Penny’s Big Breakaway Review

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    Penny’s Big Breakaway is a love letter to the 90s, you will play as a yo-yo artist who accidentally rips off the clothes of the Emporer and has to go on the run. Here is our Penny’s Big Breakaway Review.

    The game was developed by Evening Star and published by Private Division, it was released on February 21, 2024, for PC, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5. Thank you Private Division for sending us a copy of Penny’s Big Breakaway.

    Right away when the game shadow dropped after the Nintendo Direct on February 21, 2024, I knew straight away that I wanted to try this out, and my gut was right because I ended up LOVING the game straight away. The story is about this little character that uses a yo-yo to traverse around the map, it goes to some sort of audition for the Emperor but something goes wrong. The yo-yo can come alive, and it did. It attacked the Emperor and tore off his clothes embarrassing him to everyone who was in the arena.

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    The Emperor wants you punished and put you in jail forever, of course, this is not gonna happen and you run through Vanillatown to escape him, but he sends his penguins after you to catch you. The game is not Sonic, but it does give out that vibe, from the menus to UI and general feel of the game, the whole game just screams 90s in every way possible. There are about 10 worlds and each of them has its own cool look that is different enough to make it feel fresh, but the game has also some collectibles to try and get through some hidden locations.

    Penny's Big Breakaway Review

    It’s like heaven for speedrunners, there are different paths you can take when you have mastered a technique to get through levels quicker, for me personally it’s not something I care about most of the time, but the game did a pretty good job showing you it and dangling it in front of your eyes begging you to try some of them, even if you are not sure you can do it, going for it is fun, even when you know you probably cant do it. That makes you feel so much better when you do manage to do it.

    The controls are a bit hard to get at first, mainly because some buttons do more than 1 thing when you hold the button for instance. You can jump and hold the attack button to swing in the air on your yo-yo to reach spots further away that you can’t reach with normal jumps. There are also the penguin guards you need to shake off with the attacks that fly around everywhere when you do and there are also power-ups that help you get to places you otherwise can’t get to, like you have this hammer that breaks blocks and a mega yo-yo that you can ride and it will just crush all the penguins and blocks as well.

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    A massive love letter to games of the 90s, with it unique combat/traversal techiniques to its incredible 90s inspired artstyle, it is a blast to play.

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    A massive love letter to games of the 90s, with it unique combat/traversal techiniques to its incredible 90s inspired artstyle, it is a blast to play.Penny's Big Breakaway Review