Overwatch 2 Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 8/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 25 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: 2
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: N/A


    Welcome to the Overwatch 2 – DLC Pack 3 – Trophy Guide!
    After 2 years, Overwatch is back with even more soul-crushing trophies… Now in Overwatch 2… AKA the same game but a little bit worse edition.


    Stage 1: Hero 33: Kiriko:
    Kiriko is one of the newest heroes in Overwatch 2, She is a support class hero. Challenging to master but fun to play. She brings 2 new trophies to the game, however, for some reason, her trophies are split between DLC list 2 and DLC list 3 but all trophies will be in the list Tweets with replies by Overwatch 2 Countdown (@overwatch2watch) / Twitter

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Step 2: Hero 34: Sojourn:
    Sojourn is a cyborg soldier with a railgun, she is a DPS hero. She can slide around the map and jump to massive heights, if you played as Soldier 76 you’ll easily be able to understand her abilities.Overwatch 2 : du gameplay pour Sojourn, les origines de l'Héroïne dévoilées  en vidéo - GAMERGEN.COM

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    On The Move
    Taking Charge

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    Step 3: Hero 35: Junker Queen
    Junker Queen is the Queen… of the Junkers… She is a Tank hero and her abilities focus on dealing DOT (Damage over time) she’s mainly a close-ranged attacker.Overwatch 2: Beta 2 bringt Junker Queen, neue Helden-Optik und Kritik -  ComputerBase

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Adrenaline Junkie
    Coup De Gracie

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    Tips and Strategies:

    Although it’s completely possible to do these solo, it can be very luck-based. It’s recommended you play in a full team with friends and coordinate. You can also boost these trophies by getting friends on the enemy team however, this has become more complicated, you’ll need 10 people to boost as you must have 2 full teams that find each other.

    The Current boosting method that is confirmed to work:

    The current method to boost is to have two hosts, the hosts are the ones who try to find each other, and they should be close to each other Geographically, it’s best if they are in the same country/region. Crossplay should be turned off this can be found in your options under the “gameplay” tab and is the second option down the list. This limits the pool of players that you’ll find making it easier to find your friends in random matchmaking.

    It also helps to make sure that the non-hosts are balanced by geographic region as well, across both teams. e.g. If Team 1 has a host from the EU and 4 Players from the Middle East. And team 2 Has a host from the EU and 4 players from North America, 2 players from each team should swap places to balance the team’s geographic locations for a better chance at match-making into each other’s games.

    The old method (Untested):

    Although it is untested the old boosting method may still work for Overwatch 2, if you give it a go, leave a comment and I will update the guide accordingly: (Old Boosting Method).

    You might be looking to play some ranked as well and want to rank up to a good rank. This is where an overwatch boosting service could come in handy, making your rank up process significantly smoother.

    Trophy Guide:

    Cleanse 5 negative effects with one use of Kiriko’s Protection Suzu in Quick or Competitive Play.

    This is one of the simpler trophies out of the new Overwatch 2 trophies. This is Kirko’sability, this is a throwable ability, Kiriko will throw a bottle to the ground that slightly heals and remove’s all negative effects from teammates in the surrounding area.

    Now it can be pretty difficult to get into a scenario where you and/or your team have 5 negative effects and are close enough to cleanse.

    Some examples are negative effects are:

    • Ana’s Biotic Grenade
    • Junker Queen’s bleed effects from her melee attacks, her Jagged Blade ability, her Carnage ability, and her Ultimate ability (Her Ult ability may count as 2 stacks per player affected, this is not yet fully confirmed)
    • Mai’s Ultimate Ability
    • Fire Damage from any source such as Ash’s Dynamite
    Restore 1500 health and land 5 critical hits without dying as Kiriko in Quick or Competitive Play.

    This trophy is very buggy, it may not unlock even if you do all the requirements.

    Some people think for healing you must only use Kiriko’sAbility, this is not true, you can use heras well.

    Some people think that you must have her Ultimate activated, this is also not true as you can earn this trophy without ever having to use her Ultimate.

    The best way to attempt this is to keep your distance, avoid direct conflicts, heal your team with yourability and try to get headshots (critical hits) from afar with yourPrimary weapon.

    You can Hold the touchpad to view your stats and view your healing amount. If it doesn’t unlock from doing the original requirements, continue for as long as you’re alive as it may pop from doing double or triple the needed amount of healing and headshots (critical hits) that are required due to issues and bugs with the game’s stat tracking.

    On The Move
    Kill an enemy with a charged Railgun headshot while sliding in Quick or Competitive Play.

    One of the simpler trophies in this new list, Sojourn’s secondary fire ability is a charged railgun shot. You gain charge by dealing damage, if you don’t deal damage for a long enough time, the charge will quickly drain.

