Overwatch: Origins Edition DLC pack 1 Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 6/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 35 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: – 1
    Fully Online


    Welcome to the Overwatch DLC 1 Trophy Guide! An updated DLC guide for overwatch. Every 3 to 6 months blizzard releases a new playable character with 2 new shiny trophies to be earned this detailed guide will give you all the information you need to know to earn them.


    Stage 1: Introduction & Boosting

    Before getting into all the DLC trophies, it should be noted that you actually can boost to get these trophies in the game. For a full breakdown on how to do that, take a look at the “How to Boost” section in the guide and then the Boosting Method notes at the bottom of each trophy.

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    But what if you choose not to boost? Well, prepare for a long ride. Most trophies will rely on pure luck. These trophies include, but are not limited to, Bronze Cratered and BronzePower Outage. The best plan is to get a friend to play Zarya and use her ultimate ability Graviton Surge. This ultimate pulls enemies into a small area allowing you to get those two trophies if the Zaria is able to pull in all 6 enemy teammates.

    Stage 5: DLC Pack 2 Released!

    Overwatch continues their odd tradition of adding two new DLC trophies to an existing DLC pack every couple months, and since they’ve reached the trophy limit for the first DLC pack, they’re simply continuing on with this second DLC trophy set. Expect trophies to get added to the following DLC set as the months go on.

    How To Boost – Classic Quickplay

    First things first: Is it even possible to boost in Overwatch? Yes, it is, a lot of people do not know that, 

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    Here’s how you can boost trophies by having friends on the enemy team making most trophies base game and DLC easier.

    • Step 1: Make a group of 4 starter people. You will need 7 people but an explanation on how to get 7 or more people will be shown below.
    • Step 2: Start searching for a quick play game, then press andthen . You will have the option to leave the group – But you will want to wait until in the top-middle of the screen it says “Game Found”. You and everyone in the group will have to press  to leave the group. You have a few seconds to do this when the game is found. Leaving the group when the game is found will cause everyone to SOMETIMES get mixed up, so some people will end up on another team.
    • Step 3 (if nobody gets into the enemy team): 1 person needs to add everyone from the enemy team and hope that 1 of them accepts. Then when the person accepts join the game and wait till you spawn in.
    • Step 4: the people that are waiting can now join both teams.It is very important that they press “join game” and not “spectate game”. By pressing “join game”, even if the game is full if someone on that team leaves then one of the people who pressed join the game will be put on that team instantly causing there to be 7 or more people in the game.

    You can checkout boosting methods and find boosting partners on the DexDotExe Discord Server. Every Saturday there is a giant boosting session with 20+ people.

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    Trophy Guide:

    Interrupt an enemy ultimate ability with Ana’s Sleep Dart in Quick or Competitive Play.

    Similar to the two trophies in the main game for Roadhog’s hook and McCree’s flashbang you’ll want to use your Sleep Dart to interrupt a longer ultimate. The #1 recommended ultimate to interrupt will always be McCree’s Deadeye due to the fact that it requires him to get a lock onto your allies before he can fully utilize it, and if he’s aiming for tanks on your team then it gives you more than enough time to hit him with a Sleep Dart.

    Then again, if you’re evil and want a sense of irony, knock Pharah out of the sky with your Sleep Dart while she’s mid Barrage.

    Now not every hero’s ultimate will be stooped by Ana’s sleep dart. Here is a list of enemies whose ultimates are completely stopped:

    • Pharah’s barrage
    • Roadhog’s Whole Hog
    • McCree’s Deadeye
    • Reinhardt’s Earthshatter
    • Reaper’s Deathblossom

    Here are some abilities that don’t work for the trophy because they keep going even after being hit by the sleep dart:

    • Genji’s Dragonblade
    • Soldier’s Tactical Visor
    • Bastion’s Configuration: Tank
    • Winston’s Primal Rage 
    • Any nano-boosted target (That counts as the Mirror Ana’s Ult) (This may get you the trophy but it is unconfirmed)

    Boosting Method: If you are boosting this trophy it can be done with 1 other person. Get a friend on the other team by using the boosting method in stage 1. Have your friend play McCree (Because it’s the easiest ultimate to stop due to its long start time). Have your friend get his ultimate up, then go to a area away from other players. Have your friend pop his ultimate, then quickly press L1 while aiming at him to get the trophy.

    Credit to Stay-Pationt Gaming for the video.

    Get 4 kills or assists with a single use of Ana’s Nano Boost in Quick or Competitive Play.

    Now, this may seem like a hard trophy to obtain, but it really isn’t if you have the right combo. If you use Ana’s Nano Boost on a friendly Reaper and they go to ult in the middle of the enemy team, then you are literally guaranteed this trophy given there are enough people gathered around.

