One Piece: World Seeker – The Void Mirror Prototype Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 10 – 20 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the DLC 1: Void Mirror Prototype Trophy Guide For One Piece: World Seeker.

    Experience Prison Island with zero sense of Direction and a determination to see a good Fight. Roronoa Zoro, Forma Pirate Hunter, now a member of the Worst Generation’s Super Nova’s and Swordsman of the Infamous Straw Hat Pirate takes the helm of this story. After discovering a secret facility hidden under the Sea Prison while looking for the Warden, Zoro teams up with unlikely allies to battle an evolving threat.

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    Step 1: Quest of the Moss-haired Swordsman
    All you will do in the stage is to complete the DLC and learn what it is about. If you are familiar with the campaign you will know that the Void Mirror Porototye is introduced in Chapter 6: Straw Hat Reunited. Once you head over to the Prison Tower and regrouped with Zoro fighting Issac is when this DLC takes place all the way to the end of the main story.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Gold Return

    Step 2: Enthused Warrior
    Within this stage, you will be gaining enough SP to fully level Zoro which is where most of your time will be taken after the Campaign, in addition to this you will want to perform Relentless a total of 25 Times for Bronze Relentless if you haven’t yet and activates Serious Mode to get Bronze Serious Battle

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    • Silver Enthused Warrior
    • Bronze Relentless
    • Bronze Serious Battle

    Step 3: Challenges
    Your final task in the DLC will be to complete the Challenges. There are only 3 to complete for Bronze Challenger, once you have done this you will need to gain the top score in them for Silver Master. This will take some practice to achieve, however, there are tips to completing them in Silver Master, so please refer there.

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    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    • Bronze Challenger
    • Silver Master

    Tips and Strategies:


    • You can play the DLC in any difficulty
    • Fast Travelling resets the Area, not just the enemies and state of the world but resources.
    • Against Powerful foes, try using all the tricks in your arsenal
    • BULLETS HURT!. Zoro is an expert swordsman but that doesn’t mean that he can dodge bullets or cut them, remember to dash or guard them.
    • Zoro can not swim!
    • Zoro, unlike Luffy, can not use Observation Haki
    • Zoro, being Zoro, has zero sense of direction, this is no different when you play as him. To get Zoro to have a sense of direction you will need the Headstrong skill.
    • Zoro can not use Stealth, this means that you can not perform Takedowns.
    • Zoro can not go to the Sky Islands, Floating Island, or the Mineshafts.
    • There are no Side Missions in The Void Mirror Prototype
    • You can Lock on to enemies using the Left and Right on the D-Pad
    • The bosses from the main campaign will be in their Post-Game spawn points.
    • There are Treasure Chests located throughout the Void Mirror Prototype DLC, conveniently they are mostly in the same location as the main game, however, there are fewer in some areas. This has been tested throughout numerous areas and although the rewards are different the locations are more or less the same (for the most part, refer to the Character Specific Treasure Chests part of the Tips & Strategies). If you would like to have a general idea of the chest in an area you can always refer to Silver  Treasure Hunter, from the base game. 
    • The Usopp Workshop and Franky Factory are available for Zoro to craft gear.
    • Through Zoro’s intense training with Mihawk over the 2 years, he has gained the skill to climb almost anything through wall jumping. This replaces Karoo.
    • If you knock an enemy into the water in combat and they still have health they will respawn back on solid ground, provided they are a named enemy
    • If you die while collecting Treasure Chest and haven’t saved in a while you will lose the ones you have collected and need to recollect them
    • Operating Switches leaves you open to Attack
    • Hovering the crosshair over an enemy will Mark them.
    • To get Perfect Guard, keep an eye on the icon above the enemy, when you see it flash press the Square Button. If done at the right time you will get a perfect each time, this is invaluable against strong enemies who deal a lot of damage.
    • Remember to upgrade your skills and equipment.
    • Serious Mode should be used as a last resort, you are left unable to fill your tension Guage after you have used one for a short time. Although not as long a wait as Luffy you will still have to wait to gain Tension.
    • Chapter 14 of the main story, which is equivalent to Zoro’s Chapter 6: Emergency is the PONR (Point of No Return), before going to the Thousand Sunny to hear about the Radio Tower. The Clear Game will start you here. 

    Zoro, The Directionally Challenged Swordsman?

