Relaxing Adventures on PlayStation Plus

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    This month we wanted to turn our attention to some relaxing titles where you don’t have to think about the game and can just sink into the enjoyment. These are games that don’t present any or much of a challenge to the player and will be ones that you don’t typically need to think about in order to progress onward. You could argue that our selection is more aimed towards being simulation games which are just here to pass the time however we have selected some others to enjoy. Here are some Relaxing Adventures on PlayStation Plus.

    Construction Simulator

    Relaxing Adventures on PlayStation Plus - Construction Simulator

    If you have ever wanted to experience what it would be like to work in construction then look no further than Construction Simulator with all the necessities that you would think to find in a construction-related job.

    As much as a simulation game as this is there is a certain degree of Strategy needed in order to achieve a desired outcome. This outcome being, the end of a construction project. Players can enjoy a solo construction career or join with friends to build marvels together, all while balancing their resources and economy.

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    Developed by weltenbauer. Software Entwicklung GmbH and Published by Astragon Entertainment, Construction Simulator is a fun game to relax in at times, and it’s not every day that you get to control an Excavator unless you know it is your day job.

    LEGO Jurassic World

    Strap into an adventure 65 million years in the making, oh and leave the sausages be home. Relive the beauty of Steven Spielberg’s original trilogy and the 2015 continuation imagined in LEGO format by the masterminds behind LEGO Star Wars The Original Trilogy, Traveller’s Tales.

    Play through 4 stories with well-known Jurassic World/ Park characters and locations, with separated HUB Worlds, a variety of Vehicles, and of course playable Dinosaurs. Start with a story that captures the imagination and introduces the terror of the Dinosaurs in the modern age, working your way through all the way up to seeing Hammons misguided vision realised in Jurassic World where Genetic modification and Mad Science become an everyday thing.

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    Developed by TT Fusion and Published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, Jurassic World is a magical adventure into a story that is some 30 years old, at least the film is.

    Planet Coaster: Console Edition

    Much like our first selection of Construction Simulator, we thought that just in case you wanted a little more fun you should try out this title. Instead of building things as a construction project, here you get to build an amusement park.

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    Everyone, at least almost everyone enjoys Amusement Parks and coming from a developer who has a track record with these titles you can be sure to be in good hands. While Sony gave away the PS5 edition of the game with one of the monthly freebies we picked this for those who don’t have a PS5, which means you can enjoy this selection even on your PS4.

    Developed by Frontier Developments and originally published by them for Windows back in 2016, this finally saw its way to PlayStation 2020.

    Deliver Us Series

    This selection was a little too difficult to pick between however they are from the same series, which is an incredible story of Space exploration. Deliver Us The Moon and Deliver Us Mars are two of the most relaxing games that could be on our list, as they are outside the other selections. Our other ones are more simulator-based or Simplistic children’s Games (no we are not having a go about LEGO), the Deliver Us games are selected due to their lack of enemies or stressful encounters, which is why they are bundled on this selection.

    Enjoying the tranquillity and solitude of what is outside our small ecosystem and what space holds in its darkened embrace. Deliver Us The Moon is set in 2059, our not-too-distant future, and one where the planet relies on energy which is generated on the Moon and transmitted through a device known as the Microwave Power Transmitter. Deliver Us Mars returns to the same universe some 9 years after the events of Deliver Us The Moon in a self-contained adventure where players control Kathy who heads to the end of the Universe looking for her father.

    Developed by KeokeN Interactive the first game was published by Wired Productions and the second by Frontier Foundry. Both games are fantastic concepts of what the future might hold for mankind however the technology highlighted might be further away than the games highlight.

    The Fisherman: Fishing Planet

    One of the most relaxing things you can do in real life and virtual is Fish. The reason? All you need to do is wait. While this sounds boring and somewhat tedious to just wait for a bite and reel in a catch, that peaceful and calming atmosphere are the reason this was selected.

    While this is a virtual experience, we can’t compare it to a real-world experience. while in the game the waiting is presumably somewhat faster than its real-world counterpart, it’s still a core functionality. Unlike in Minigames where you can probably be finished in an hour or so, looking towards Yakuza, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakorot, Fishing Planet is an online and more community-based game where real-world experiences and “Behaviours” have been made virtually. This means that the catches will react to a number of aspects and not just a simple time of day or weather system. You will also have to take into account the seasonal changes, Temperature, water type, and even how fast a fish can nibble your line. to top it all off there is an incredibly complex AI algorithm running behind the scenes for each of its nearly 200 species of fish, all culminating in what could be the most realistic Anguling experience, outside of actually going fishing.

    Developed by Fishing Planet LLC and published by BIGBEN INTERACTIVE SA, this won’t be for every gamer, as its way more of a “True to Life” kind of game. In addition to this its apparently impossible to earn the Platinum Trophy, so if you care about your Trophies you might want to pass on this despite how incredible it is.

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