PlayStation 2 Games We Want to See on PlayStation Plus

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    Over the years there are many games that have not returned to grace modern technologies, some of these are now sadly lost to time and will probably never engage with a younger audience, so our memories are the best we have. All in all, gaming back in the early 2000s was a great time, the likes of San Andreas, Sly Raccoon, and Ratchet were introduced to the world and have continued to this day in one form or another. This is all well and good but we want to focus our efforts on the games that haven’t returned and ones we want to see, here is our selection of PlayStation 2 Games We Want to See on PlayStation Plus.

    Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun

    PlayStation 2 Games We Want to See on PlayStation Plus - Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun

    Set against the backdrop of the Pacific conflicts during World War 2, The Rising Sun is the fifth installment in the Medal Of Honor series, and for some of us the most memorable. Starting the campaign, the player is in the assault on Pearl Harbor and is tasked with defense in 1941. Skipping ahead to early 1942 and being stationed in the Philippines, where the majority of the game takes place, the scenic jungle and Japanese infantry are common sight.

    This took the top spot on our list as it is so memorable and the fact that the franchise seems to have dropped off the map. While the PS3 generation Medal Of Honor games were good we still hope to see a return to the land of The Rising Sun.

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    The Getaway

    Following a Dual storyline that converges at the end of the game, The Getaway features a massive environment, Licenced vehicles, and something that we feel was the UK equivalent to GTA. While the game spawned a series of sequels and even one on the PSP, the originals are usually the best. Take on a third-person perspective of either Mark Hammond or Frank Carter in the 16-kilometer map of London, which for its day is an impressive size to be playing in.

    While a little outdated today, the game is still an impressive story and if you want to pass the time on something like GTA, The Getaway is the best alternative from PS2, which we want to see return.


    While it looks like a children’s game, Scaler is far more. Set with a backdrop of dominating the world with the use of Mutant Lizards, the titular hero Scaler must save the day. Possessing the ability to transform into 5 unique lizards to help his situation and progress through the game, this puts us in mind of Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy. The hero needs to head to the evil-doer and along the way complete minor quests which will result in some form of reward to help the hero progress.

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    This was picked for the reason that we need fantastic, ingenious, and creative tales like this and Scaler embodies this perfectly.

    The Simpsons: Hit & Run

    Based on the universe of The Simpsons, which has been running for a good few decades now, this marks the 22nd installment in the Videogame series of events. Now let’s face it, this list wouldn’t be complete without Hit & Run, and everyone has heard of this title. Set in the town of Springfield where players take control of the Simpsons family to witness strange happenings.

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    While it’s well known that it would like to be remade, we at GameCraves only want to have it returned in the form of the PS2 title to enjoy.

    The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

    Descend into the world of Magic, Swords and Shields, and Dark forces, in JRR Tolkien’s third story in The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Adapted by Peter Jackson into a movie and then made into a video game. Players take control of 9 different heroes within the story universe, featuring 8 of the Fellowship and one ally to the Free People of Middle Earth.

    While it was a difficult decision between this and its predecessor (The Two Towers), The Return Of The King is more memorable and has a wider range of characters to pick from

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