Resident Evil Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 5/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 20 – 30 hours.
    Missable trophies: 18.
    Bronze Bravo Rebecca, Bronze What A Great Guy, Bronze Delaying The Inevitable, Bronze That Was Nice Of You, Bronze Trust Him, Bronze Sorry I Made You Wait, Bronze Sorry About The Wait, Silver The Nightmare Ends, Silver I’m A Member Of S.T.A.R.S, Silver Every Man For Himself, Silver Every Woman For Herself, Bronze Seeing Red, Bronze Not Waiting To Exhale, Bronze Spider Sense, Silver Don’t Stop Running, Silver Racing and Pacing, Silver CQC FTW, Silver Ink Is For Squids
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 6 (Can be less, if you’re very confident)


    Welcome to the Resident Evil Trophy Guide!
    Enter the Spencer Mansion, where dangers lurks around every corner, there’s puzzles galore, and an underlying cover up that starts up the entire Resident Evil Franchise! Return to this classic remake, now with trophies! But don’t get too scared!


    Step 1: Play Jills story on Very Easy, saving Barry and Chris
    In this step, you’ll be just enjoying the game and knocking out some random trophies. You can kill just about everything you see, because you’ll have the ammo and fire power. Chances are, you’re time will be very high, at the end of the run. Don’t let this discourage you. My first run was 9 hours. 2 runs later, I had the speedrun in 2 hours and 37 minutes.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Like Taking Candy From A Baby
    Bronze The Key Master
    Bronze Giant Snake Got Nothin’
    Bronze Where The Magic Happens
    Silver Alpha Team’s Finest
    Bronze Get Used To It
    Bronze First Kills Are Special
    Bronze Not Taking Any Chances
    Bronze Who’s The Hunter Now?
    Bronze What A Great Guy
    Bronze Delaying The Inevitable
    Bronze Trust Him
    Bronze Sorry About The Wait
    Silver I’m A Member Of S.T.A.R.S
    Bronze Seeing Red
    Bronze Not Waiting To Exhale
    Bronze Deep Sixed
    Bronze Spider Sense
    Silver Break Out The Marshmallows!
    Bronze Every Nook And Cranny

    Step 2: Play Chris on Very Easy using Knife Only, Saving Rebecca and Jill
    In this step, you’ll be running Chris’ story. Make sure to save everyone. That being Rebecca and Jill. Use this opportunity to figure out easier pathing to objectives, what to get when, and how to juke the zombies. To do that, get close to them, and when they lunge, back off. Give it a second, then run past them. This will take some getting used to. As you won’t be killing anything, there won’t be any Crimson Heads to deal with. This will be important to know in later runs. You can skip Yawn Part 1, the Giant Spider, and Lisa by pushing the rocks off the edge in each of the 4 corners. At the end, if you miss with the rocket, on the tyrant, it allegedly voids the trophy. I missed and still got the Knife Only trophy though. So if you don’t get it, retry the end. For boss info, and what you can and can’t do on this run, look at Silver CQC FTW.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Silver We’re In This Together

    Bronze Not Just Any Object
    Bronze Herbicide
    Bronze Written Word Is Dead
    Bronze An End To A Poor Girls Misery
    Silver You Da Man, Chris
    Bronze That Was Nice Of You
    Bronze Sorry I Made You Wait
    Silver The Nightmare Ends
    Silver CQC FTW

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    Step 3: Normal as Jill, trying to speedrun, and not saving anyone
    Now we get to Normal. Try and speed run the game on this opportunity. This is the playthrough I managed, after being really scared. Juke past zombies, and only use Healing items when Jill is clutching her side. Unless there’s a lonely green herb, and you’re in Caution state, and you know you won’t be back. You can use it safely. If you feel like you’re taking too long, you can reload an earlier save. Keep your heavy ammo for bosses. If you run with no weapon equipped, you run faster. Also, I had the ammo to take out some hunters in my way. So if you have some extra heavy ammo, don’t be afraid to use it. Refer to Silver Don’t Stop Running for some tips.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze Not In The Mood To Die
    Bronze Take That, Zombies!
    Silver Every Woman For Herself
    Silver Don’t Stop Running
    Silver Racing And Pacing

