Overlooked Games On PlayStation Plus

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    Welcome to our December selection of games on the PlayStation Plus Subscription Service. For this month, we have selected a theme of Under Your Radar. To Conclude this year we wanted to give an unusual selection of games for you to try in order to finish 2023 on a high note. Like last month, where we recommended some relaxing RPG-based games, this time around we picked something deliberately obscure to the theme so that we could recommend something that is not going to have been registered by a lot of players. We hope you have a lot of fun with our selection and come back for more of our selections in 2024. Here are some Overlooked Games On PlayStation Plus.

    Pursuit Force/Pursuit Force Extreme Justice

    Saddle up officer for a return to the days of PSP. Play as an elite member of a brand-new law enforcement unit, The Pursuit Force. Hunt down the 5 factions that are making the city a living hell for the citizens and restore justice the way only the Pursuit Force can.

    Both games selected here are from the Pursuit Force series and are linear events that tell the story of an officer against the gangs that plague the city. In the first game, you take control of an experimental group formed to put the gangs in their place, the Pursuit Force. In the second game, you continue as the Pursuit Force’s Commander and are the target of the newly formed Viper Squad, who were formed to stop the new crime wave over the city, however, they turn out to be the masterminds behind the returned General and Convicts Hard Balls.

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    Developed by BigBig Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, this Vehicular combat and racing games somewhat defined the PSP for a lot of people, with its revolutionary concept. Nowadays it has returned to the PS4 and PS5 generation, and although still as tough as on its native system, it is still very engaging.

    Call Of The Sea

    Overlooked Games On PlayStation Plus - Call of The Sea

    Embark on an adventure that will call you back to the waves, in search of her Husband, protagonist Norah heads to an island that is believed to hold the cure to her family’s illness.

    The game takes place on an unknown island that the player character dreams of, it is believed that the island houses a cure that will save Norah from death, so an expedition is sent to investigate. Upon Norah receiving a package with a picture of her husband she ventures to the island in search.

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    Developed by Out of the Blue and Published by Raw Fury. The game is reminiscent of Bioshock upon loading, while that is where the similarities end, with Bioshock being set in the undersea city of Rapture and Call of the Sea being set on an island.

    Desperados III

    Mount up, Lawman’s coming and the west is still wild. Taking place before the first game in the series Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, Desperados 3 tells the tale of John Cooper in the decade before the events of Wanted Dead or Alive.

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    Hunting for the man who killed his father, John Cooper’s pursuit for revenge is somewhat relentless. Taking aspects of Spaghetti Western films and stealth game mechanics the story leads you through a tale to gain your revenge.

    Developed by Mimimi Games and Published by THQ Nordic, this take on a Western world is a different experience than what you would find in a game like Red Dead, but still rather enjoyable.

    Empire Of Sin

    Chicago, 1920’s, The Eighteenth Amendment has taken effect and Law and Order is coming. Take control of a Crime boss trying to make his way and build his empire in this troubled time of change.

    The game plays out as an RTS, meaning turns are taken and it is more of a game of chess in order to control the city. It puts us in mind more of games like Xcom where you need to strategise how you play the game and gain the outcome you would like.

    Developed by Romero Games and Published by Paradox Interactive, this gangster simulator is something of a different game to what you might expect. Where The Godfather, or GTA comes to mind, Empire Of Sin is a more refined game that takes players through a more strategic and Xcom approach to building an empire.


    Our final selection is a small indie game, by a Spanish developer. The game takes place in a settlement and dungeon, where players will find items that they are to sell in the village through the shop that they manage.

    Entering into this game you don’t expect the adventure you are in for, with dungeon exploration and then into a city-building mechanic. Considering this is an indie game it doesn’t always feel, like during the interesting boss encounters.

    Developed by Digital Sun and Published by 11 Bit Studios, this top-down spirit game is really something else with exploration elements and is civilization-building.

    If you’re looking for more games to add to your collection, be sure to check out some of our other gaming lists. From in-depth reviews to top 10 type lists, we’ve got plenty of content to keep you entertained and informed.


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