Overwatch: Origins Edition DLC pack 2 Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 6/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 30 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1
    Fully Online


    Welcome to the OverWatch DLC 2 Trophy Guide! Overwatch continues its tradition of adding a couple of bronze trophies every few months with in-game updates, and now they’re continuing onto a second DLC pack due to them hitting the limit for the first DLC set.

    How To Boost – Classic Quickplay

    First things first: Is it even possible to boost in Overwatch? Yes, it is, a lot of people do not know that, 

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    Here’s how you can boost trophies by having friends on the enemy team making most trophies base game and DLC easier.

    • Step 1: Make a group of 4 starter people. You will need 7 people but an explanation on how to get 7 or more people will be shown below.
    • Step 2: Start searching for a quick play game, then press  andthen . You will have the option to leave the group – But you will want to wait until in the top-middle of the screen it says “Game Found”. You and everyone in the group will have to press  to leave the group. You have a few seconds to do this when the game is found. Leaving the group when the game is found will cause everyone to SOMETIMES get mixed up, so some people will end up on another team.
    • Step 3 (if nobody gets into the enemy team): 1 person needs to add everyone from the enemy team and hope that 1 of them accepts. Then when the person accepts join the game and wait till you spawn in.
    • Step 4: the people that are waiting can now join both teams.It is very important that they press “join game” and not “spectate game”. By pressing “join game”, even if the game is full if someone on that team leaves then one of the people who pressed join the game will be put on that team instantly causing there to be 7 or more people in the game.

    You can checkout boosting methods and find boosting partners on the DexDotExe Discord Server. Every Saturday there is a giant boosting session with 20+ people.

    Trophy Guide:

    Absorb 1500 damage with Wrecking Ball’s Adaptive Shield without dying in Quick or Competitive Play.

    For this trophy, you need to absorb 1500 damage with Wrecking Ball’s Adaptive Shield without dying. This is very simple as all you need to do it use your adaption shield and when you lose it (from being damaged) press L1 and roll away to safety. There’s not much else that can be said besides to avoid combat. 

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    Note: This trophy can also be boosted with 1 other person

    Roll through 4 enemies within 2 seconds as Wrecking Ball in Quick or Competitive Play.

    This sounds harder then it is, all you need is to get on a capture/assault map, such as Hanamura, Lijiang Tower, and Nepal. These are the best maps, but it can be done on others and on escort maps if you grapple on the escort vehicle.

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    The idea is to grapple on to the circular objects in the center of the capture points (see the images below). This will allow you to spin around the whole thing if there are 4 enemies then you have a high chance of hitting all of them since the capture areas are quite small on the maps listed above. To roll through the enemies, you need to be spinning fast enough to see flames around you. You will have to constantly be spinning the joystick (Left Stick: Up Left Stick: Up & Right Left Stick: Right Left Stick: Down & Right Left Stick: Down Left Stick: Down & Left Left Stick: Left Left Stick: Up & Left) in circular motions to be fast enough to be on fire and roll through enemies.

    Hanamura, Capture Zone ‘A’ 


    Lijiang Tower, Capture Zone


    Nepal, Capture Zone


    Served Up
    Get a killing blow as Ashe on an enemy knocked into the air by B.O.B. in Quick or Competitive Play.

    Served Up: Get a killing blow as Ashe on an enemy knocked into the air by B.O.B. in Quick or Competitive Play. This is a simple yet, tedious trophy.

    B.O.B. is Ashe’s ultimate. When deployed B.O.B. will rush towards the direction deployed in. If B.O.B. hits an enemy gets hit by B.O.B. while he is rushing through, he will launch the enemy in the air. When he does you have a short period of time to kill the enemy while the enemy is in the air.

    You need to be quick because if B.O.B. hits a wall or travels a specific distance he will start to shoot at the enemies and might kill the enemy before it hits the ground.

    You have a short period of time to kill the enemy while it’s in the air before the enemy lands or B.O.B. kills it. you’ll most likely get this by hitting a lucky headshot, maybe aim done sights if you trust your fine-toned aim or auto-aim.

    This can also be boosted with one other person on the enemy team.

    Short Fuse
    Kill an enemy by shooting Ashe’s Dynamite from at least 30 meters away in Quick or Competitive Play.

