Red Bow Review

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    Red Bow is a top-down, creepy adventure game that sets players in the role of Roh. She is a young girl who gets trapped in a strange dark nightmare world filled with creepy monsters. Your purpose is to help her realize what role she plays by exploring weird environments and solving puzzles on your adventure.
    The game is developed by Stranga Games and Ratalaika Games is responsible for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Xbox One ports & publishing.


    When starting the game, it will explain to you all the controls and mechanics with a simple but effective text. Now it’s time to dive into the real game. You will find out that to proceed, you need to explore and interact with specific objects in order to find everything needed.


    All the areas of the game are quite vast with a lot of interaction points. Despite they give an extra point to the exploration mechanic of the game, they are quite useless as you will only need a few of them for advancing through the game. Sometimes, you also need to revisit places and re-interact with previously checked interaction points. This can be a little bit boring but gives another extra point to the exploration mechanic.

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    The visuals look great in all their 16bit pixelated glory. Some areas are brighter than others and this can ruin the experience you should expect by a light horror game. Also, the game’s moments that you can tell were meant to be scary goes pretty much unnoticed. That’s because the lack of details as it’s not easy to fully express a scene with such type of graphic.
    However, the game is fun and enjoyable and it can give you some weird and, why not, scary feelings.

    The game also has two beautiful side banners which represent a red bow tied by two creepy hands. A nice touch.


    Because of the nature of the game, you will have to make decisions. This mechanic will offer longer gameplay and multiple endings too so if you want to discover them all you will need to replay the game more than one time.

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    Luckily or not, this game can be short or long depending on what you choose during the game. If you buy it and finish it in no time, don’t be upset: you have simply taken the faster way to finish it. Repeat it by choosing different dialogue options/actions and you will discover a new fresh story.


    Red Bow is a fun and enjoyable game for sure and you will love it if you like to explore and have the opportunity to make choices. The characters are weird but amazing. The story can be difficult to understand until the end but it also has a fantastic heart-touching ending moral.
    Despite its easiness and shortness, I highly recommend it. Big thanks to Ratalaika Games which gave me the opportunity to try it and write a guide for this creepy game.

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    • Fun and Enjoyable
    • Easy to understand
    • Multiple Endings
    • Lot of exploration
    • Heart-touching moral


    • Not so horror as labeled
    • Shortness
    • Useless interaction points



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