Our Gamescom 2023 Recap

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    In August of 2023, we had the pleasure to be invited to Gamescom in Cologne Germany. We had an absolute blast, but sadly our trip got cut short due to injuries I got on day 1 of the con, but we still have seen a lot of cool games. So let’s see Our Gamescom 2023 Recap.

    Alan Wake 2

    Our Gamescom 2023 Recap - Alan Wake 2

    For Alan Wake 2 we got transported to an awesome theater to watch some exclusive gameplay and see some mechanics that were not announced yet at the time, not just that, we also got to ask Sam Lake the writer, and director of the game, some questions. Just because we got to go to an off-site location it was already one of the coolest things we got to see and for sure a first for me to experience. We also met Rosie and Ash from PlayStation Access, a channel I have been a fan of for a few years and for sure something you should check out.


    Another game we sadly haven’t covered yet is Wayfinder, it’s an MMO with a hero selection that is kind of like how you pick a Character in Overwatch. We got to talk to one of the developers of the game and he showed off the game. The game was already out for a few days at the time, but for me, it still had a lot of questions, mainly about its future. We mainly talked about what the future holds for the game and while I was skeptical the first few minutes, I quickly got over it and even got super hyped to play it. Every season you can buy a battle pass, but you dont need to complete the pass that season, you can complete it whenever you want, something that I’ve been wanting for the past few months now that so many games have battle passes.

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    Lies of P

    For Lies of P we got invited by AMD to play the game on their brand new hardware and while I’m not a souls-like person, this game made me interested in trying some out (and I failed miserably when I played some at home). We posted our first impressions back in September and I would recommend checking that out to get some more info on the game.

    Escape From Tarkov: Arena

    Another game we already covered is Escape From Tarkov: Arena, sadly I didn’t get to play it myself, but our presenter and editor Mike did, he already was a big fan of the main game and if I had done it I would have failed miserably, Arena recently came out in beta, so if you are thinking about picking it up, you should check out Mikes First Impressions on the game.


    This is a really sad one, mainly because it was my favorite at the con. The game is gone, dead, never to be seen again, but I’m so happy that I got to play it there and had some amazing times a few weeks later in the closed beta at home. I even got some relics that nobody will ever have a chance to get again, we got a cool shirt and pin. I had so many high hopes for this game and while I didn’t know anything about the game before I got invited to play this game, I came out of it with a hype I’ve not had about a game in years.

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    Extra Mentions

    Due to the injuries we sadly didn’t get to see all the games we had appointments for, so here is a small list of those games. One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend, Wildmender, Through the Nightmares, Serum, Unawake, Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure, and finally 3 games we luckily got to cover when they released, AK-Xolotl, Born of Bread, and Silent Hope. These final 3 games were some of the indies I was most hyped for, so I’m so grateful I got the chance to still cover them from home and all 3 ended up being amazing games.

    If you’re looking for more games to add to your collection, be sure to check out some of our other gaming lists. From in-depth reviews to top 10 type lists, we’ve got plenty of content to keep you entertained and informed.

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