Prison City Review

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    In this day and age, it is easy to find ourselves swayed by the graphics of a game. Sometimes, we find ourselves in so much awe that we forgive the issues we face, as minor as they may be. However, this is not the case with Prison City, with the game taking us back to a much simpler time. Enjoy our Prison City Review.

    Grab your grenades and take some bosses down in this dystopian side-scroller adventure. There are plenty of levels to work your way through. From jumping from carriage to carriage on a train to racing your motorbike along the rooftops, here is what you can find in the world of Prison City.

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    Modern-Day Nostalgia Trip

    The game reminds us of the good old days, as many would call them. A time when putting a disc into a console didn’t mean waiting hours on end for an install to finish. Or the dreaded day-one update which would follow that install process. Instead of the flashy graphics we have grown adapted to in this modern day, we find ourselves in a retro eight-bit world.

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    The game is full of action-packed fun everyone can enjoy, but the game feels like an action fan’s heaven. The 80’s nostalgia doesn’t end there either, with references to 80’s action classics like Mad Max. The side-scrolling aspect will remind many of Streets of Rage. The game is considerably more forgiving than its predecessors it takes from. You will find that you can take more hits before dying to bosses or just general enemies than in the usual games from this genre.

    The classic aspects of platformers and healing also make their way into the title. Who could forget the classic gaming cliche of eating a food item and regain health? Streets of Rage had the players eat whole chickens to heal, and Prison City adds its own spin onto that hot dogs. Not only will the enemies you encounter drop food for you to heal, but they will also drop grenades to help you get out of that sticky situation. Or even add an explosive punch in that boss encounter.

    Fun References

    Of course, the easter eggs don’t end with the movie references we see in things like bosses. The cutscenes that play out in missions pay homage to the classic Metal Gear Solid cutscenes. Pure nostalgia is delivered in so many ways from this title, and it pays tribute to the games that helped shape the childhoods of so many who loved the generation of consoles like the Commodore 64.

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    Very Little Room For Improvement

    For what it is, the game offers very little room for improvement, in all honesty. It is not a game you would go into expecting a game-of-the-year title. Despite this, the game is a pleasant surprise and shows that you don’t need fancy graphics to deliver some exciting gameplay. One gripe comes in the form of the grab mechanic in the game. Often, I found myself playing guesswork with the controls of how to grab onto ledges. It was still unclear how you would grab onto ledges even after a few hours of gameplay. The flaw can be forgiven for the action-packed experience the game delivered.

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    Like Streets Of Rage meets Robocop. Prison City delivered an enjoyable experience that took us on a trip down memory lane with its nostalgia effects.

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    Like Streets Of Rage meets Robocop. Prison City delivered an enjoyable experience that took us on a trip down memory lane with its nostalgia effects.Prison City Review