Paper io 2 Review

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    Paper io 2 is a pretty simple game where you have to conquer pieces of land by circling around and attaching it to your land. Here is our Paper io 2 Review.

    The game was developed by VOODOO and published by QubicGames, it was released on May 20, 2024, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. Paper io 2 is also part of the 20 for 20 – Anniversary Bundle.

    Just like Hole io, this game is so simple, but just a bit harder, but also more boring in some ways. Hole io had some other modes to enjoy, and here you really just have the 1 base mode and nothing more. All you do is go around and make sure your line doesn’t get touched by yourself or the enemy. It sounds easy, but it can be pretty hard, and I had plenty of moments where I just didn’t pay enough attention and accidentally hit my own line ending a run early.

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    As I said, there is only 1 basic mode, but you can buy some upgrades and skins with coins, and while it does give you something to work for, it doesn’t really help that much with keeping the game fun in any way if you are looking for a game to play long term. I personally played it for about 20 minutes at first and then dropped it, but I did find myself coming back to it a few times for a few rounds because the game is perfect to pick up and play in short bursts.

    Paper io 2 Review - basic mode

    What I do like are the visuals, it’s pretty simple but it also doesn’t need much more in a game like this. Something I noticed playing more is that you are working on getting some sort of map completed, so each round a country gets filled in more and more, this was also a pretty fun goal to work towards.

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    Fun in short bursts, but besides the main mode, there is not much extra to do.

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    Fun in short bursts, but besides the main mode, there is not much extra to do.Paper io 2 Review