Palworld Preview

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    Palworld is one of the latest of the Pokemon clones, but this time with the unique twist of guns and slavery(?). Here is our Palworld Review.

    The game was developed and published by Pocketpair, it was released on January 19, 2024, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

    Disclaimer: We do not approve of the alleged plagiarism and the closeness of likes of a lot of the pals to Pokemon, nor do we approve of the alleged AI usage in the game, because of this we did dock the score a tiny bit (0.5 points).

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    The story of Palworld is a bit strange, it seems like it kind of has one, but it’s being told in a very strange way. It starts off with you shipwrecked on a beach in the cutscene, but then you spawn in somewhere totally different. Right away you will find a story slab with some story, but you will also get a tutorial with objectives you need to do. The final one is to find a tower and defeat the leader of that tower, that’s basically it. There are about 5 towers in the world you can find, they all have a small cutscene showing off the leader, but other than that, there isn’t really a story.

    Palworld Review - 1st boss

    While the story in other games is important, with this game it was the least of the things that’s interesting and honestly, I didn’t even notice there wasn’t really a story until I started writing the review. The game shines in its gameplay, it’s a mix of Pokemon Legends Arceus and ARK. One of them, Pokemon Legends, is a game I absolutely adore, the other one I hate in my guts, but this mix is a perfect blend between those games.

    The catching mechanic is really fun and the way you create them as well, it feels like I was just playing Minecraft in some ways where I had to find some resources to craft better things over time, like a better pickaxe, axe, weapon, etc. While Minecraft is a bit of a reach, the collecting of resources isn’t, in the beginning, this can be a bit tedious, but the more you play, the more you figure out, like how to create automated farms, if they work at least. Because sadly, the game is absolutely filled with glitches that impact the experience a lot at times.

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    Your pals sometimes will just not do anything other than stand around, this goes for the pals you can have farm ores, but also the pals in your parts to use against other pals you wanna catch making them just be absolutely useless. These issues were for me on the Xbox Game Pass version and my friend on the PC Game Pass version as well, but I did hear more positive things about the Steam version on PC which has a newer version of the game where a lot of these issues are resolved. On the Game Pass version the only fix seems to be to restart the game, but when you are playing with a friend this can be a bit annoying at times. Another issue I came across is your pals just teleporting outside your base being unable to get back in. They can’t get back in because I kept my palls in an indoor building slaving away without a door. But this did also end up being very annoying due to having to reput them into the base constantly.

    Overall, there are a lot of improvements to be made in this game, from smaller things like more storage space in the pal box to bigger ones like automated sorting systems for instance. It’s already massive at the moment, but I can see this game being a long-term popular game like ARK or Rust if they keep up the content in a steady stream with new items, mechanics, and areas to explore. At its current state its already super addicting, me and our other writer Mike have spent probably over 35 hours in the game already and were confused when we looked at the time and noticed it was already past 3 am while we started around 2 pm, we just kept getting sidetracked and kept noticing more and more to do that was, for the most part, all very enjoyable.

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    The world is absolutely massive and we haven’t even explored half of the world at the moment, it’s just that big. We also keep just finding new cool pals to catch. It’s a beautiful world that just makes you keep coming back even to the same places because of the pals you can catch. There are some areas that do feel a bit empty at times, and I do hope that is one of the things they will fix. There is this amazing area with red grass and trees but barely anything spawns there, so coming to the best part of the map isn’t even needed sadly.

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    A game with insiprations of other games that make a perfect mix of fun.

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    A game with insiprations of other games that make a perfect mix of fun.Palworld Preview