Robozarro Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 1 hour
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Robozarro Trophy Guide!
    A fun little platforming puzzler, with a quick and fun platinum trophy! Come kill robots and sewers monsters on your way!


    Step 1: Play the game
    There is no real strategy to get these trophies. They will all basically unlock by the time you reach the second area of the game. So just keep playing until Ro-Tek and then you’ll be done!

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    All Bronze ,Silver ,Gold Trophies
    40-platinum Mighty Robot

    Video Walkthrough:

    If you want a video guide to memorizing the levels you need to face up while going for the platinum trophy, follow the video down below (Credits to Dino_Roar Gaming): 

    Trophy Guide:

    Mighty Robot
    Unlock all other trophies.
    Open 1 garbage can.

    For this, you just have to open 1 trash can. Trash cans are scattered around the world, and when they light up, you have to hit triangle to open them! Then this trophy is yours!

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    Hey Fixupscale-245262160018212
    Talk to Fix.

    In the first area of the game, you end up having to go to a shop called “Fix & Chips”. Fix is on the right side under the “Pick Up” sign. Talk to him for this trophy.

    Pawn StarGold
    Buy something from a vending machine.

    Getting this trophy, requires you to buy something from a vending machine. Once you get into the sewers, there will be a Vending Machine to your right. Interact with it and buy some Health for 5 screws. This trophy will then unlock.

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    Get your first blaster.

    To get this trophy, you need to get your first blaster. Once you get in the sewers, go to your right. Double jump up the platforms you see, then interact with the button at the top. This opens a container that has the blaster. Interact with the blaster and get this trophy.

    Hot PotatoGold
    Throw a grenade.

    For this, you have to simply throw a grenade. You can either buy these, or find them. But you’ll find them before you can ever but them. Once you do, all you have to do is press , and the trophy unlocks!

    Eye See YouGold
    Destroy 5 Sewer Turrets.

    In order to get this trophy, you have to destroy 5 Sewer Turrets. Unless you magically run past every enemy, this will come naturally, as you progress through the sewers. They are enemies that sit on a pillar and shoot at you. After you kill 5, this trophy is yours.

    I Love JunkGold
    Collect 30 Junk.

    To get this trophy, you need to collect 30 pieces of junk. Junk is only counted as the screws that you can pick up. This is cumulative, so once you pick up your 30th, overall screw, this trophy unlocks.

    Go Go GadgetGold
    Find the Robo-Claw.

    Getting this trophy requires you to find the Robo-Claw. This is found in the sewers and will come naturally as you progress along! Once you get it, the trophy unlocks.

    Door BreakerGold
    Destroy 4 yellow doors in the Sewers.

    To get this trophy, you have to break 4 Yellow Barriers in the Sewers. They are broken by shooting the blaster at them. You will come across at least 4 as you naturally progress through the sewers. After you break the 4th barrier, this trophy is yours!

    Grab And BlastGold
    Grab 20 objects with the Grab N’ Blast.

    This trophy requires you to pick up 20 objects with the Grab N’ Blast. You get the Grab N’ Blast during progression, and once you get it, it is used to pick up items and throw them. This trophy can be acquired by picking up 20 enemies as well, but the have to be 20 different objects or enemies.

    Get ChunkyGold
    Defeat the Sewer Boss.

    In order to get this trophy, you have to kill the boss at the end of the sewers. This boss is actually quite easy. All you have to do is use the Grab N’ Blast, and shoot it at the water. You’ll then have a lump of it, to shoot at the boss. Do that and he takes damage. Repeat this until the boss dies and you get the trophy!

    Destroy 10 Robo Spiders.

    For this trophy, you need to kill 10 Robo Spiders. While in the sewers, you’ll open a door, and fall down a hole. You’ll then see an enemy that’s spawning little robots! Keep shooting them and killing them until this trophy pops!

    Broken BotsGold
    Destroy 10 Mini Bots.

    This trophy requires you to kill 10 Mini Bots. They don’t appear until the Ro-Tek area of the game, which is right after the sewers. They become the common enemy here, so after you kill 10, this trophy pops.


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