Online Only Games You Can Never Play Again

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    Some games have faced an unfortunate fate: their servers are shut down, rendering them unplayable forever. These online-only games once brought joy and excitement to players around the world but are now lost. Let’s check out some Online Only Games You Can Never Play Again due to the death of their online services.

    The Crew

    Online Only Games You Can Never Play Again - The Crew

    The Crew was an ambitious open-world racing game developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft. Players could explore a vast recreation of the United States, engage in intense races, and team up with friends in a persistent online world. Despite its initial popularity, the servers for The Crew were eventually shut down, depriving players of the opportunity to roam the virtual highways and byways of America.


    Gearbox Software’s Battleborn offered a unique blend of first-person shooting and MOBA gameplay, featuring a diverse cast of characters and fast-paced multiplayer battles. Despite its promising premise, Battleborn failed to maintain a substantial player base, leading to the discontinuation of its online services. As a result, players can no longer experience the thrill of battle in the world of Battleborn.

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    Family Guy Online

    Family Guy Online was an MMORPG based on the popular animated television series. Developed by Roadhouse Interactive and published by 20th Century Fox, the game lets you create your own characters and explore the familiar town of Quahog. However, the online services for Family Guy Online were terminated, leaving fans unable to go on virtual adventures in the world of Peter Griffin and his eccentric family.

    LEGO Universe

    LEGO Universe was an ambitious MMO that allowed players to explore a vast virtual world built entirely from LEGO bricks. Developed by NetDevil and published by LEGO Group, the game aimed to capture the imagination of players of all ages. Sadly, the servers for LEGO Universe were shut down, bringing an end to the creative adventures of LEGO fans around the globe.

    PlayStation Home

    PlayStation Home was a virtual world for the PlayStation 3, where players could create avatars, socialize with others, and explore themed environments. Despite its innovative concept, the service was eventually discontinued, leaving behind a digital ghost town devoid of life and activity. PlayStation users can no longer visit the virtual spaces of PlayStation Home and interact with fellow gamers.

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