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    Step 4: True Survivor Difficulty as Jill
    This is the ultimate test. You have to know where you’re going, so you don’t have to back track too often. What items you need, and when. Item boxes are NOT linked. Auto aim is off! Resources are limited. Get the shotgun and Magnum when you can! I recommend using some magnum bullets to kill a few hunters in your path when they appear. But always, run from encounters! After this, you’ll have the hardest step done.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Silver Oh, The Horror
    Silver The Survival Horror

    Step 5: Invisible Enemies Mode as Chris on Very Easy. Don’t save anyone
    This is where things start getting easy and laid back. The only difficult thing about this mode, is that you can’t see enemies. So you’re always running. It’s more annoying than hard. Avoid any pistol ammo you see. Get shotgun ammo, the shotgun, and Magnum. Those will be your damage against bosses. As I said, nothing is hard here. Just annoying. After this, you’ll be very close to being done!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Gold Ghost Of A Chance
    Silver Every Man For Himself

    Silver Starsenal
    Bronze Passion For Fashion

    Step 6: Speedrun on Normal as Jill
    This is just in case you haven’t got the Speedrun trophy. By now you should be an expert. The speedrun will not hold you back. If you already have the Speedrun trophy done, skip to stage 7!

    Step 7: No Save Run on Very Easy
    This is where things are laid back and simple. Run through on Very Easy, without saving. I used Jill for her Lockpick and inventory space. I also just stomped through with the infinite rocket launcher. The only thing you’ll have to make sure you do, is clear out all enemies before the fuel run in the lab. But by now you’d know that. After this step, you’ll have a nice shiny platinum!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Silver Ink Is For Squids
    40-platinum Platinum Splattin ‘Em

    Trophy Guide:

    Platinum Splattin’ ‘Em!
    Earn all trophies.

    Earn all trophies.

    Like Taking Candy from a Baby
    Finish the game on Very Easy difficulty or higher.

    You have to beat the game on Very Easy or above for this. Refer to Step 1 of the roadmap for difficulty selection.

    Not in the Mood to Die
    Finish the game on Easy difficulty or higher.

    You have to beat the game on Easy or above for this. Refer to Step 1 of the roadmap for difficulty selection.

    Take that, Zombies!
    Finish the game on Normal difficulty or higher.

    You have to beat the game on Normal or above for this. Refer to Step 1 of the roadmap for difficulty selection.

    Oh, the Horror upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game on Hard difficulty.

    You have to beat the game on Hard. You unlock Hard after beating the game on Normal. Although, this should be paired with True Survivor, as that mode is automatically set to hard, and will unlock this trophy as well.

    We’re in This Together upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game with Jill and Chris.

    You get this by completing a run of the game with Jill and Chris! As they both need to be beaten twice, this will come automatically.

    The Survival Horror upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game in Real Survival mode.

    This is the ultimate test. To unlock this, first you have to beat the game on Normal. You can’t use any bonus weapons, and the storage boxes ARE NOT LINKED! This is all about dodging a lot, and saving all your ammo for bosses, when you can. I recommend doing this run as Jill. Sure she has less defence than Chris, but she has 2 extra item slots. Below, is a few listed tips:

    • The game disables Auto-Aim. So when you aim your gun, you have to aim yourself.
    • Use the Item Box on the right side of the mansion on the bottom floor. It’s the most centrally located one.
    • If you have to kill a zombie, make sure you also burn it so it can’t become a Crimson Head. Or, use the shotgun and try and blow its head off by aiming upwards. Two zombies I suggest head-shooting are, in the hall before Yawn in the attic, and one of the two zombies in the giant square room of Laboratory B3.
    • You can skip the first encounter with Yawn.
    • You can kill Plant 42 with V-Jolt.
    • You can skip the spider boss.
    • During the Lisa fight, if you push all 4 stones off the platform, you win.
    • Don’t save Barry. His magnum can kill the Mystery Man/Tyrant in one bullet. But his revolver only has 6 bullets and CANT BE RELOADED.
    Ghost of a Chance Gold
    Finish the game in Invisible Enemy mode.