    As highlighted above Zoro couldn’t find his way from A to B even with a map, the way that The Void Mirror Prototype handles this is simple. Like in the main game where you will need to clear the clouds to access the fast travel for the area, Zoro must not only do that but use a pixelated map, see below:

    As the image shows, Zoro’s map, where it is usable, isn’t very useful. To fix this you need to pay 999SP for the Headstrong ability. This will clear the map and let you see the map like everyone else in World Seeker, see below:

    SP Farming:

    There are a number of good ways to farm SP in the DLC, however, some ways are better than others. If you are intent on collecting up all the chest, getting the best gear, and exploring prison island fully as Zoro you probably won’t have to farm that much, therefore this part of the guide will provide little to help. However, you can complete the DLC without collecting a treasure chest, or even upgrading Zoro, although the difficulty towards the end will skyrocket, to this end, it is highly recommended that you upgrade, and craft gear. Coming back to the point of this part, there are 2 most notable ways of farming SP, which are:

    • Taking on bosses from the main campaign 
    • Replaying the epilogue

    Out of these 2 methods, the latter will get you a better amount, however, the former can be argued to be faster as the conversations and cut scenes that you would have to go through, not to mention the load screens. To add to this there are 6 bosses that seem to show, these are:

    BossLocationSP Reward
    CrocodileAmber Harbor80SP
    SmokerJade Bridge80SP
    KizaruPrison Tower80SP
    Germa 66Crystal Canyon70SP
    FujitoraSapphire Town80SP

    As for replaying the epilogue of Zoro’s Story, you can get a guaranteed amount of nearly 1000SP in about 15 minutes. Do keep in mind that this is an estimation. In the Commander Master battle, you can get more Pacifista’s to spawn and kill them for a little more SP, in addition to this any enemy that you take out along the way to the end battle can add to your total, there are a few Pacifista in your way so it is advised to take advantage of them. Below is the rough breakdown of what you can achieve:

    ChapterEnemySP Gain
    Chapter 6: EmergencyChapter 6: Emergency Completion400SP
    Chapter 7: presenceBomber HX40SP
    Attacker HX40SP
    Pacifist20SP (x2)
    Commander Master40SP
    Kagero & Kizaru80SP Each (Both together 160SP)
    Chapter 7: Presence500SP


    Although you can see the breakdown above, in testing it was around 1300SP per run. Knowing this, the epilogue method might be the best strategy to knock out SP farming. Do remember the fights are semi-tough if you do not have the gear or skills to complete them.

    Character Specific Treasure Chests:

    Where most of the Treasure chest locations in the base game can be used to hunt down the DLC Treasure Chest Locations, there are some that break the pattern. Here is where you will find the information pertaining to the Character Specific differences in the Treasure Chest Locations.

    AreaAmount of ChestsAreaAmount of Chests
    Thousand Sunny2Amber Harbor5
    Sapphire Town12Topaz Mine Town3
    Topaz Mine13Graveyard3
    Jade Bridge4Ruby Town6
    Tower Prison4Emerald Town16
    Emery Plaza5Steel City26
    Crystal Canyon29Sea Prison – Aquarmarina8
    Naval Base10Radio Tower5
    Halcum Port2Cannon Island4
    Secret Factory12

    This section was initially designed to have maps and videos like what can be found in the base game guide found HERE, however, after much thought and some testing with the maps found in the guide this was deemed unnecessary. Where some areas, such as Topaz Mine, would benefit from such maps and video guides, the base game information is still valid and can be used to help in your endeavour. As the Table above shows there are only a handful of areas that are not the same as the Base Game, which are:

    Thousand Sunny
    Sapphire Town
    Topaz Mine
    Tower Prison
    Emerald Town
    Steel City
    Sea Prison – Aquarmarina
    Naval Base
    Cannon Island

    The above 9 Areas are slightly different to the base game ones, in terms of treasure chests, however, the maps that can be found on SilverTreasure Hunter can be used to find all the chests in the DLC. Just make sure to keep an eye on your minimap as well when you are running around looking for the Chest.


    Like in the base game, below you can find an advised set of gear for Zoro. If you can get these to a + or ++ Rank then you would be better off but even standard variants are good.

    • Five Light Hankerchief
    • Bladesteel Waist Band
    • Giraffe Charm

    Below you can see a stat readout provided you have most of the power skills.

    World Seeker Continues:

    One Piece: World Seeker:

    Click HERE to go to the Guide

    You want my treasure, you can have it, I left everything together in one place. Now you just have to find it!” Gol D. Roger, the king of the pirates spoke these words at his execution and sent countless souls in search of dreams far greater than they dared to imagine. This event sparked the great pirate era. Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who turned to rubber after eating the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit, vowed that he would be the next king of the pirates. Embarking on his adventure and heading to the Grand Line, not knowing where the waves would take them, until now. Escaping from the emperor Charlotte Linn Known to the world as Big Mom at Whole Cake Island, the Straw Hats find themselves on the mysterious Prison Island. A navy-controlled island in the seas of the New World, soon the Straw Hats are divided and scattered around and the darkness of the island starts to fester, however, one person stands against the events and with strength granted by Luffy, fights for the freedom of the island.
    Join Luffy on his adventure on Prison island with familiar faces, heated rivalries, and the promise of treasure.

