Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Review

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    PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition is the sequel to the fan-favorite, PayDay: The Heist. It was developed by Overkill Games with the help of Starbreeze Interactive.


    Too say there’s a story in this game is a laugh. There’s a reason behind all the heists. So if you hear the briefings, you get a sense of why you’re doing them. The game also ended up adding a “storyline” in an update. But it honestly doesn’t go anywhere. It’s more of a “let’s steal this stuff away from people because we can!”. Heck, eventually you rig an election to help a senator get elected. Why is that a “heist”? Who knows! But needless to say, this isn’t exactly a game you play for story.


    Now the gameplay on the other hand? It plays really good! The guns feel great, there’s so much combination, and it’s so fun to play with a group of friends! There’s about 100 different weapons you can use. All with a plethora of customizable pieces. Plenty of skill trees and different builds you can make and run. The game is spectacular is that fashion. A build that may work for one heist, may not work for the other. It’s great and gives you a reason to have plenty of builds if you want them!

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    Now theres two sets of heists. “Loud” or “Stealth”. Loud heists were so fun to do with friends. Helping break into stuff while stopping police from ruining it all. Making call outs and making a quick break with all your loot is so fun and satisfying. Luckily you can play most heists this way. Even if a heist is meant for stealth, you can go loud. Now luckily, this is awesome, considering the stealth aspect is SO BROKEN!

    Enemies will see you through walls, or find bodies of enemies in places where they shouldn’t. It doesn’t help that, you can take hostages, and when you sit them on the floor, the bodies can clip through walls, where guards or other people can see them. Effectively ruining your stealth. Sucks too, because some heists are STEALTH ONLY! So if you think about it. Only half the game works. But for the the half that works, it’s so fun! It’s just unfortunate it’s not very fun if you don’t have at least one friend to play with.


    Luckily, the game does look really good. The guns are amazingly detailed, they all look unique, they sound great. As if they actually fired every gun in real life and made them sound the exact same. The game looks pretty good too. Though it does have its bits of rough texture. Or completely untextured bits! But when the action gets going, so does the sound! So there’s no real annoyance in it.

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    If you’ve been reading along, you’ll have remembered the bit about the different builds you can make. That’s what makes this game wildly replayable. It also helps that some objectives in heists are in random places! Of course, there’s only a set amount of places they can be. But the heists are usually always different! Plus, if you get the DLC, you have a whole lot of heists to choose from!

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    • Fun gameplay
    • Plenty of levels
    • A bunch of builds to make


    • Boring by yourself
    • No story
    • Terrible stealth gameplay



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