Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo First Impressions

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    A classic reborn

    The demo of Resident Evil 3 Remake shows how scary is Raccoon City after 20 years, and after spending a few hours playing, I’m more than happy. First thing first, as every demo, it’s just a piece of work in progress of the full game. That said, everything we see in the demo looks and plays just great. From the graphics and sounds to the gameplay and control scheme, just amazing.

    City of the undead

    The rework of Raccoon City is so good that both classic and modern fans of the franchise will enjoy it. Those who played the original game will notice some similarities while traversing the streets and alleys of the city. I noticed some while playing but also, new areas, new routes to reach the same place unlike the linearity of the original game. This makes exploration way more enjoyable, with more secrets to discover, and threats to avoid.

    The demo features the series most famous enemies, zombies. Those who play the remake of Resident Evil 2 don’t expect most changes apart from the design of some of them. That said, the game makes great use of darkness to hide these creatures. I found myself surrounded a few times because I did not see the zombies hiding in the shadows. A curious fact, Jill has a lantern she uses inside buildings, but not while she is outside.

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    Nemesis is back

    The biggest threat of the game is of course Nemesis, a BOW (Biological Weapon) with the only goal of kill you. Relentless, overwhelming and invincible, somehow Capcom was able to make the antagonist of the game even scarier. Nemesis will follow you almost anywhere, except for those places that will trigger an argumental action. The demo features a new ability of Nemesis, which is the ability to infect zombies to make them more dangerous. Ordinary weapons can’t kill Nemesis, so our best bet is to run and evade as much as we can. We can use a hand grenade to incapacitate it for a moment and escape.


    I have to say after playing the demo I’m totally sold! As a fan of the franchise, I love how the developers rebuild Raccoon City from scratch. The tension that I feel while being chased by Nemesis is even worst than what I felt with the original game. I can’t wait to play the full game which is probably going to be one of the best games of 2020.


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