soundtracks, and even the Level Limit Breakers.

    I’m getting fired up!upscale-245262160018212
    Defeated 500 enemies while in Style Action.

    Unfortunately, this is in a single activation of Style. This can be tricky to achieve and will need a level where you have a lot of enemies and can keep Style Action going. It is also a benefit to have skills that increase your duration of Style, which will complete this trophy effectively. It should also be noted you can extend Style Action in other ways, like picking up food that restores your Style:

    • Big Meat
    • Lunchboxes

    These are just 2 examples, in addition to this it will be easier on harder difficulties as by the time you have defeated the current enemies you will probably be hitting the newly spawned enemies as well. As a final note in higher difficulties, Enemies will be harder to take down, but you will have a better chance of having more enemies to hit.

    Like some sort of legendary monster!
    Defeated a total of 10,000 or more enemies with Special Attacks.

    This should be something that you naturally achieve through your progression of the game, however, you will need to active Style or your SP attack. You will know if you are getting enemies defeated with Special Attacks by the Yellow ! that appear. Simply just beat on enemies and get the ! and you should achieve this by the time you finish, if not sooner, the campaign.

    What!? I missed!
    Dodged a Style Action enemy’s attack.

    This is easy to do and will probably come through natural progression, as you will be fighting strong enemies a lot throughout the game. When a strong enemy enters into their style action or is about to unleash an SP attack then use the Dodge button and evade the attack or enter into one of your Style or SP to counter. As long as you do not get hit it should count.

    Come with me!
    Cleared 5 stages each with 5 different characters.

    Refer to Bronze He Already Has So Many Wonderful Allies for more information

    Possessing tremendous power!
    Cleared 5 stages each with 10 different characters.

    Refer to Bronze He Already Has So Many Wonderful Allies for more information

    He already has so many wonderful allies.
    Cleared 5 stages each with 20 different characters.

    For these 3 Trophies, you will need to use a total of 20 different characters and win a total of 5 missions with each. It is your personal preference who you play as, however, keep track of who you have used and how many missions you have completed as them. This will help with cleaning up later, these trophies present you with the chance to test out other characters in the game and let you see who you might be good with, it is advised to use:

    • Luffy
    • Luffy 2 Years Ago
    • Zoro
    • Zoro 2 Years Ago
    • Kuzan
    • Ace
    • Buggy
    • Whitebeard
    • Law
    • Eneru
    • Blackbeard
    • Marshal D. Teach (Double Ability)

    The reason behind these is they are all pretty easy to get the hang of using, however, it is a personal choice who you pick. There is a way to speed the trophies up as well, which is to use a second controller and pick 2 characters you want to use. This means that you will only need to do half the work as the other controller will be doing a portion of the job for you.

    Got something rare.
    Acquired your first Secret Coin.


    You will do this in the Prologue, there isn’t really much else to say, the game makes you pick up the coin.

    It’s hiding a terrible power!
    Acquired your first Skill Note.


    Skill Notes are basically like playing bingo with your acquired coins. There are 17 total boards in the game and each with its own set of skills and things to use, try to get them all fully completed for increases in different things. There is a breakdown in Silver You can count on me! which can be used for guidance.

    I’m hungry for some meat!
    Acquired 100 or more Giant Meat.

    Giant Meat, like in Pirate Warriors, is a form of Healing item and can be found in missions. You will find them in chests or from defeating Strong Enemies, simply pick them up and you will get some work towards this trophy. Below is an image to illustrate what you are looking for:

    Unbelievable power…!
    Stunned the enemy 1,000 times.

    Much like in Pirates Warriors, there is an icon that you will need to see in order to actually stun the enemy, below is an image of this icon:

    Once you get this hit the enemy with a combo like Kuzan’s □□□□□ attack and some stars should appear above the head of the enemy and they should be kneeling on the ground like shown in the image below:

    This is 1 Stunned enemy, you should get a good number of these throughout the game, however, to speed this up there is something you can do. If you use the Brute Strength Skill you should gain more Stuns. In addition to this using a Technical Character is advised, one like Kuzan, Law or Nami, as you can get more stuns with a Technical rather than an Attack-type Character.

    Luffy’s true allies…
    Defeated 10,000 enemies with Crew Strike.

    As highlighted in Bronze Thanks! I owe you one! this is when you utilise the power of your support crew member to attack enemies. Using this you will need to defeat a total of 10,000 enemies which might sound like a tough task to achieve, however, you will probably gain it without needing to farm too much. Some support characters will be better at gaining this like:

    • Kuzan
    • Whitebeard
    • Trafalgar Law
    • Blackbeard (Double Ability)
    • Marshal D. Teach (2 Years Ago)

    These 5 characters all have a wide burst set of attacks and will let you target a field rather than single or small groups of enemies. This makes them the best ones for the trophy, other characters that can be included in this are:

    • Luffy
    • Brook
    • Smoker
    • Jimbie
    • Buggy
    • Luffy (2 Years Ago)

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