    To unlock Invisible Enemy Mode, you have to finish the game on True Survivor Mode. Now this mode may sound absolutely brutal, but it’s more annoying than anything. But there’s an upside. You can play it on Very Easy! You just can’t use the infinite ammo weapons if you have them unlocked. So I suggest you play as Chris, so you can take a lot more hits from enemies. The only time you’ll see the enemies is from their reflection in windows, or from their foot steps in puddles, or when they grab you. So it’ll be a lot of taking damage. Luckily, on Very Easy, there’s health drops galore! I suggest running around with no weapons. Seen that you won’t see the enemies, you won’t be able to really kill them. I do suggest getting all the shotgun ammo you see though, and get the shotgun. The magnum will also come in handy for Yawn in the library. Also, DONT SAVE ANYONE on this run, to skip the Tyrant fight on the Heli-pad.

    Not Just Any Object
    Obtain the Stone & Metal Object using Chris.

    After you kill the Crimson Head Prototype1 as Chris, and get the Stone & Metal Object from the Casket, you’ll get this trophy.

    Defeat Plant 42 using Chris.

    After you kill Plant 42 as Chris, in the Residence area, you’ll get this.

    Written Word is Dead
    Obtain the “Last Book Vol. 2” using Chris.

    When you kill Yawn in the Library as Chris, it will slam into the bookshelf, causing a book to fall. Once you pick this book up, the trophy is yours.

    An End to a Poor Girl’s Misery
    Defeat Lisa Trevor using Chris.

    Once you kill Lisa in the cave to the Laboratory, this trophy is yours!

    You da Man, Chris upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game using Chris.

    Unlocked once you beat the game as Chris!

    Grave Digger
    Defeat a Crimson Head prototype1 using Jill.

    After you kill the Crimson Head Prototype1 as Jill, this trophy will unlock.

    The Key Master
    Obtain the Helmet Key using Jill.

    When you kill Plant 42, a key will drop in the fire place. When you pick it up as Jill, this trophy unlocks.

    Giant Snake Got Nothin’
    Defeat Yawn using Jill.

    When you kill Yawn in the Library, this trophy is all yours!

    Where the Magic Happens
    Break into the laboratory using Jill.

    After you kill Lisa as Jill, you then need to use the Wolf and Eagle Coins on the fountain in the next area. This will then open the Laboratory. When you get inside, this trophy unlocks.

    Alpha Team’s Finest upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game using Jill.

    Beat the game as Jill, and this trophy unlocks!

    Get Used To It
    Die for the first time.

    Simply die for the first time, and this trophy is yours!

    First Kills Are Special
    Defeat a zombie.

    Once you kill your very first zombie, this trophy unlocks.

    Not Taking Any Chances
    Burn up a zombie.

    In the first proper save room, you’ll find a flask. There are then big grey gas cans scattered around the mansion. You fill up the flask with Kerosene from these, and use it on top of zombies that are laying on the ground. Dead or not. If you’re playing as Jill, you need to get the Lighter as well.

    Who’s the Hunter Now?
    Defeat a Hunter.

    After you beat Plant 42 in the Residence, and make your way back to the Mansion, Hunters will then show up in the Mansion. They are fast, and agile, and deadly. Kill one for this trophy.

    Bravo, Rebecca
    Save Chris using Rebecca.

