PokéDEX -2- “Generation 1”

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    Welcome back to PokéDEX! Our weekly series where we discover new facts about our favorite creatures: the Pokémons. We will check out between 3 or 5 of them every week. Ready to continue our new adventure? As always… Gotta discover ’em all!

    #016 Pidgey

    Pidgey is a flying-normal type Pokémon introduced in the first generation. Due to its dimensions, it’s also well known as the Tiny bird Pokémon and that’s why it’s considered a very meek Pokémon. In fact, it prefers to escape from its enemies instead of fighting them. Its name can be a corruption of the word “pigeon” or it may come from the word “Pudgy” in referring to its plump physique; its Japanese name ( ポッポ  – Poppo) can derive from the onomatopoeic sound the pigeons do: ポッポッポ poppoppo.

    Level 18Level 36

    Fun Facts

    • Pidgey has the shortest cry ever. It lasts less than a second, 0.181 to be precise;
    • Its name could make us think it’s a pigeon, but if we look closely at its aspect, it seems more a sparrow, a cedar waxwing or a Coralina wren;
    • Pidgey has a high sense of direction, which helps it to come back home even if he is far away from his natural habitat.

    Source: Bulbapedia

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    #050 Diglett

    Diglett is a ground-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation. Due to its ability to dig, the dug caves and lands are used by humans to search rare stones or to farm. Its name may be a combination of the words dig and singlet, where -let is a diminutive suffix denoting small size. Its Japanese name ( ディグダ – Digda) comes from the English verb “dig”.

    Level 26

    Fun Facts

    • Even if it’s one of the lightest and smallest Pokémon, it’s able to breed with Wailord, which is one of the biggest and largest Pokémon;
    • Diglett has a huge similarity to the artificial moles used in the Whac-A-Mole arcade games. There are also some similarities to worms;
    • If you choose Diglett as following Pokémon in HeartGold or SoulSilver versions, when you enter a Pokémon Center to heal yourself, it won’t jump on the counter like the other Pokémons do: it will just turn into its pokéball because Diglett can’t leave the ground.

    Source: Bulbapedia

    #098 Krabby

    Krabby is a water-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation. It leaves in caves near the sea in both fresh and saltwater. Without any doubt, it’s a crustacean Pokémon based on a crab. In fact, its Japanese name ( クラブ – Crab) comes from the English word crab.

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    Level 28

    Fun Facts

    • It defends itself by using its pincers; they may break during the battle, but they also regrow instantly;
    • Krabby eats everything it finds on the beach but, if the food is not enough, it eats even the sand to regain nutrients;
    • Its English name can come from the adjective “crabby” too which means a person who is always in a bad mood. In fact, Krabby has an aggressive nature.

    Source: Bulbapedia

    That’s all for this week guys, see you next week with a few new Pokémon to look at. If you’ve missed it, check my first article as well: Pokédex -1- “Generation 1”. As always: Gotta Discover ‘Em All!

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