Saints Row: Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus Review

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    The Saints are back in Saints Row: Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus, a brand new DLC for the Saints Row 2022 reboot. Here is our Saints Row: Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus Review.

    Saints Row: Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus DLC is developed by Deep Silver Volition en published by Plaion (formerly known as Koch Media). The DLC was released on Xbox One, Series X/S, Playstation 4, and PlayStation 5 on July 6, 2023.

    If you thought the 1st DLC was bad, then this is a lot worse. It has no story, other than Doc Ketchum returning to the shooting island, you don’t even play as the boss, there is 1 line of story that explains it by saying “If you already became a champion you are not allowed to enter”. So the boss watches from the sidelines and you play as 4 other boring and uninteresting characters that each have their own handful of perks.

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    The only cool thing about the DLC was how Doc Ketchum looked, but you barely see him other than the intro cutscene. There is not much to say about the DLC because within 5 minutes it’s a “been there, done that” kinda thing, other than leveling up the characters for useless buffs in this mode and coins to buy more useless upgrades for this mode, there is not much to do.

    This 10$ DLC should have been a free update a bit after launch, there is nothing substantial to this DLC to have it warrant the 10$ price tag other than to pay extra for something that should have been included in the main game. If you own the season pass, you can try it out, but I would avoid buying this DLC separately.

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    A boring and mindless shooting gallery

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    A boring and mindless shooting gallerySaints Row: Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus Review