Cascade Badge

    Route 3


    Route 3 is the first route you will head to after beating Brock, this was locked off before by someone who would send you to the gym.

    This route is a bit of a maze to get through with a lot of trainers you can use to get some exp. When you reach the Grass patch you will also be able to catch another new Pokemon.

    Before you enter Mt. Moon, you can go into the Poke Center to heal up again, but you can also do something else here, buy a Magikarp for P500, you can also catch it later when you have a fishing rod, but buying it now can give you an head start if you want the powerfull Gyarados.

    When you are done you can leave the Center and go into the cave on your right.

    Mt. Moon


    Inside Mt. Moon you have 4 new Pokemon you can catch, but the percentages are different per floor of the cave. This cave it a lot different compared to the forest from before, because now there are multiple floors with multiple access points.

    There are a lot of trainers here and items you can get, I have marked what ladders lead to what room so you can get to all the places and get all the items. There are some Moonstones and also a Rare candy you can find besides some TM’s.

    Going to the Ladder Marked with 3 is the way to the exit, from there you need to follow the road and battle the Super Nerd, after that fight you get to pick 1 fossil, the Dome Fossil on the left and Helix Fossil on the right. The Dome Fossil will turn into Kabuto and the Helix Fossil will turn into Omanyte. You can only get 1 of these and you will be locked out of getting the other pokemon.

    Continue to the final ladder and follow the path outside.

    Route 4


    On route 4 is not much to do other then go to Cerulean City, but you can grab 2 items here and also find the 1st version exclusive pokemon. For Pokemon Red you can catch an Ekans and for Pokemon Blue you can get Sandshrew.

    Cerulean City

    After this long walk you will finally arrive in a new City, here you will find kind of the same things as before, so be sure to heal back up and stock up on any items you might want. Besides the usual, the 2nd Gym and bike shop is also located here.

    Table of Content

    • Introduction
    • Boulder Badge
      • Pallet Town
      • Route 1
      • Viridian City
      • Route 22
      • Route 2
      • Viridian Forest
      • Pewter City
    • Cascade Badge 
      • Route 3
      • Mt. Moon
      • Route 4
      • Cerulean City
      • Route 24
      • Route 25
    • Thunder Badge 
      • Cerulean City
      • Route 5
      • Route 6
      • Vermilion City
      • S.S. Anne
      • Diglett’s Cave
      • Route 2
      • Route 11
    • Rainbow Badge 
      • Route 9
      • Route 10
      • Rock Tunnel
      • Lavender Town
      • Pokemon Tower
      • Route 8
      • Route 7
      • Celadon City
      • Team Rocket Hideout
    • Soul badge
      • Route 16
      • Route 17
      • Route 18
      • Route 12
      • Route 13
      • Route 14
      • Route 15
      • Fuchsia City
      • Safari Zone
    • Marsh Badge 
      • Saffron City
      • Fighting Dojo
      • Silph Co.
    • Volcano Badge 
      • Sea Route 19
      • Sea Route 20
      • Seafoam Islands
      • Sea Route 21
      • Cinnabar Island
      • Pokémon Mansion
    • Earth Badge
      • Route 21
      • Viridian City
    • Pokemon League 
      • Power Plant
      • Route 22
      • Route 23
      • Victory Road
      • Indigo Plateau
    • End Game 
      • Cerulean Cave
    • Missables