PlateUp! Review

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    Want to destroy some friendships in a fun and chaotic way? then PlateUp! might just be the game for you if you enjoy some cooking chaos. Here is our PlateUp! Review.

    The game was developed by It’s Happening and published by Yogscast Games, it was released on August 4, 2022, for PC and released for Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and the Nintendo Switch in 2024.

    In PlateUp!, you play as a little guy managing a restaurant and you basically have to do everything you can to not fail. You will need to clean, cook, be the waiter, and manage the upgrades. It’s a tedious experience, even with friends that will for sure end up in a screaming match with no winners. It’s extremely chaotic even from its earliest moments, but that is also part of its charm, but it gets annoying pretty quickly. Going through doors, walking in each other’s way and some issues where the steak would not always cook right made the game so much more chaotic that it turned sour quickly.

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    There isn’t really a story, you just go through the game unlocking bigger maps and new ways to cook, but it’s pretty slow how you earn things, and due to the chaos that starts pretty much straight away without a learning curve, it just ends up being a drag to play unless you play it with people who are a bit good at the game and help you through it. Playing the game solo is just boring, it removes the charm of the chaos but does help a bit to learn the game better.

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    There is this system for upgrading the store, but it doesn’t really explain things or give you any knowledge on what you really need, it’s all learning by playing, and as someone who does not really play games like this and Overcooked, it wasn’t that much fun in the end. The visuals are very simplistic, but it doesn’t really need anything special. Characters all also had some clothes you could pick out to make it your own, this helped a bit more in Multiplayer to make yourself stand out and not get confused by who is who, but it was still very limited.

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    While it does have its moments, it just is a screaming match waiting to happen over someone messing up.

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    While it does have its moments, it just is a screaming match waiting to happen over someone messing up.PlateUp! Review