Paradox Soul Review

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    Ratalaika Games ported over this game from GrabTheGames and Ritual Games. Set in Iceland 1987, Paradox Soul is an exploration based Metroidvania style game. You have to guide Dr. Alli Rose deeper into the testing facility while trying to dodge killer robots. This game features retro pixel art, 3 boss fights, a suit upgrade, 2 gun upgrades, and 2 secondary weapons.

    In terms of trophies or achievements, this game can easily be finished in under 30 minutes. For all you trophy achievement hunters out there, there’s no need to even beat the game! To complete the whole game, you are looking at 45 minutes to an hour. The boss fights are unique and not too crazy to defeat, depending on the difficult level you selected at the main menu. You can occasionally get lost in the hellish maze but luckily you can pull up an in-game map and get around easier. The game auto-saves and there isn’t an option to load a game or anything. You pick up where you left off. Once you beat the game, the game then resets and starts all over again.

    For under $5/€5, it’s an enjoyable retro side-scrolling game. Unfortunately, it’s too short of a game. Escaping the testing facility’s labyrinth won’t take you very long. As for story, there’s really nothing there. There is no dialogue and only expressions from the main character. Although, the ending scene has a gasp moment (sequel maybe?). The enemies have unique ways of killing them, the bosses have set patterns, and you have 4 hit points with the help of the occasional shield pickup. The music is decent and the artwork for the different levels of the testing facility are distinctively unique. This game is great for a handheld but probably isn’t best suited for the big screen.

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    It’s probably best to wait for this game to go on sale.

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