    There are two instances where you can save Chris as Rebecca. But there is a chance you can miss them both, as I did. YOU HAVE TO SAVE RICHARD FOR THE FIRST ONE! The first one is by saving Chris, if he’s been poisoned by Yawn. This happens in the attic, in the first encounter. You have to be hit by an attack, and it’ll happen as you leave the room. Then you have to get serum, from the west end, 1st floor save room.

    The second opportunity is in the Residence, with Plant 42, IF YOU DIDNT SAVE RICHARD WITH THE SERUM! You’ll need to enter the science room in the Residence, for Chris to not know how to do science. So go into the boss room after, where Chris will be caught by Plant 42, when you enter it’s room, and you’ll become Rebecca. You’ll then need to create V-Jolt. The formula for it a is scratched on the walls of the room. You then need to go to the large round room of sharks, where you got chased around by them. There’s then an extra little room you never walked into. This has Plant Roots. Use the V-Jolt there!

    What a Great Guy
    Save Jill using Barry.

    On the 1st floor of the mansion, on the east side, there’s a room with a shotgun. Grab it as Jill. Then leave. You’ll then be in the tiny room where the ceiling will start falling. Interact with both doors, then a cutscene will occur. Unfortunately the classic Jill Sandwich line is gone though. It’s very sad. But you get a trophy!

    Delaying the Inevitable
    Save Richard with a serum.

    As you explore the top floor of the mansion, you’ll eventually come to a room where your teammate Richard is poisoned, and tells you it’s from a Snake. You then have to get him Serum from the West Side, 1st Floor Save Room. Then get back to him. The reason why this is missable, is because if you take too long, he will be dead by the time you get back.

    That Was Nice of You
    Save Rebecca from a Hunter.

    When you play as Chris, you’ll hit a part where you hear Rebecca screaming. It’s after you get the Metal Object from the east side, first floor room. To save Rebecca, run upstairs to the room just above you, where you got the dog whistle at the beginning of the game. Here, you’ll find a hunter attacking her. Be quick about killing it, as if can still kill her, even though you reached her. After you kill it, and she survives, you get this trophy.

    Trust Him
    Save Barry from Lisa Trevor.

    As Jill, when you reach the fight with Lisa, you’ll have an option to give Barry his revolver back. Decide to give it back to him, and get this trophy.

    Sorry I Made You Wait
    Save Jill from confinement using Chris.

    This trophy is kind of a long ordeal. This is missable, because if you forget to let the person escape before you exit the lab, they die. You need to get 3 MO Disk items, and use them at specific terminals in the Laboratory area. The MO disk areas are circled in Blue, and the Terminals are Red, in the maps below.
    The areas for the MO Disks are below:

    1. In the mansion, you’ll need to get the Yellow Gemstone from the room where you also get the Red Gemstone for story. Take the Yellow Stone to the Tiger Statue Room, and use it on the statue.
    2. In the Laboratory, down the hallway on the second floor. Next to the entrance to the room where you get the Power Room Key.
    3. In the Laboratory, in the big room where you get the Power Room key.

    The terminal areas are all in the Laboratory. So you can look around there!

    1. On the west side of B3, in the room with the Fuel Refiller.
    2. In the central room that you open with the Power Room Key. Go into It, and climb through a vent. You’ll be in a new room. Go into the lone, bottom vent, to reappear in the room you started in. Then, hop off the side wall, and find the terminal in the room.
    3. On the east side of the Laboratory, as you’re going through the red rooms to restore power. In the room just before the spot you turn the power on, it’s on the right side of the map, in a lone corner.

    After you do ALL this, you have to wait until after you beat the Tyrant for the first time. The Lab will either be in self Destruct mode, if you saved Rebecca/Barry, or you’ll have the Master Key, if either died. Then, go to the far left room of the Lab, and find 3 green lights with pressure knobs. Activate them all. Then run down the stairs, and interact with the door. Then you’ll have saved Chris/Jill.

    Sorry About the Wait
    Save Chris from confinement using Jill.