    DLC 2: Where Justice Lies:

    Click HERE image above to go to the guide

    The Second of the DLC Packs where you will play as Revolutionary Army Chief of Staff, Sabo. His story takes place in Chapter 9: Family Ties all the way to the end of the game, fighting his way to the truth and uncovering the secret hidden within the Wardens Prison Island. Where Justice Lies has a good few turns to its relatively simple story, the biggest altercation is that it introduces new characters to combat, the likes of Commander Katakuri of Charlotte Linlin’s crew, better known to the world as the Emperor Big Mom.

    Gold Mission Complete
    Bronze Nap Time!
    Bronze New Heights
    Silver Chief of Staff
    Bronze Pesky Dodger!
    Silver Top of the World

    DLC 3: The Unfinished Map:

    ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER_20220724090108

    The Third and final DLC for World Seeker, where you will take to the Skies and explore the Floating Islands as Captain of the Heart Pirates, Trafalgar Law. Travelling with the Straw Hats, Trafalgar Law has the power of the Op-Op Devil Fruit making him a formidable opponent and unrivalled Doctor. In the final DLC Law befriends a young boy wanting to be the world’s greatest Adventure, taking up the mantel of his father to map all of the Floating islands and having a knack for trouble, Law forms a bond taught to him by the man known as Corazon. Law’s DLC takes place in Chapter 8: The Old Island, after the Side Mission Mystery of the Sky Island, and has 6 pretty easy trophies which can be found below. Embark on this final tale to complete your adventure in One Piece World Seeker, in The Unfinished Map.

    Gold Adventurous Dawn
    Bronze Passage Granted
    Bronze Take What’s Yours
    Silver Trouble with a Capital “D”
    Bronze Taking it Easy
    Silver The Throne

    Trophy Guide:

    Return Gold
    Complete Main Mission “The Void Mirror Prototype”

    The story of the Void Mirror Prototype is not very long and is only made up of 8 missions, these missions are:

    1: Astray100SP
    2: Depths200SP
    3: Shadow200SP
    4: Gathering300SP
    5: Role300SP
    6: Emergency400SP
    7: presence500SP
    8: Real DealNone

    Simple complete them and you will have completed the Main story in the Void Mirror Prototype.


    The Prologue “Chase” Mission is not counted in this breakdown as it’s the tutorial on how to play at Zoro and if you miss it you will miss the above mission list.

    Enthused Warrior upscale-245262160018212
    Learn all of Zoro’s Skills

    Like in the main game, and other DLC Packs, there is a trophy for fully upgrading the character, in this DLC it is Zoro. Each character you can play as in World Seeker is unique and Zoro is no exception. Refer to the Tips and Strategy at the top for general information.

    ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER_20220720095320

    Above you can see the layout of the Skills on the Skills menu, below you can find a table outlining all his skills, what tree to find them in and the cost:

