Boulder Badge

    Pallet Town

    The game Starts off with Professor Oak giving you a brief introduction to the game and the world of Pokemon. You need to give him a name or pick one of 3 options. Afterwards you will also need to name your Rival, for the guide we will refer to him as Gary, as that is his name in the anime.

    As you spawn in your house, walk to the PC, select “Withdraw item” and you will be able able to get 1 Potion. You can then leave the house and head North/Up towards Route 1.

    Oak will stop you when you walk into the grass and takes you to Oak’s Lab. He will explain some stuff to you and asks you to pick 1 of 3 Pokemon.

    Here you will have an important choice, you can pick either a Bulbasaur, Charmander or a Squirtle. In the game, you will only be able to get 1 of these and none of the others without trading with an other player, so choice the Pokemon you like the most.

    What starter should you pick?

    Bulbasaur is a Grass/Poison-type Pokemon. 

    Charmander is a Fire-type Pokemon, when it evolves into its final stage, Charizard, it will also gain Flying-Type.

    Squirtle is a Water-type Pokemon.

    After picking your starter Pokemon, you can try to leave, but Gary will stop you and wants to battle you.

    Gary will have the Pokemon of the Opposite type you picked.

    Pokémon Trainer Gary
    (If you picked Bulbasaur as starter)
    Charmander  Lv. 5


    Pokémon Trainer Gary
    (If you picked Charmander as starter)
    Squirtle  Lv. 5


    Pokémon Trainer Gary
    (If you picked Squirtle as starter)
    Bulbasaur Lv. 5


    After Beating your rival, you can leave the building and head North/Up towards Route 1.

    Route 1


    On Route 1 there is not much to do for the moment, but there is 1 Potion you can get by talking to the shopkeeper, he is the 1st person you will see on the road. You can just head up north to Viridian City to continue. One of the only things you can do here at this moment is fight the Pokemon a bit to level up your starter.

    Viridian City

    In Viridian City the first thing you see and can do is go to the Poke Center, this will heal your Pokemon back up. You are not able to continue going up and the Gym is also closed, so go to the Poke Mart on the East/Right side of the Map just above the Poke Center.

    In the Poke Mart, the shopkeeper wants you to bring a package to Professor Oak, so you get Oak’s Parcel and then you will need to head back to Pallet town

    Pallet Town

    When you get back to Pallet Town, you have to head to Oak’s Lab and give Oak the Parcel. As a reward, Oak will teach you something new. This is the Pokedex, he wants you to go into the world and register each and every Pokemon you find in it.

    Leave Oak’s Lab and head to the House above it, this is your rivals house, when you talk to his sister, she will give you a Town Map. The Town Map is handy for if you are not sure where to go. After getting the map you can head back to Viridian City.

    Viridian City

    Now that you are back in the city, you can buy Pokeballs, they are used to catch pokemon, so you can go back to Route 1 to catch the pokemon they have there if you want or continue the story.

    While you are in Viridian City, you can also pick up a secret item. When talking to the tree at the north side of the map, you will get 1 Potion.

    You have 2 choices here, but for the guide, we will head West/Left first, there we can catch some new pokemon and also fight our Rival Garry.

    Route 22


    Straight away you will see some grass where you will be able to catch some brand new Pokemon if you want, and of course train a little bit. When you go West/left on the North path, you will run into your Rival Gary again and you will need to battle him again. Before going into battle, i recommend having your starter or another Pokemon at least be level 11 for a smooth battle.

    Pokémon Trainer Gary
    (if you picked Bulbasaur as starter)
    Pidgey Lv. 9
    Charmander  Lv. 8
    Pokémon Trainer Gary
    (if you picked Charmander as starter)
    Pidgey Lv. 9
    Squirtle  Lv. 8
    Pokémon Trainer Gary
    (if you picked Squirtle as starter)
    Pidgey Lv. 9
    Bulbasaur  Lv. 8


    After defeating your rival, you can go back to Viridian City and heal up again, for now there is nothing to do here.

    After healing back up, you can head North/Up to Route 2.

    Route 2


    On this Route there is currently nothing to do actually, so you can go North/Up straight away and head towards the Viridian Forest.

    Viridian Forest

    The Viridian Forest is a place with a few bug pokemon and bug trainers, but it also has some items you can grab, they are all marked on the map above, but there is not much you can do here other then train up a little bit for the upcoming gym battle. I do recommend getting another pokemon here and train it up a bit to help you in the gym, especially if you choice Charmander as your starter.

    Route 2

    After leaving the forest, you will come to the upper side of Route 2, you can find the same few pokemon as before here, but you can move on to Pewter City right away.

    Pewter City

    In Pewter city you will find the 1st Gym, you need to defeat its leader before you are able to move on to Route 3. Other then the gym there is a Poke Mart and Poke Center, but there is also a new building, a Museum where you later can bring some fosils.

    Pewter City Gym

    Now you are going to the real challenge, Brock. If you picked either Bulbasaur and Charmander, this will be a walk in the park with their Water and Grass moves, but with charmander its going to be hard. I recommend not going in before having Charmander be level 15 or higher.

    Besides Brock, there will also be a trainer, you can use him for a bit of extra exp before taking on Brock, you can even leave the gym after defeating him and heal back up again.

    Gym Leader Brock
    Geodude Lv. 12
    Onix Lv. 14


    Besides the Boulder Badge, you will also receive TM34 Bide and are now able to use HM05 Flash.

    Now that we have to Boulder Badge, we can continue to the next area on the East/right side, Route 3 towards Cerulean City.

    Table of Content

    • Introduction
    • Boulder Badge
      • Pallet Town
      • Route 1
      • Viridian City
      • Route 22
      • Route 2
      • Viridian Forest
      • Pewter City
    • Cascade Badge 
      • Route 3
      • Mt. Moon
      • Route 4
      • Cerulean City
      • Route 24
      • Route 25
    • Thunder Badge 
      • Cerulean City
      • Route 5
      • Route 6
      • Vermilion City
      • S.S. Anne
      • Diglett’s Cave
      • Route 2
      • Route 11
    • Rainbow Badge 
      • Route 9
      • Route 10
      • Rock Tunnel
      • Lavender Town
      • Pokemon Tower
      • Route 8
      • Route 7
      • Celadon City
      • Team Rocket Hideout
    • Soul badge
      • Route 16
      • Route 17
      • Route 18
      • Route 12
      • Route 13
      • Route 14
      • Route 15
      • Fuchsia City
      • Safari Zone
    • Marsh Badge 
      • Saffron City
      • Fighting Dojo
      • Silph Co.
    • Volcano Badge 
      • Sea Route 19
      • Sea Route 20
      • Seafoam Islands
      • Sea Route 21
      • Cinnabar Island
      • Pokémon Mansion
    • Earth Badge
      • Route 21
      • Viridian City
    • Pokemon League 
      • Power Plant
      • Route 22
      • Route 23
      • Victory Road
      • Indigo Plateau
    • End Game 
      • Cerulean Cave
    • Missables