    For this, you have to save Chris, as Jill, in the Lab. Refer to Bronze Sorry I Made You Wait, for more info about this trophy.

    The Nightmare Ends upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game saving Rebecca and Jill using Chris.

    Getting this, requires you to save Rebecca and Jill as Chris. If one of them happens to die, Rebecca…..or you forget to save Jill from Prison, you lose! Refer to Bronze That Was Nice Of You and Bronze Sorry I Made You Wait for info, about saving these two lovely ladies, and getting a silver trophy as a reward!

    I’m a Member of S.T.A.R.S. upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game saving Chris and Barry using Jill.

    When you save Barry and Chris, and beat the game, this is yours. If one dies, you lose your chance. So if you don’t get Barry his gun for Lisa, or leave Chris in his cell, you don’t get this. Refer to Bronze Trust Him and Bronze Sorry I Made You Wait for info, about how to save the two, beautiful boys.

    Every Man for Himself upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game without saving anyone using Chris.

    All you have to do for this trophy, is play as Chris and let Rebecca and Jill die. So when you hear Rebecca scream, don’t be a manly man, and save her. Run away instead! Then, leave Jill in jail. As you escape the Laboratory by your lonesome self, this trophy will unlock.

    Every Woman for Herself upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game without saving anyone using Jill.

    To get this, all you have to do, is be cold hearted with Jill. When Barry asks for his gun back at the Lisa fight, say “NOOOOOOO”. Poor guy will get offed. Then leave Chris in jail at the end of the game, and fly off, like a strong independent woman!

    Seeing Red
    Defeat a Crimson Head.

    To make a Crimson Head, all you have to do is kill a zombie, then not burn the body. Although, if you skip killing everyone, there’s a Crimson Head on the way to the Library, where you kill Yawn! They are fast and deadly. So be very careful around them!

    Not Waiting to Exhale
    Survive your first encounter with Yawn.

    In the first encounter with Yawn, when you get a Death Mask, you have to attack the boss until it runs away! This is missable, because you can get the Death Mask and get out of the room, without making Yawn run away.

    Deep Sixed
    Defeat mother Neptune.

    In the Aqua Ring, during the Residence section, you’ll drain the water from the area eventually. You’ll need get a key from a metal box eventually, and a giant shark will be near you that shakes and knocks the cabinet into the water. This is Mother Neptune. Now you can stab her, or load her with bullets until she dies. Or, you can push the metal box, right next to the step, into the water, then flip the power switch just to your left, and electrocute her. Saving ammo, and time! Then, you’ll have a trophy!

    Spider Sense
    Defeat Black Tiger.

    In the caves, you’ll run into a room filled with Spider Webs and a giant spider. This Giant Spider is Black Tiger. Now this is missable, because you can just cut the spider webs on the door with the knife, and run away. But for this trophy, all you have to do is kill this super easy boss, and you win!

    Don’t Stop Running upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game in three hours.

    You have to do this run on Normal. To be able to unlock two of the needed weapons for Starsenal, you have to beat the game in under 3 hours or Normal or Hard. I don’t recommend you do this until you’re comfortable with the game. If something takes too long, try again. Most of all, run past as many enemies as possible, and skip boss fights when you can! Also, play as Jill, as the Lockpick helps with pathing incredibly well, in the mansion. Cutting through the graveyard, when you do the picture puzzle shaves down a lot of time. Also, THE TIMER NEVER STOPS!

    Racing and Pacing upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game in five hours.

    You get this for beating the game in under 5 hours. Refer to Silver Don’t Stop Running for a few tips.

    CQC FTW upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game using only your knife (no lighter, Defensive Items, and stomping zombie heads).