    Skill TreeSkill NameCost
    Max HP Boost 150SP
    Max HP Boost 2100SP
    Max HP Boost 3200SP
    Max HP Boost 4400SP
    HP Recovery Speed Boost 150SP
    HP Recovery Speed Boost 2100SP
    HP Recovery Speed Boost 3200SP
    Tension Gauge Boost 150SP
    Tension Gauge Boost 2100SP
    Tension Loss Reduction 125SP
    Tension Loss Reduction 250SP
    Armament Hardening Boost 150SP
    Armament Hardening Boost 2100SP
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 150SP
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 2100SP
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 3200SP
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 150SP
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 2100SP
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 3200SP
    ATK Boost 150SP
    ATK Boost 2100SP
    Stun Amount Boost 150SP
    Stun Amount Boost 2100SP
    Ranged Attack Guage Boost 150SP
    Ranged Attack Gauge Boost 2100SP
    Ranged Attack Recovery Speed Boost 150SP
    Ranged Attack Recovery Speed Boost 2100SP
    Movement Speed Boost100SP
    Relentless: ATK Boost 150SP
    Relentless: ATK Boost 2100SP
    Island Knowledge 125SP
    Island Knowledge 250SP
    Chest Open time Reduction 125SP
    Chest Open Time Reduction 250SP
    Gather Efficiency Boost 125SP
    Gather Efficiency Boost 250SP
    Headstrong 999SP
    Drop Rate Boost 125SP
    Drop Rate Boost 250SP
    Equipment Slot Gain 1100SP
    Equipment Slot Gain 2200SP
    720 Pound Phoenix50SP
    720 Pound Phoenix: Change Time Reduction50SP
    Large Castle Gate50SP
    Large Castle Gate: Damage boost 1100SP
    Large Castle Gate: Damage Boost 2200SP
    Perfect Guard25SP
    Death Lion Song: Damage Boost 150SP
    Death Lion Song: Damage Boost 2100SP
    Billion-Fold World Trichiliocosm100SP
    Billion-Fold World Trichiliocosm: ATK Boost 1200SP
    Billion-Fold World Trichiliocosm: ATK Boost 2400SP
    Black Rope Dragon Twister25SP
    Black Rope Dragon Twister: Charge Time Reduction50SP
    Black Rope Dragon Twister: Damage Boost 100SP
    Crossing the Six Paths100SP
    Crossing the Six Paths: Damage Boost 1200SP
    Crossing the Six Paths: Damage Boost 2400SP
    1080 Pound Phoenix 50SP
    1080 Pound Phoenix: Damage Boost 1100SP
    1080 Pound Phoenix: Damage Boost 2200SP
    Raging Bull Needles25SP
    Raging Bull Needles: Hit Boost 150SP
    Raging Bull Needles: Hit Boost 2100SP
    Serious Mode
    Prolonged Serious Mode Effect 150SP
    Prolonged Serious Mode Effect 2100SP
    Serious Mode: ATK Boost 150SP
    Serious Mode: ATK Boost 2100SP

    This comes to a total of 7649SP needed to fully upgrade Zoro.

    Perform Relentless 25 times

    The Relentless move can be a little misleading, as you are told to line up the target with the head, at first you might think that this is for doing the ranged attack. This is not the case, the Relentless move is performed by lining the target up with the head of the enemy and performing a special move. This might seem hard at first but it is actually pretty easy to achieve, you can make it easier by having the tension upgrades, meaning that your tension gauge will grow faster and deplete slower. Death Lion Song is a good move to use to get this done due to it being a default move and the cheapest to upgrade.

    Simply hold the L1 Button and press the corresponding button to perform the attack, in the case of Death Lion Song, as seen in the image above, is the Square Button. You can see that the targeting sight is almost aligned with the enemy’s head, which is what you need to do. Below is when a Successful Relentless is used, note that there is a slightly different look if you get a “Headshot” to when you hit elsewhere on the enemy.

    Serious Battle
    Use Serious Mode 10 times

    Serious Mode is unlocked once you meet Fujitora at your return to the Sea Prison in Chapter 5: Role. All you need to do for this trophy is to press the Up Button on the D-Pad which will activate Serious Mode. This is much like Luffy’s Gear Fourth in the respect that it gives incredible power for a short time but will mean that you can not build tension after using it for a time. The build of Tension is a lot shorter than Luffy’s Gear Fourth, so the drawback isn’t close to being worth not using it if you need to.

    Standard Zoro Bar
    Serious Mode Zoro Bar

    Normal Zoro:

    Serious Mode Zoro:

    As you can see from the 2 above images, Normal Zoro has his notable Dark Green Kimono with Red Sash, which exposes his chest. Serious Mode Zoro on the other hand forgoes the upper Kimono so it hides his Red Sash, he also takes the Black Bandana, which he keeps tied to his upper Left arm, and places it on his head. His Light Green Haramaki (Belly Walmer) is also more prominent along with the Diagonal Scar.

    Complete 3 Challenge Missions with Zoro

    Just like the base game, the DLC has some challenges, unfortunately, you will not only need to play all of them but get a perfect score in each. Thankfully there are only 3 of them in Zoro’s DLC, below you can find the information:

    “Button Of Admiration”Ruby VillageJewel Set
    All InSecret Factory Feather Set
    “Showdown”Secret Factory Leather Set

    As you might have noticed the 3 in The Void Mirror Prototype are ones from the base game, however, you will need to complete them as Zoro. 

    Master upscale-245262160018212
    Complete a Challenge Mission with the highest grade with Zoro

    This trophy is very misleading and isn’t for a single Challenge Mission to top rank, instead, you will need to complete all 3 Challenge missions to the top grade. Below you can find the 5-Star completion conditions:

    Mission5-star completion requirement
    “Button of Admiration”60 Buttons
    “Showdown”1 minute
    All In1 minute

    If this wasn’t good enough for you, or you need a little extra help, below you can find three videos below, which will show A method for getting the 5-Stars.

    “Button of Admiration”:


    All In:


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