Shakedown: Hawaii Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 10 – 15 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Shakedown: Hawaii Trophy Guide! We want to thank Vblank for providing us with a key for the game.


    Step 1: Do the challenges

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    Pretty much right off the bat, you get access to just roam around the game. I suggest getting the worst part done first, and that’s the challenges. They’re quick, but some are annoying and you’ll be happy when they’re over. After this, you’ll have a couple of trophies already done.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Bronze Just Test Driving
    Bronze Wet Landing
    Bronze Get Inconspicuous
    Silver Golden Age

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    Step 2: Shakedowns

    In this stage, reach the point where you can do Shakedowns, then complete all 83. This will start giving you revenue money and open up more stuff for purchase. At the end of this, you’ll only need a few more challenges.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Bronze Chopped A Man Bum
    Bronze Landlord
    Bronze The Namesake

    Step 3: Finish The Game

    At this point, you’ll have nothing but the story left, and buying properties and multipliers when you can! So just do all the side quests and focus on the couple random trophies you’re still missing! By the end of this step, you’ll be done!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Bronze Trampled
    Bronze Jalopy Gallop
    Bronze Flushed Out
    Bronze The Gerihat-Trick
    Bronze Maxed Out
    Silver I’m Still Hungry
    Gold Business Mogul

    Trophy Guide:

    1L34c1ad.pngJust Test Driving!
    “Borrow” someone’s vehicle.

    This is simple. All you have to do is steal someone’s vehicle on the streets by hitting triangle, and poof, trophy!

    2Lea4b86Wet Landing
    Knock someone into the water using a boat.

    If you go down to the bottom left of the map, you’ll hit some docks. In between the docks are some speed boats. Now be very careful! Once the boat is on land, you can’t use it anymore. Luckily there’s always a ton of people on each dock. Line the boat up, hit the gas, and watch everyone fly into the water, while your glorious trophy dings.

    Bounce off a trampoline and land on someone.

    You can get this at the start of the game if you choose to. At your house, there’s a trampoline in the backyard and surrounding yards. Simply jump onto it and you’ll fly into the air a little, then land on someone. It might take a few attempts to get it down, but once you do, you’ll get this trophy.

    4L7d9017Jalopy Gallop
    Jump over and clear another vehicle using nitro.

    You can either find a car on the street with nitro by luck, or take a car to s shop and pay for it. Either way, once you have a car with nitro, in the top right corner, you’ll see a flaming exhaust picture. This is your nitro. Now, drive down a road. It doesn’t matter what side. When you see a car, hit square to use your nitro and go soaring over them like a big metal bird! You’ll also get your trophy!

    5L9d7a76Chopped A Man Bun
    Use scissors to chop off someone’s man bun.

    This one is annoying. Mostly because the way the art is done in the game, it’s almost impossible to tell what a man bun looks like. You may get this while doing all the shakedowns, but if not, I suggest running down the street, with the scissors equipped, cutting everyone’s hair. You’re bound to cut a man bun eventually!

    6L14010eFlushed Out!
    Use toilet water to extinguish a fire.

    First and foremost, you need to have either a flamethrower, molotovs for this trophy. Keep progressing the story until you get a flamethrower, or buy one at a shop. Now, when you need to do is find a toilet. I suggest going into a random building. Once you find one, set something on fire around the toilet, then walk into said fire, so you’re on fire. Then, quickly switch to a different gun, or melee weapon, and break the toilet to put yourself out, and pop the trophy.

    7L6f7887The Gerihat-trick 
    Take down three days of delivery trucks.

    This trophy is easy yet quite annoying. Eventually, you learn about delivery trucks that you can destroy to get more cash flow. On 3 different in-game days, you have to destroy at least one! So if you destroy them everytime you see them until you get the trophy, you can’t miss it really.

    8L4dc603Get Inconspicuous! 
    Clear enough heat to earn a cop coin, then get inconspicuous.

    When you steal cars, hit cars, run people over, or kill people, the cops come after you. If you run from them for long enough and break the line of sight, you get a “Cop Coin”. You then get 5 seconds to get away. If you lose your heat level fully, you get the trophy.

    Acquire a property or business.

    This will come naturally as you learn about buying properties!

    10L724888Maxed Out
    Upgrade a business with every multiplier.

