Projection: First Light Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10. 
    Estimated time to Platinum: 4 – 8 hours. 
    Trophies: 22.  40-platinumGoldSilverBronze4
    Missable trophies: None really because there is scene select. 
    Glitched trophies: None. 
    Difficulty related: None there is only one difficulty. 
    Playthrough: 1. 


    Welcome to the Projection: First Light Trophy Guide!
    Follow the adventures Greta, a girl living in a mythological shadow puppet world, as she embarks on a journey of self-enlightenment with the assistance of legendary heroes from the different cultures she explores as she travels through the histories of Indonesia, China, Turkey, and England.

    This game is a puzzle platformer with the unique mechanic of using light manipulation to solve the puzzles, using shadows to move yourself or objects to progress the levels. Original and wonderful visuals with an atmospheric soundtrack made with antique instruments used for shadow puppet performances create an impressive indie game that I recommend you play.

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    Small gameplay tip: If you fall through the shadow, or are struggling to move objects with the shadows, try just moving them much slower, it seems to work better with slower movement.


    Step 1: Complete the game, While keeping your eye out for the collectable butterflies and miscellaneous trophies.
    Complete the game enjoying the puzzles for yourself or if you are stuck at any point refer to the video walkthrough below for all puzzle solutions. While playing the game at any point you can go to the scene select screen which will show you how many butterflies are in each level, and how many you have found so far. It is your choice if you just want to play the game blind and mop up missed butterflies or miscellaneous trophies at the end, or if you want to follow the video guide for your first playthrough getting them all in one go. 

    In this step you will earn all the story related trophies and definitely at least 50 butterflies:
    Bronze Butterfly Effect
    Bronze Lights and Shadows
    Gold Traveller
    Gold Sailor
    Silver Journey Below
    Silver Dragonfly
    Silver Rock Hunter
    Silver Precious
    Gold Midnight Train
    Silver Welcome Party
    Gold Machinist
    Gold Home Stretch 
    Gold Journey’s End
    Bronze Collector
    Silver Enthusiast

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    Step 2: Miscellaneous trophy and collectable butterflies clean-up.
    There are 5 easy miscellaneous trophies, and 3 collectables trophies for finding 1, 50, and all 166 butterflies. If you missed any of these now mop them up via scene select with the use of the guide/video guide to complete your platinum!

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Silver Made of Paper
    Silver Take Me With You
    Gold Dedicated
    Bronze Trashy
    Silver There There
    Gold Completionist
     40-platinum See the Light

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    Video Walkthrough:

    Trophy Guide:

    See the Light
    Achieved all trophies.


    Butterfly Effect
    Completed Crime.

    Unmissable story related trophy for completing the scene ‘Crime’.

    Lights and Shadows
    Gained Control of the Light.

    Unmissable story related trophy for when you first learn how to use shadows in the scene ‘Theatre’.

    Traveller Gold
    Made it to Indonesia.

    Unmissable story related trophy for reaching the Indonesia chapter of the game.

    Sailor Gold
    Arrived in China.

    Unmissable story related trophy for reaching the China chapter of the game.

    Journey Below upscale-245262160018212
    Braved the underworld.

    Unmissable story related trophy for completing the scene ‘Down Below’.

    Dragonfly upscale-245262160018212
    Soared through the sky on a Dragon’s back.

    Unmissable story related trophy for completing the scene ‘Dragon’.

    Rock Hunter upscale-245262160018212
    Started out as a rock hunter!

    Unmissable story related trophy for completing the scene ‘The Fool’.

    Precious upscale-245262160018212
    Found your first gemstone!

    Unmissable story related trophy for completing the scene ‘Mineshaft’.

    Midnight Train Gold
    Boarded the train to England.

    Unmissable story related trophy for reaching the England chapter of the game.

    Welcome Party upscale-245262160018212
    Got a police escort to your new home!

    Unmissable story related trophy for completing the scene ‘The Arrest’.

