Silent Hope Review

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    Silent Hope is a dungeon crawler about a group of adventures that try to help out the king’s daughter stuck in a crystal. Here is our Silent Hope Review.

    The game was developed by Marvelous and published by Marvelous and XSEED Games, it releases on October 3, 2023, for Nintendo Switch and PC.

    Originally, we were supposed to cover this during our Gamescom 2023 coverage, but due to the injuries we got the 1st day we had to cancel, so I was super happy we still get to cover it with a full review now, and just as i hoped, the game is truely amazing.

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    The story is about 7 adventurers who find the princess stuck in a crystal, you need to go into the abyss to get some loot and grind out levels to get further and further into the abyss to find out what happened in the world. The voices are stolen and the town is fully destroyed, but when you find the princess, you are building up a camp to and try to help out.

    Silent Hope Review - character shot

    It’s a classic dungeon crawler where there are 7 layers for you to take on, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but even the 1st one can already be a challenge. On that 1st layer are 10 areas, and when you get halfway, there is a minichallege and a teleport campfire so you can always start at that level, but at that level, the enemies also already become a lot stronger, so it might be smart to redo the 1st 5 levels a few times to gind gear and character levels as well, because you will for sure need it when you are going to try to take on the other levels and the boss at level 10.

    All of the 7 heroes have a different skill set with weapons and attack skills, I personally stuck with the rogue/thief type character but you can switch out in any moment and can even switch out mid level at teleport crystals, so it might be smart to level up a few characters to switch up when your health gets low. Each character is also working on stuff in the overworld/camp, you can let them make weapons, farm food, craft materials and make dishes. these things will also help you out during your adventure, especially the dishes are a lot better then you think, because they can offer stuff like 10% damage extra or 6% extra health.

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    I love the art style they picked for the game, the chiby style fits perfectly with the story and gameplay, games like this dont need to be extremely impressive visually like Diablo to be amazing, and Silent Hope is a perfect example of that. But still, the visuals do look stunning and each dungeon layer has its own style and theme to them to make them stand out.

    All characters are just cool and there is something for everyone. A epic adventurer, a rogue maid, a cute farmer girl, a japanese style warrior and more! I just love that you are not limited and stuck with 1 character and can just switch to whoever you want, of course if you get good gear for a character that does make them more appealing to play, but I like that you are not forced into one if you dont like it and can just continue to grind for a character that you do like.

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    A fun dungeon crawler with an cute artstyle.

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    A fun dungeon crawler with an cute artstyle.Silent Hope Review