    Short Fuse: Kill an enemy by shooting Ashe’s Dynamite from at least 30 meters away in Quick or Competitive Play. The first thing to address is how far are 30 meters in Overwatch? Well, It’s about as far as Ashe can throw it. For a demonstration of how far 30 meters is look at the image below for a reference of 5 meters.
    The blast radius of the Dynamite is 5 meters so you need to throw it 6x its blast radius. Don’t let this overwhelm you

    The best method is to throw the dynamite and then try to shot in mid-air without aiming down sights (Aiming down sights can mess you up because of auto-aiming on an enemy) once you hit an enemy with it, if it doesn’t instantly kill them from the blast, RUN! the DOT (Damage over time) effect (Burn) may still kill them so you can run away to get extra far from the enemies but you tag. But, you must get the killing blow (Final hit) and be far enough way and also have hit the bomb with a bullet to make it explode prematurely.

    This can also be boosted with one other person on the enemy team.

    Window of Opportunity
    Amplify 2500 combined damage and healing without dying as Baptiste in Quick or Competitive play.

    This trophy requires you to amplify 2500 Damage OR Healing (OR not AND) These can be combined together to form 2500.

    To amplify damage, you must use your Ult ability. This places down a blue rectangle that when a bullet is shot through it, it is amplified

    An important thing to remember is that not all damage gets amplified. For example, McCree’s Ult ability, even if behind the window his damage output will not be amplified.
    Although it is not tested the same can be assumed for

    • Ult
    • Winston Ult
    • Rhinehart Ult
    • Torbjorn Ult
    • Brigitte Ult
    • Widowmaker Ult
    • Wrecking Ball
    • Moria Ult
    • Mei Ult
    • Symmetra Ult
    • Tracer Ult 
    • Ana Ult
    • Zenyatta Ult
    • Zarya Ult

    These ether, Aren’t projectiles that count when going through the window or are passive/Don’t deal damage.

    This can also be boosted with as few as one other person on the enemy team.

    The strategy for two people is.

    1. The person going for the trophy plays as Baptiste.
    2. The second person on the enemy team plays as Roadhog.
    3. Meet in a discrete location.
    4. Baptiste charges Ult on Roadhog because of the large amount of health + Self Heal ability
    5. When Ult is charged, Place it down and fire through it and get your damage amplified as much as possible, without killing the Roadhog.
    6. Rinse and repeat.
    7. Additional tip: It’s much easier if your location also has a “Large health pack” 
    Stand By Me
    Prevent 4 deaths with a single use of Baptiste’s Immortality Field in Quick or Competitive play.

    One of Baptiste’s Abilities is to throw down an “Immortality Field” This is his R1 ability.

    Simply throw down his Immortality Field when 3 or 4 people are around you. (Preventing your own death does count towards the trophy.) For it to count as a “Prevented death” The health of one who is in the immortality field most be above 40HP, and then be lowered to 40HP, while in the immortality field.

    If you place down an immortality field and a bomb blows up the immortality field but also damages 4 people in the immortality field, the trophy will pop. Because even though it was destroyed it still counts as preventing your deaths. This may be due to it counting the damage done to players and deaths prevented, before counting the damage done to the immortality field before it gets destroyed.

    Event Horizon
    Get 3 killing blows during a single use of Sigma’s Gravitic Flux in Quick or Competitive Play.

    To earn this trophy you must use Sigma’s Triangle Ultimate ability which allows him to lift up any enemies in the “Area of effect” and then they are shoved down to the ground were they receive the damage of the ultimate, The ultimate does 50 damage with the lifting and then 50% of the enemies maximum HP with the slam, so if an enemy has 500 max HP then the ult will deal 250 to that enemy. If 300 then it’ll do 150 damage to that enemy.

    This trophy is very buggy and has the tendency to not pop even when you get 3  or more killing blows.

    Current reported cases of bugging:
    true_azor_ahai – 5 killing blow with one ult – no trophy pop
    anonymous – 4 killing blows with one ult – no trophy pop
    Me – 3 killing blows with one ult – no trophy pop

    It is said to bug out in the new “role queue comp” mode but for me, it bugged in “quick play” so it might just be an unstable trophy.