    Machinist Gold
    Fix the Foreman’s Machine.

    Unmissable story related trophy for beating the boss level ‘Shimmy’!

    Home Stretch Gold
    Returned to the Shadow Theatre.

    Unmissable story related trophy for completing the scene ‘Shadow Theatre’.

    Journey’s End Gold
    Returned home from your journey.

    Unmissable story related trophy for completing the game.

    Collected all the butterflies in any level.

    The first butterfly is in the scene ‘Fall’, and this scene only has one butterfly so when you grab it this trophy will unlock.

    Completionist Gold
    Collected all the butterflies.

    There are a total of 166 butterflies to find!
    I’m not gonna post 166 images that is too much lol so I will leave timestamps for where to find them in the video guide. Plus a lot require you to complete a puzzle to reach the butterfly so video is much more useful for you anyway.

    These are the levels that contain butterflies, and how many, with the timestamps for where to find them in the video!:
    Fall – 1 – 07:26
    Forest – 3 – 10:06
    Action – 6 – 13:57
    Calm – 1 – 22:29
    The Path – 6 – 24:23
    Climb – 3 – 31:13
    Farm – 3 – 34:26
    Village – 6 – 39:14
    Gate – 2 – 45:00
    Crevasse – 7 – 48:55
    House – 6 – 55:28
    Quarry – 3 – 01:00:19
    Canyon – 2 – 01:02:40
    Boat – 4 – 01:11:12
    The Rescue – 3 – 01:13:06
    Dark – 6 – 01:18:15
    Trail – 8 – 01:22:36
    Underworld (I) – 3 – 01:30:47
    Underworld (II) – 5 – 01:33:10
    Exit – 4 – 01:37:18
    Palace – 5 – 01:43:30
    Stables – 1 – 01:48:10
    Gardens – 4 – 01:51:57
    Danger – 3 – 1:58:29
    Dragon – 9 – 02:05:06
    The Fool – 3 – 02:07:57
    City – 4 – 02:13:04
    Shabaka – 4 – 02:16:57
    Bridge – 5 – 02:20:02
    Loop – 1 – 02:23:49
    Aqueduct – 4 – 02:26:11
    Mineshaft – 1 – 02:32:10
    Cavern – 10 – 02:35:03
    Push – 6 – 02:42:34
    Slide – 7 – 02:48:20
    Train – 4 – 02:56:40
    Factory – 2 – 02:59:38
    Auto – 3 – 03:03:30
    Uphill *Maybe not needed* – 5 – 03:07:19
    Shimmy – 8 – 03:11:23

    Enthusiast upscale-245262160018212
    Collected 50 butterflies.

    See GoldCompletionist.

    Made of Paper upscale-245262160018212
    Fell into water.

    When you see water just jump into it for this easy trophy.
    Can first be achieved in the scene ‘Forest’.

    Take Me With You upscale-245262160018212
    Carried a pot out of a level.

    Pick up a pot and keep it with you carrying it out of a level for this easy trophy.
    Can first be achieved in the scene ‘Forest’, but is easy to get in many other levels after too.

    Dedicated Gold
    Collected every butterfly in Shimmy.

    The scene ‘Shimmy’ is the boss level in England, and there are 8 butterflies to collect within it. 
    You have to be quite quick to grab these 8 in this side scrolling level, but if you die it’s ok and will actually make it easier as the ones you’ve already got will remain registered (as long as you don’t quit out of the level) giving you more time to get ahead and collect the rest. 

    Dropped 10 pots into water.

    At the start of scene ‘Action’ there will be a pot right next to some water, just drop the pot in the water, the pot will automatically respawn, so pick it up and drop it in the water again, rinse repeat 10 times until the trophy unlocks.

    There There upscale-245262160018212
    Consoled King Yama.

    In the scene ‘Underworld’ when the Monkey king flies through the ceiling you will see giant King Yama sat at a desk. Simply jump up onto the desk and go up to King Yama for this trophy to unlock.


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