    The Reaper x Ana combo is, in fact, one of the strongest in the game and also one of the most broken, laying waste to anything within their path. However, if you want to add some spice to this combo, a speed setting Lucio would be the best to add as the three are the holy trinity of destruction when Ana uses her ultimate ability onto Reaper and he’s sped up by Lucio.

    Boosting Method: This requires 6 people in the ratio of 2:4. The person getting the trophy plays Ana and the other person with them plays Reaper, then the other 4 people on the other team play low health characters. Find a spot where not too many people go. Ana will need to Nano boost the Reaper, then the Reaper uses his/her ultimate in the middle of the 4 people on the other team, killing them and unlocking the trophy.

    NOTE: This doesn’t just have to be done with Reaper if the person getting the 4 kills for you, for example, needs Bronze Slice and Dice or Bronze Death From Above or any other type of quad trophy they use that character for, and kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Credit to Stay-Pationt Gaming for the video.

    Hack the Planet
    Hack 15 enemies without dying as Sombra in Quick or Competitive Play.

    Sombra can register a hack in two ways:

    • Her ultimate hitting an enemy counts as a hack.
    • Her alternate fire – only counts as a hack if her logo shows up on the enemy and your alt-fire goes into a prolonged cooldown. FearForDignity bought up the possibility that your hack may not count if your enemy dies during the post-hack animation, seeing as this is a great possibility it’s warned that you may actually end up registering more than 15 hacks due to this variable.

    Sombra is a surprisingly easy target for a DPS character, her only escape routes being her translocator which can get you out of serious harm if placed down back behind your team’s frontline before you engage in combat and since her invisibility has a short delay before you go unseen and can easily be countered if you’re in immediate danger by an opponent if they literally spray in front of them you’ll be having quite a hard time getting in and out on hacks in plain sight.

    A good method of Hacking is to hack from above a target where their vision would be impaired if they attempted to spot you to counteract your hack. Another would be to use your translocator somewhere safe then use your invisibility to run into the enemy, hack them and then come out with the translocator to avoid dying to the enemy you just hacked and any of his/her companions.

    Boosting Method: Only needs 2 players (Including you having a friend play someone quick like tracer to quickly get to you). Hide in an area that players don’t go to, and constantly hack your friend over and over again. You can hack them every 8 seconds and it takes 0.80 seconds to hack the enemy, so it will take a total of 2 minutes and 12 seconds to get the trophy by boosting.

    After the recent patch, Sombra now has a hack time of 0.65 seconds compared to 0.80.

    Power Outage
    Hack 6 enemies at once as Sombra in Quick or Competitive Play.

    Sombra’s ultimate ability () is in practicality an AOE instant hack that will prevent enemies within the area of your ultimate from using their abilities as well as disabling any ultimates they currently have in effect that aren’t external (eg, Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, D.VA’s Self Destruct, Zarya’s Graviton Surge).

    This trophy is all about pure luck and timing as you’ll need to catch your enemies off guard in a group together and manage to get close enough to pop your ult before one of them gets picked off. You should attempt this whilst playing attack on capture maps as defenders will normally group up together for strength in numbers type of strategy where they’ll combine characters DPS and abilities to set up a solid defense whereas if you tried it whilst you were defense you’d have to count on the enemy team to be dumb enough to stay all together and not have anyone going to flank or pick off you and other DPS from a distance.

    The best way to get this trophy without boosting is to have a friend play Zarya, let the Zarya use his/her ultimate ability Graviton Surge to pull all 6 enemies while you use your ultimate trying to hit all 6 enemies before your teammates kill them. If you, however, have 6 friends then you can tell them when not to kill enemies so that you can pull in and hit every enemy with your ultimate. Note that Enemies hacked by Sombra’s ultimate counts towards Bronze Hack the Planet.

    Note: After a recent patch Sombra no longer gains ultimate charge from hacked health packs.

    Boosting Method: “How to Boost section” Explains how to get 6 people on the other team.

    Halt State
    Pull enemies into 1000 damage with a single use of Orisa’s Halt! in Quick or Competitive Play.

    Orisa’s secondary fire launches a grenade that slows enemies in its range and can also be activated a second time to pull them to the center of the area (aka where the grenade is). Unfortunately, the grenade travels at a rate that’s almost triple the size of the grenade’s actual area of pull/slow and it’s quite easy to move out of its range – especially characters such as Tracer or Pharah who have abilities to quickly move them out of danger. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed from how rare it is, there is no truly easy or guaranteed way to get this trophy, though there are several strategies involving but not limited to the additional use of Zarya’s ultimate ability then stacking every free-flowing ability available on top of it (Hanzo’s ultimate seems to be the way a lot of people get it).