    The best way to go about this trophy is to gain charge quickly and then just don’t be scared to rush in and die to a group of enemies. You need to get a headshot with your railgun while sliding with yourability, so just charge up, and rush in, you can slide for a decent amount of time, so get a good starting position and take a little bit of time to aim your shot, with 100% charge, you should be able to 1-shot headshot almost all DPS heroes. So just gain charge and rush in sliding.

    It might take a few attempts, but eventually, it’ll be a habit.

    Taking Charge
    Get 4 killing blows with a single use of Sojourn’s Overclock in Quick or Competitive play.

    Many people will struggle with this trophy. Mainly because you need killing blows, which means you must get the final hit on each of the 4 enemy players of which there are only 5 at most at any given moment. So if any of your teammates steal a kill, you’ll have to restart and try again.

    There is a misconception that you must use your railgun ability since it is a part of your Ultimate, however, this is not true, you can use the regular firing ability of your primary weapon, and also any of your abilities including your Disruptor Shot which deals (AOE) area of effect damage.

    You will want to avoid using your railgun unless it’s fully charged. As otherwise, it’ll do pitiful damage. So using your default primary firing and then using your railgun when it’s 100% charged is the best way to go about getting this trophy.

    It helps to play in a full team of friends while communicating, this allows you to tell your friends to not kill the enemy players during your Ult and also allows for Ult synergy, Combining Sojourns Ult with Zarya’s Ult Graviton Surge and then shortly after that Mei’s Ult Blizzard as Zarya’s Graviton Surge has been nerfed and will not last long enough for you to get your four kills. But the combination of Zarya (3.5 seconds) and then Mei’s Ult (4.25 seconds) will allow you enough time to get your 4 needed killings during the duration of your Ult which is 9 seconds with a 7.75-second window where enemies won’t be able to properly attack you.

    Adrenaline Junkie
    Have 7 of Junker Queen’s wounds active on enemies at the same time in Quick or Competitive Play.

    Very, VERY, Buggy. This trophy might be the most difficult in the game mainly due to being super buggy. You must inflict 7 wounds that are active on enemy players. It’s easier said than done.

    What causes wound damage?

    Her Melee attack, Her Jagged Blade Ability, Her Carnage Ability, and Her Ultimate.

    Note; Her jagged Blade is apparently bugged and you will have to pull out the blade before the game counts the wound. You are also on a race against the clock as wounds will eventually stop. This is different for each ability. Your main objective should be to try and hit someone with your jagged blade, then hit one or more enemies with your Carnage, and then Ult into as many enemies as possible before pulling out your blade with

    There are multiple ways to combine her ability to gain 7 stacks of active wounds, but it’ll be incredibly difficult for you to do naturally in-game. This is another trophy where It helps to play in a full team of friends while communicating, this allows you to tell your friends to not kill the enemy players during your attempt and also allows for Ult synergy, You can use Zarya’s Ult Graviton Surge, on 4 or 5 enemies and then quickly rush in to use your jagged blade and carnage, then ult into all enemies and pull your blade out. You’ll get more than 7 wounds but the trophy will probably not unlock as tracking is bugged currently. You may get it, or you may not. It’s impossible to know. Sometimes the trophies will unlock in a match and in other matches, they will be bugged out and can’t be unlocked. You will probably have to attempt this multiple times before it unlocks…

    From a few players who’ve earned the trophy including myself, Meleeing an enemy within the attempt seems to help pop the trophy, maybe due to it being buggy and not counting wounds until you get a melee wound or, maybe due to it adding an extra wound stack, but meleeing an enemy seems to help a lot with unlocking the trophy. Greatly increasing the chance of it unlocking.

    Coup De Gracie
    Use Junker Queen’s Jagged Blade and Carnage to pull and kill an enemy in Quick or Competitive Play.

    This is the easiest trophy on the list, Junker Queen has multiple DOT (Damage over time) abilities. The two you will be using are “Jagged Blade” and “Carnage” This is easiest done on a DPS hero with 200 health that’s nearly at full health, if the enemy is at full health, and you do both attacks, the enemy will die from DOT (Damage over time) effects which will negate the trophy. You must finish your enemy with a killing blow from your Carnage ability. So first Throw your Jagged Blade withand then quickly pull it back with, then if the enemy is up close pressto quickly use your Carnage ability.

    Some things to note; if you are too close when you pull back your blade it pulls the enemy over your head which will make it difficult to hit your target with the Carnage ability. So maintaining your distance is key. But if you are too far away it won’t pull the enemy close enough to be hit by your carnage attack. You’ll eventually find the sweet spot for doing this combo, just remember to aim for players with 200HP heroes that are slightly damaged.


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