    Throughout the story, eventually, you learn about shady ways to get more money coming through your businesses. These are multipliers. You have to buy the multiplier on a business for them to be active so you can gain revenue/money from them. You won’t get the last multiplier until near the end of the game. You also need to buy them all on one business for this trophy. You need a total of $280,000 to buy them all. The multipliers are as follows:

    • Gift Cards ($2,000)
    • Click Bait ($3,000)
    • Store Credit Card ($5,000)
    • Marketing Spin ($8,000)
    • Lobbyist ($10,000)
    • Sponsored Content ($12,000)
    • Best Before Dates ($15,000)
    • Convenience Fee ($20,000)
    • Unrefined Products ($25,000)
    • Independent Studies ($30,000)
    • Fuel Surcharge ($40,000)
    • Telemarketing ($50,000)
    • Multi Level Marketing ($60,000)
    11L2c6d5dThe Namesake
    Shakedown every available business for protection money.

    Eventually you’ll learn to shakedown a business. Afterwards there are 82 other businesses, for a total of 83, that you can shakedown. They appear as purple exclamation marks on the map, and you start them by going into a store. The tasks range from breaking something, or the usual, killing people. Considering you need to buy every property, this will come naturally. As you need to shakedown some places to be able to buy them. Complete all shakedowns and this is yours!

    12L1dc557I’m Still Hungryupscale-245262160018212
    Complete every mission and sidequest.

    There are 111 main missions and 15 side quests that need to be done to get this trophy. Side quests are exclamation marks on the map and usually come from purchasing businesses with stars on them on the big map. After you finish all of them, this trophy is yours. Nothing is missable.

    13Le00171Golden Ageupscale-245262160018212
    Get a gold medal in every challenge.

    This is honestly the hardest trophy in the game. Only because some challenges suck. Some are easy peasy, then others are a bit rage-inducing and luck-based. There are 17 weapon challenges, which is killing with a single weapon for score. Then there are 11 Arcade Challenges, which are getting kills a certain way. It’s a fun mix and mash of different objectives. Below is a little strategy for each challenge, and a map showing where they all are. Blue dots indicate weapon challenges, and red dots are arcade challenges.


    Baseball Bat Challenge: Luckily, this is an easy challenge. You get a baseball bat and there’s plenty of people around. So without much effort, you’ll hit the 400 points needed for gold.

    Baton Challenge: Another super easy weapon challenge. Go to the left at the start, to the beach, and beat everyone down. You’ll get the 400 points for gold in no time!

    Chaingun Challenge: This is a little annoying, only because the area you start in sucks. I suggest you find your way to the street. Once you do, you can simply destroy 4 cars and hit the 1,800 required points for the gold medal.

    Flamethrower Challenge: This challenge is quite annoying for a weapons challenge. You’re in a forest, and you have to destroy all the trees to get the best points. If you go to your right, you’ll see a bridge, and you can destroy the rails to get massive points. Getting1,600 will get you gold in this challenge.

    Fumigator Challenge: As with done of the others, this is easy. You find some people huddled together and let loose and the score racks up quick. Only thing is, the Fumigator has a cooldown on it. You can see the timer on the weapon icon in the top left. Once it depletes, you have to wait for it to charge. Luckily the 1,800 points is quick and simple though.

    Grenades Challenge: This is by far the easiest. You could do this with your eyes closed! Get to a road, find some cars, and you win basically. Just start throwing grenades EVERYWHERE! You need 4,000 points for the gold. I got 20,000! That’s how easy it is.

    Hair Dryer Challenge: Again, another really easy weapon challenge. Just run around and shoot people with the heatwave and you’ll get the 1,600 points needed for gold easily.

    Hydro Cannon Challenge: This is actually one of the harder weapon challenges. As it doesn’t destroy cars, but still does some damage. All I can recommend is going up from the start area, until you hit the road, then walk down the road, spinning in circles. That should get you just enough points to breach 8,000 for the gold.

    Molotov Challenge: This is another aggravating challenge. The game either spawns a lot of people you can set on fire and clear this challenge easily, or you’ll be struggling to get enough points. Also, you can set yourself on fire and ruin a good run. You need 150 points for gold for this one.

    PG-47 Challenge: Getting the 1,500 points for this challenge is super simple. Just shoot 3 cars until they explode, then you’ll have enough points for gold!

    Pistol Challenge: This one is a bit on the tougher side. Not overly challenging. But not as easy as the other weapons. Only because it shoots one bullet at a time. From the start though, just head upwards and you should see a bunch of people and benches. Destroy everything and the people and you should get this kind of easily.

    Revolver Challenge: This one can be frustrating, especially if the cops come after you. The revolver doesn’t shoot well at all. When you start go up and right until you hit the street, and keep running right. You should find enough people to kill quickly. 750 points will get you this gold!

    Rocket Launcher Challenge: This should pose no problem what so ever. You get a rocket launcher for mass slaughter. Getting 10,000 points should not be hard considering cops come at you from every side. Just focus on cars when you see them and you’ll hit the score no problem.