    Arguably, the Zarya/Hanzo/Orisa combo is one of the easier ways to get it, though it’ll still be horribly frustrating.

    You’ll all need your ultimate abilities charged together and you’ll need Zarya to hit a good Graviton Surge with about 3 – 5 enemies inside to give you a better chance of having 1,000 damage possible. Launch your grenade in and trigger the pull when it’s near the edge of the surge or even in the middle, but get the Hanzo to fire off his ultimate near the time you fire your grenade so he has time to fire it while your grenade travels and when you trigger the pull the dragon ult should be near or on top of the pull area. You could attempt to increase the damage output of the dragons by using Orisa’s ultimate and boosting the damage which will also go towards Bronze Overclocked.

    Boosting Method: 3 people required in the ratio 2:1. The person getting the trophies plays Orisa, the person on the same team as Orisa plays McCree, the person on the other team plays Winston. Both Winston and McCree charge their ultimates, then go to a hidden stop where not too many people go Winston and McCree use their ultimates at the same time then Orisa shoots the Halt! at Winston and then McCree goes to one-shot the Winston, getting you the trophy as when Winston uses his ultimate he has 1,000 health instead of the 500 health he normally has.

    Amplify 900 damage with a single use of Orisa’s Supercharger in Quick or Competitive Play.

    This trophy can be tricky but is quite easy to get by just playing naturally with Orisa without even going for it. Now one thing to note, that damage done to shield does count, so shooting at Reinhardt’s shields counts. 

    To get this trophy you need to deal 900 bonus damage from the amplifier. The amplifier gives everyone in range (25-meter radius) a damage boost of 50%, so if your team does 900 damage with the amplifier activated, 450 of the damage will count towards the trophy. So your team will have to deal with a total of 1800 damage while the amplifier is active to get the trophy. The best method is to have a friend play Bastion and shoot at a Reinhardt shield when your ultimate is active. But having a friend play Zarya and using his/her ultimate ability Graviton Surge to pull enemies to a spot where a Bastion can mow them down also works well, and if a Reinhard caught in the Graviton Surge then he/she will most likely instinctively pull out his/her shield (most often happens in competitive but competitive is not recommend for getting trophies).

    Boosting Method: Requires 3 people (including you) in a team ratio of 2:1. The person who is getting the trophy plays Orisa the person on the same team as the person getting the trophy plays as bastion then the other player plays Reinhardt, meet is a location where there aren’t a lot of people going through, Orisa can power charge his/hers ultimate on Reinhardts if there is a health pack around (just make sure not to kill him/her). Bastion sets up in sentry mode (L1ability), Reinhardt uses his shield any time he’s being shot at, Orisa sets down his/her ultimate, Bastion shoots at Reinhardt’s shield until it’s down since 50% of all damage counts after fully destroying Reinhardt’s shield which has 2,000 health. You should have 1000 or more damage done unlocking the trophy. 

    Air Strike
    Get a killing blow with Doomfist’s full-power Seismic Slam in Quick or Competitive Play.

    A full-power seismic slam is 125 (power). The higher you jump from, the more your seismic slam can charge. There are 2 spots that you might find that work best for getting to 125 (power). The first spot is in the first stage of the control map Lijiang Tower – above the control point, there is a small platform that can be accessed through 2 hallways from the 2 spawn points. The second spot is the top of the castle in Eichenwalde, the assault control map point is clearly visible after capturing objective (A) jump and press (R1 to use seismic slam). 

    All you need to do is camp at one of these spots and wait until you see an opportunity to Seismic Slam you can deal a maximum of 125 damage, so you can’t 1 hit any enemy. You always need to hit a damaged enemy to get the killing blow.

    Boosting Method: Just use the same method above except have a friend on the enemy team stand where you want them to so you can get an easy killing blow and you can use your hand cannon (R2) ability to do some damage on your friend to get the killing blow.

    This video will explain in high detail how Doomfists Seismic Slam works and how slops and other objects interact with the Seismic Slam.

    Hit 6 enemies with a single use of Doomfist’s Meteor Strike in Quick or Competitive Play.

    This trophy is a nightmare it’s all mostly luck based and doesn’t have much to do with skill. The best way to get this trophy without boosting is to have a friend play Zarya, let the Zarya use his/her ultimate ability Graviton Surge to pull all 6 enemies while you use your ultimate trying to hit all 6 enemies before your teammates kill them if you. If you have 6 friends then you can tell them when not to kill enemies so that you can pull in and hit every enemy.