    First thing you want to do for this trophy, is go into the options, and set Defensive items for “Manual”. Then never pick up defensive items, or never hit . You have to beat the game using only the Knife. No head stomping. No burning bodies. You can even shoot a gun! Minus the rocket launcher at the Tyrant at the end. You can also play on Very Easy! The worst bits of this run, are the boss fights and hunters. But the hunters go down in a few slashes, if you get behind them. For the Crimson Head boss, he seems to attack 3 times in a row, then you can give a slash or two. For Plant 42, I recommend, you use V-Jolt. But if you’re worried Rebecca will mess up the trophy, look here ( YouTube Link ) for a guide on killing Plant 42 easily with the knife. For Yawn, I recommend just going in, with a hole inventory of health items, and tanking the hits if you have too. For the Tyrant, if you get behind him, and take two slashes, then re-adjust, he’ll fall quickly! Also, avoid killing basically any zombie, unless you think it’s absolutely necessary! This will unlock at the stats screen.

    Ink is for Squids upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the game without saving.

    For this, you just have to finish the game without saving. Sounds daunting at first, but if you leave it for your very last run, you’ll have infinite ammo, and know exactly where to go! Also, you can still heal, and play on Very Easy!

    Break Out the Marshmallows! upscale-245262160018212
    Burn up two zombies at the same time with the lighter.

    For this, you have burn two zombie bodies at once. Try and kill two zombies, so they land on top of each other. Then use the Kerosene flask to light them on fire! If done right, you’ll get this trophy. If you have a good spot, just after a save, it’ll definitely help. I recommend the first time you enter the East Wing, 1st Floor Save room.

    Starsenal upscale-245262160018212
    Obtain all weapons (must load grenade launcher with all shell types).

    This is one of the longest trophies in the game. Only because you have to get EVERY weapon across multiple runs. So long as they’ve been in your inventory once, they count. You also need to get the bonus weapons. Meaning, the 3 hour speed run on Normal is necessary. Below are the weapons you need, and how to get them.

    Magnum Revolver: Attained with the Wind Crest, on the way to the Cottage where you see Lisa for the first time.
    Shotgun: East Side Wing on the 1st Floor. Where Barry saves Jill from becoming a Jill Sandwich.
    Flamethrower (CHRIS ONLY): This is only available as Chris. In the Courtyard Caves, on the way to the Giant Spider Boss.
    Rocket Launcher: This is the Rocket Launcher you use to kill the Tyrant, on the Helipad if you save someone.
    Infinite Rocket Launcher: This is attained for beating the game in under 3 hours on Normal or Hard.
    Assault Shotgun: You have to save Richard, by giving him the Venom Serum. As Jill, attack Yawn in the first encounter. Richard will appear and help, only to be eaten, and drop the shotgun. As Chris, Richard appears in the Aqua Ring. Only to be…..eaten. Then he drops it!
    Grenade Launcher (JILL ONLY): You can find this, by going through the bottom right door, on the second floor, of the Mansion entrance! Follow the path, and find this next to a body. You have to load all rounds into this. It comes with explosive rounds in it when you find it. So load up Acid and Incendiary rounds when you find them.
    Self Defence Gun: Found in room 001 in the Residence Area.
    Handgun: This refers to the infinite pistol, from clearing the game in under 5 hours on Normal or Hard.
    Barry’s .44 Magnum: This is acquired by not giving Barry his gun back at the Lisa fight. It will be on the ground. Make sure to pick it up.

    Passion for Fashion
    Obtain all costumes.

    All you have to do to unlock all the costumes is beat the game twice and Jill, and twice and Chris. Then the trophy will unlock.

    Every Nook and Cranny
    Visit all places on all maps.

    This is an annoying trophy. Not because it’s difficult, only because you’re constantly checking your map. You have to collect every item in the game. This is easier on higher difficulties. The reason why, us because there’s less items scattered around, but can be done on Very Easy. I recommend it on Very Easy. The reason you always check your map though, is to tell if you have all items in a room. If the room is green, you have all the items. If it’s red, you’re missing something in it. As a note though, the Stone & Metal Object, makes the outside hallway red, going towards the Residence. It stops counting as an item when the basement door to the lab gets opened.


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