Sagebrush Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 1/2 hours
    Missable trophies: 6
    Barnstorming With House of David, Genesis 1:3
    Genesis 3:16, Poking Around
    Piecing It Togheter, Archivist
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None


    Welcome to Sagebrush Trophy Guide! This game is a walking simulator where you follow the story of a woman who moved to an abandoned compound used to be inhabited by a suicide cult


    First of all, pump up the brightness of your TV and the one of the game too because this game is so awfully dark. Then you can start the game. It’s a pretty linear walkthrough so everything can be done without a guide but if you want to finish the game in a single run, simply follow these two steps:

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    Step 1: Play the game normally until you reach the Chapel

    During this step, you can simply focus on the story until you reach the point of no return (entering the chapel on the top of the hill). Before entering the chapel, make sure to have collected 10 of 12 audiotapes and got the missable trophies ( Barnstorming with the House of David,  Genesis 1:3,  Genesis 3:16) . If you proceed without having collected the aforementioned things, you will need to replay the game.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Welcome to Black Sage Ranch
    The Waning Light
    The Sun is Gone
    The Eighth Star
    Genesis 1:3
    Genesis 3:16
    Barnstorming With the House of David
    Poking Around
    Piecing It Together 

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    Step 2: finish the game while collecting the last two audiotapes.

    Finish the game, so enter the chapel and continue through the story while making sure to collect your last two audiotapes.
    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

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    I Love You All So Much
    A New Day 

    Perfect Heaven

    Video Walkthrough

    Credits: Dino_Roar Gaming

    Map of the game


    Perfect Heaven
    Get all the trophies.
    The Waning Light
    Dusk falls on Black Sage Ranch.


    When you reach the Rectory, pick up the trailer master key that lays on the bed near the audiotape (15:00 of the videoguide) to unlock this trophy.

    Welcome To Black Sage Ranch
    Gain access to the full compound.


    This will be your first story related trophy. You will unlock it after using the fence key to unlock the gate outside the Community Hall. To open it, you need the gate key found on the side of the bookcase inside one room of the Community Hall.

    The Sun Is Gone
    Night falls on Black Sage Ranch.


    When you reach the Mines you will find a dead body laying behind a wood wall that you need to break with the axe. Inspect the note near to it and the trophy will unlock.

    A New Day
    The Sun Rises at Black Sage Ranch.


    This will unlock during the final cutscenes of the game.

    The Eighth Star
    Find the Golden Seal.


    When you obtain the access to the second floor of the Rectory, you will discover a bedroom with a safe. Open it (the combination is 3564) and pick up what’s inside it to unlock the trophy.

    I Love You All So Much
    Relive the final moments of the Flock.

    You will unlock this trophy, when you listen the penultimate audiotape (28:01) on the altar inside the chapel.

    Genesis 1:3
    Find the Flashlight Batteries.


    To get this trophy, you need to find and pick up the batteries which are found near the second audiotape in a shed opened with the farm key obtained by looking into the Community Hall (5:25 in the video walkthrough).
    When you pick up them you will be able to toggle your flashlight by pressing . You will need it a lot so it’s very helpful to get them and to leave it turned ot for the entire game as the batteries never end.

    Genesis 3:16
    Find the Pregnancy Test.


    After opening and exploring Viola’s van, turn back to the farm area and look at The two shed in front of you. Enter the one on the right and look at the pregnancy test put in the toilet (10:39 in the video walkthrough).

    Pocking Around
    Collect 4 Audiotapes.


    See Gold Archivist for more details.

    Piecing It Togheter
    Collect 8 Audiotapes.


    See Gold Archivist for more details.

    Collect all audiotapes.


    There are 12 audiotapes in total and you need to collect them all to unlock this trophy. Here a list of their locations and the timestamps which refers to the video linked in the Roadmap section of this guide:

    1. (1:42): after cutting iron net and entering the Community Hall (first room on your right), you’ll find the first record on a picnic table, if you look closely;
    2. (5:20): passing through the cornfield, you’ll notice that there are some sheds which are used as toilets and showers. There’s one in which you find this second record on a forniture in front of you right after entering;
    3. (7:14): it’s found in Andrew’s van, passing through he cornfield. The record is on a table in front of you after entering;
    4. (9:41): in Violet’s van, on the sink on your left;
    5. (11:00): there’s a red barn in the farm area, which is addicted to be a school. If you enter, you’ll find some desks and chairs. The record is on the second desk in the first row;
    6. (15:00): it’s found in the rectory, a big white building near the baseball camp. Enter in, open the door on your right and the trailer it’s on the bed;
    7. (16:36): you will find it in Leonardo’s van and it’s located on the left on the bed;
    8. (19:10): its location is inside Lilian’s van on the bed on the left;
    9. (20:59): in the Cleansing room (a big red barn with a white door) by climbing the ladder and looking on a table on the right;
    10. (23:21): in the mines, behind a wood-wall;
    11. (28:01): in the chapel on the uppest hill, on a table;
    12. (31:38): in the bunker area, on a table.
    Barnstorming With The House Of David
    Run the Bases.


    To get this trophy you need to find a baseball field (located right after the fire pit) and run on every base in the right order. Start from the home run plate and walk or run counterclockwise while touching the first, second and third base plates. Remember that you don’t need to examine the bases, but they just need to light up as interactive.

    If you are having troubles, check the video of this roadmap from minute 12:05 onwards.


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