    Things to note:

    • If the enemy dies from the “lift” damage it will count towards the trophy (Confirmed to work)
    • It has been said that if you kill the enemy with your R2 attack before the slam it will still count as long as the enemy has received the lift damage (Not confirmed but rumored)
    Conservation of Energy
    Gain 350 shields with a single use of Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp in Quick or Competitive Play.

    To get this trophy, you must use the L1 ability. 40% of the damage absorbed is converted into temporary shield Max 400 HP barrier 7 HP per sec decay

    The easiest way to get this trophy is to just stand in front of a bastion and absorb as much of its turret damage as possible and the trophy will pop no problem.

    Earn 2 killing blows with a single use of Echo’s Focusing Beam in Quick or Competitive Play.

    This is the trickiest trophy of the 2 for Echo. Echo’s Focusing Beam deals’ 50 Damage per second for 2.5 seconds to enemies above 50% health, this changes to 200 damage per second for enemies below 50% health with an 8-second cooldown. So the only way to get 2 kills in one go, is to target 2 enemies that are below 50% health and still preferably at less than 200 health.

    • Deals 4 times more damage if she is targeting something (including turrets or barriers) whose HP is 50% or lower.
    • It can be manually canceled by pressing the ability key again.
    • Deals up to 176 damage against full health 200 HP targets. This is because due to the way damage is distributed through ticks, an extra tick is used to get them to 50% or below. Against 200 HP targets with 199.2 or less HP, Focusing Beam can finish them off in 1 use.
    Use 2 other heroes’ ultimates without dying as Echo in Quick or Competitive Play.

    This is the easiest of the 2 Echo trophies.

    This trophy requires you to use Echo’s Ultimate twice plus using the secondary Ultimate from the original.

    Echo’s Ultimate allows her to transform into a duplicate of someone from the enemy team and from there on you’ll be able to use all of their abilities including their Ultimate, however, this secondary Ultimate will need to be charged. Ultimates charge x6.5 faster when she is a duplicated hero. You will have to get through this twice without dying for the trophy.

    Some Hero’s are better to Duplicate than others due to faster Ultimate charges, due to needing fewer Ult-Points represented by the number in brackets. These Hero’s include but aren’t limited to:

    • Tracer (1125)
    • Sombra (1250)
    • Widowmaker (1375)
    • D.Va (1375)
    • Winston (1375)
    • Reinhardt (1375)
    • Wrecking Ball (1375)

    These Hero’s have the lowest amount of Ult-Points needed to get to 100% Ult-Points are how fast the Ult takes to charge.

    Hero’s that aren’t recommended are but not limited to:

    • Lucio (2625)
    • Brigitte (2250)
    • Torbjorn (2125)
    • Moria (2125)
    • Soldier 76 (2063)
    • Bastion (2063)
    • Zenyatta (2063)
    • Ash (2000)
    • RoadHog (2000)
    • Zarya (1875)

    If you are struggling with this trophy try finding a friend to play mercy and pocket heal you.

    • Echo passively generates 1% Ult Charge every 3.92 seconds.
    • Echo’s HP instantly becomes the full base HP of her target.
    • Echo copies the target’s currently equipped skin.
    • Echo’s target cannot switch heroes for the duration of the ability.
    • While duplicating, Echo charges her ultimate ability 6.5 times faster.
    • When the duration ends, or if Echo’s HP is reduced to 1, Echo reverts back to normal and her HP returns to full.
    • Reverting back to Echo interrupts whatever ability she was using.
      • Most deployed abilities disappear after 4 seconds. Sombra’s Translocator, Mei’s Ice Wall, Sigma’s Experimental Barrier, Symmetra’s Photon Barrier, and Zarya’s Projected Barrier disappear immediately. Junkrat’s Concussion Mine and RIP-Tire detonate immediately.
      • Damage-over-time and heal-over-time effects continue as normal. When Duplicate ends, most buffs applied by the duplicated hero are removed; this includes temporary HP given to teammates, except Repair Pack’s armor (most likely because it is tied to a HoT effect). After 3 seconds pass, debuffs and Biotic Grenade’s healing buff are removed.
    • Echo cannot target another Echo (even if that Echo is duplicating another hero), or non-playable characters like B.O.B. or Training Bots.
    • If Echo targets a D.Va pilot, Echo will still duplicate the mech.
    • Echo cannot target behind enemy barriers.


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