PokéDEX -4- “Generation 1”

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    Welcome back again to PokéDEX! Our weekly series where we discover new facts about our favorite creatures: the Pokémons. We will check out 3 or 5 of them every week. Ready to keep on rocking with us in our fourth episode? As always… Gotta discover ’em all!

    #035 Clefairy

    Clefairy is a Pokémon introduced in the first generation which type has been changed once: in fact, starting from the first generation to the fifth this Pokémon was a normal-type; from the sixth generation until nowadays, its type became the fairy one. It has a shy nature, in fact, it rarely shows itself to humans and when she does, it can be seen dancing under the light of the full moon.
    Its name is composed of the French word “clef” which means “musical key” and the word “fairy”. Furthermore, its Japanese name ( ピッピ – Pippi) might be based on the abbreviation and repetition of the word “pixie”.

    High Friendship RequiredMoon Stone Required

    Fun Facts

    • In the Beta Version of the games of the first generation, Clefairy’s name was Aria. That’s why In the Russian dub of the anime, this Pokémon was actually called this way;
    • Clefairy was chosen as the Pokémon Mascotte instead of Pikachu because the Pokémon creators thought that the yellow electric mouse was more attractive for kids. Moreover, Clefairy would have been more pleasing for girls and not for boys;
    • In Pokémon Silver and Gold versions, the design of the gym of Goldenrod City is based on a Clefairy. In fact, the pots of the flowers are set in order to represent the sprite of the Pokémon.

    Source: Bulbapedia

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    #039 Jigglypuff

    Jigglypuff is a Pokémon introduced in the first generation. Just like Clefairy, even Jigglypuff was a normal-type Pokémon until the sixth generation, where it became a fairy-type Pokémon. Its round shape reminds of a balloon, in fact, it’s considered the balloon-Pokémon.
    Its name is a combination of the fords “jiggly” and “puff”, referring to its wobbly shape and ability to inflate itself. Furthermore, its Japanese name ( プリン  – Purin) means “puddling” always in reference to its shaky form.

    High Friendship Required Moon Stone Required

    Fun Facts

    • “Jiggly Poof” has become a slang term based on Jigglypuff;
    • In Super Smash Bros Melee, released in 1999 for Gamecube, there’s an event completely dedicated to Jigglypuff. In fact, the event n°39 consists of defeating all the enemies, which are only Jigglypuff;
    • This Pokémon has a strange behavior during a fight: in fact, it tries to hypnotize the enemies with its eyes and, if it succeeds, it uses its lullabies to defeat the enemy.

    Source: Pokemon Central Wiki, Bulbapedia

    #092 Gastly

    Gastly is a Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation. It has a playful but frightening personality. In fact, It loves to scare people but it also makes them fall asleep and poisons them by passing through their skin.
    Its name might be a combination of the words “gas” and “ghastly”. Furthermore, its Japanese name (ゴース – Ghos) comes from the English word “ghost.

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    Level 25With Trade

    Fun Facts

    • The origin of Gastly’s look is not really clear: many people think it is only a common ghost, but other people believe it’s inspired by the mythical Japanese Yokai Sogen Bi, a cursed and beheaded monk surrounded by flames;
    • In Pokémon Red and Blue beta versions, Gastly’s original name was “Spirit”, to underline its ghostly nature;
    • Despite Gastly and its evolutionary relatives are Ghost/Poison-type Pokémons, they couldn’ t learn any moves of the same type by leveling up before the release of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!.

    Source: Bulbapedia

    That’s all for this week too, see you next Thursday with a few new Pokémon to look at. If you’ve missed them, check my previous articles as well HERE and, remember: Gotta Discover ‘Em All!

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