    These are the enemy abilities that can prevent you from earning the trophy:

    • Mei’s: Cryo-Freeze
    • Reapers: Wraith Form

    Here are a few notes in obtaining the trophy:

    • You don’t have to kill the 6 enemies you just have to damage them.
    • This trophy is all luck based there is no way to control if the enemy team stays together or not.

    Boosting method: Have your friends line up and kill them with an ultimate or do whatever you have to do.

    Hit 7 targets simultaneously with Moira’s Coalescence in Quick or Competitive Play.

    After the new patch, you need to actually hit 7 enemies/damaged teammates in one row. So like most of the overwatch trophies you need to get lucky or boost it. Also, hitting your own team counts towards the trophy, but it will not count if they have full HP/Health.

    Simple Trigonometry
    Fully deplete both types of Moira’s Biotic Orb without dying in Quick or Competitive Play.

    This is a very easy trophy to get. All you have to do is just stay back and shoot your orbs out during the game. You have to fully deplete both the healing and damaging orbs to get the trophy. Your orbs can, Damage a total of 50 damage per second (200 maximum) and Heal a total of 75 per second (300 maximum). The healing will be the most annoying part but healing yourself also counts towards the trophy. 

    The best method for this is really to just hang back during fights and shoot your damage orb out when you see a big group of enemies and to shoot your healing orb when there are multiple teammates that need healing. Just take your time with this one as it can be time-consuming.

    Kill an airborne enemy with Brigitte’s Whip Shot in Quick or Competitive Play.

    Whip Shot is Brigitte’s L1 ability

    The only way to get this trophy without going though hell is to attempt to kill a Pharah mid-air, the whip shot does 70 damage and takes half a second to reach its maximum range of 20 meters. This doesn’t have to just be done with a Pharah it can be done with flying mercy and Genji that double jumped or any enemy falling from a ledge that’s mid-air.

    New method: If an enemy is standing on the edge of a map, you can use your whip shot to knock them off and get the trophy. (This method works but is a bit buggy and doesn’t always get you the trophy it’s more of a 50/50 on if it gives you the trophy or not.)

    Boosting method: 
    Requires 2 players in the team ratio 1:1 The person getting the trophy obviously goes Brigitte and the other goes Pharah. The Pharah hovers just a little bit, then Brigitte presses L1 to use the whip shot and kill the Pharah. (The Pharah needs to be damaged as whip shot only does 70 damage.) The Pharah can also use this opportunity to get the BronzeClearing the Area Trophy If the player playing Pharah needs it.

    Excuse Me
    Interrupt an enemy ultimate ability with Brigitte’s Shield Bash in Quick or Competitive Play.

    To shield bash press and hold L2 to pull out your shield then press R2 to thrust into / bash into the enemy. A shield bash does 50 damage.


    These are some of the enemies that will have their ultimates interrupted:

    • Pharah’s barrage (Confirmed to work)
    • Roadhog’s Whole Hog (Confirmed to work)
    • McCree’s Deadeye (Confirmed to work)
    • Reaper’s Deathblossom (Confirmed to work)
    • Hanzo’s Dragonstrike (Confirmed to work)
    • Mei’s Blizzard (Confirmed to work)
    • Reinhardt’s Earthshatter (Confirmed to work)
    • Lucio’s Sound Barrier (Confirmed to work)
    • Moira’s Coalescence (Confirmed to work BUT BUGGY COMPARED TO OTHER ULTIMATES 50/50 chance to pop trophy)

    Here are some abilities that are unconfirmed if they work for the trophy because they keep going even after being hit by the shield bash:

    • Genji’s Dragonblade (Suspected only if you catch him out whilst he’s drawing his blade if it’s already drawn then it won’t work)
    • Bastion’s Configuration: Tank (It’s a form change that he can’t be knocked out of so confirmed to not work)
    • Soldier’s Tactical Visor (Confirmed to not work)
    • Winston’s Primal Rage (Form change, doesn’t work)
    • Any nano-boosted target (This may get you the trophy but it is unconfirmed)

    The best method is to follow a McCree around until you see him use he’s ultimate because his ultimate take multiple seconds to charge before it’s used giving you time to rush up and interrupt his ultimate before he uses it.

    Additionally, if you manage to shadow and enemy Roadhog, his ultimate gives you enough time to use your team as a distraction and interrupt.

    Boosting method: 
    Requires 2 players in the team ratio 1:1 The person getting the trophy obviously goes Brigitte and the other goes McCree. The McCree uses his ultimate then Brigitte presses holds L2 then press R2 to shield bash and kill the McCree. (The McCree needs to be damaged as shield bash only does 50 damage.)


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