    Scissors Challenge: Another really easy challenge. Just run up from the start zone and hold square while running against people. You’ll easily surpass the 450 point gold requirement after only 5 people!

    Shotgun Challenge: This is simple! Getting 600 points is a breeze with this challenge. No real strategy.

    Spread Gun Challenge: This is the best gun in the game because of its range. So you should have no issues hitting the 2,000 points required! Just cause mayhem, and when cops show up, you can blow the cars up easily for big score.

    Submachine Gun Challenge: This is real easy. Just run and gun and you’ll get gold in a few seconds. No real strategy.


    Ballistic Pick Pocket: This challenge is quite easy. You have to pick up 20 weapons from others to get the gold. Literally everyone you kill drops one. If you see a big crowd of people, I suggest killing them all before you grab the weapons because your weapon is automatically the last one you picked up. No changing until you pick up another. Also, be very careful because you CAN DIE in this challenge.

    Bystander Bowling: This one was frustrating at first because I had no idea what to do. But, you walk up to people and press circle to pick them up, and press it again to throw them. What you have to do is knock down 15 people, with other people for the gold. This is quite easy once you find how to do it.

    Car Crusher: This is a bit easier than the other crushing challenge! Go up at the start to the big double lanes highway, and drive left, going down the wrong side of the road, and you should get this easily!

    Coin Crate Smash’N Stash: This challenge is a bit annoying, but you do it for the story. You need to break crates or kill people to get coins. You need $4,000 to get gold. The annoying part about this challenge is always getting knocked down by cop cars. So stay off the streets, or jump a lot! Also, the bottom left weapon of the weapon select is the best!

    Flatten Fifty: This challenge is the worst. Not because it’s hard, but it’s stupid luck-based. You have to crush 50 civilians while driving a steamroller. But you have to do it in 40 seconds for the gold. The worst part is if the game spawns civilians or not. One attempt I only got 35 civilians in 50 seconds. Yet on my successful run, it took 30 seconds to find 50. Just keep at it until you get good luck.

    Hot Potato: This challenge is a little challenging. You have to run into 60 people to set them on fire. The problem with this is hoping the game spawns in 60 people in the time frame. Then after you get 60, you have to find a fire hydrant and break it to put yourself out! Then you win!

    Rocket Ricochet: This is a fun silly challenge. You get a rocket launcher, and you shoot people and cars point blank to get blown back. Everytime you get blown back, you get score. You have to be blown back for a total of 6 seconds for this gold.

    Splash Zone: This is easily one of the hardest challenges of the game. You have to use your boat, and drive over the land, and knock 20 people into water for the gold.  Sounds easy sure. Until you get stuck on land, or you can’t knock people into water, or they just die instead. So just keep driving into crowds, and knock them into the water. If you get stuck on land, you can hit square to use a boost.

    Station Wagon Of Death: This is one of the hardest challenges in the game. Get ready for this. You drive a station wagon and have to run over 60 enemies to get gold. So driving on the sidewalks is a must. Downside? The enemies have guns. Other downside? You car blows up so easy! There’s plenty of times you’ll get to 5 seconds just to have your car blow up and fail. Once you get 60 kills, you can at least hold square and sort of fend off enemies coming at you from the sides. But just keep driving and hope you survive until that timer hits 0!

    Target Practice: This challenge is on the tougher side. You need 15,000 points for gold. You start with a minigun, but it’s not the best. Luckily if you pick up some guns from enemies, you can switch them by hitting ! I suggest the gun in the bottom left corner, or grenades! Laying waste to everything, even cars, is the best way to finish this challenge for gold.

    Territorial Drive-By: You have to get 40 kills to get gold on this. You sit in a car and shoot gang members. Instantly turn right, and go to the intersection, then just sit still as all the enemies come to you. Don’t run them over or it won’t count as a kill. If you’re running low on enemies, drive down the street a bit. When you shoot the enemies, just tap square instead of holding it, so you don’t waste ammo.

    14L5a5038Business Mogul Gold
    Acquire every building in the city.

    You need ALL 415 of the properties in the game for this, and 2 only come after beating the game. At first it’s hard to get money. You won’t know what to buy. So just buy what you can. When you start getting multipliers, I suggest using them on businesses that get more than $1,000 in revenue before any multipliers. You know their profits from the arrow on their stats screen. Eventually, you’ll have more money than you know what to do with and won’t need to plan out what to buy!


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    1. I’m missing very few, and in all of them I have to hack the bios of the computer, and I have no idea what I should do. Some help?

    2. Is there a way to go back to the coin smash and grab challenge? Last gold I need and can’t find it’s location. Thanks

      • You should just be able to go back to its location. I believe it’s marked on the map in the guide

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