Skull and Bones Review

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    After years of delays, Skull and Bones is finally out, was this pirate adventure worth the wait, or was it all for nothing? Here is our Skull and Bones Review.

    The game was developed by Ubisoft Singapore and published by Ubisoft, it was released on February 16, 2024, for Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and PC.

    I have a big love for the stories Ubisoft makes, but sadly, this is not one that I love, because there barely is any story. Sure there is a main line and characters you meet with stuff to do, but it misses a big story that drives you forward. In the game, you get shipwrecked and have to go to an island of pirates to become an actual pirate, and you will need to help their leader take down his enemies. But you dont really see any of the enemies and never really learn anything other than get a pet on the back and get told another target. The game misses a drive and something to satisfy you to want to continue its story.

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    The gameplay is what is the main focus, in the campaign after the intro, you will instantly see other people that make the world feel more alive, but is the game really so alive? Not really, there are a lot of NPCs that all feel the same. The same also goes for the enemy ships, they all kinda look the same other for the sails to show you what faction they belong to. All the enemy ships kind of feel like cannonball sponges that deal a lot of damage, you just get way too much damage and it feels like you will die pretty quickly, something that i didn’t really enjoy because it misses a reason for you to be powerful.

    Skull and Bones Review - combat

    Most of the time in Ubisoft games, you are overpowered and when you die it will feel like you made a mistake, but here, there sometimes is nothing you could have done differently because of how the game. There is a cooldown on healing, so if you are low on health quickly after just healing, you are pretty much screwed because trying to get away doesn’t always help you due to the speed differences. This is something you might notice pretty early on and kind of puts a suppressor on the fun you can have early on. I just missed that feeling of starting pretty strong and just getting better and stronger, but because everything is kinda luck based on what you find or what’s in the stores, it just doesn’t feel like you really progress.

    There are a lot of places you can visit in the game but a lot will feel similar, there are trade routes you can find to interrupt and plunder ships and get more resources. The resources are needed for basically everything, the game is a massive grind that doesn’t end, and it’s kind of disappointing in some ways because in some ways it feels like it takes away from a lot of things that should have had a better focus on. This is mainly an issue as well due to how slow the game feels, there is a lot to do, but everything requires travel, and for fast travel, you will need to pay some silver, and with limited silver, you dont really want to spend it on that.

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    The best thing about the game is its visuals, the ships and areas look absolutely stunning, and I’ve probably never seen water that looks as good as this. There is a downside in its cutscenes, they all feel very stiff and it sometimes just randomly misses a line and skips out on things, this feels a bit off but in the big picture of the game, it’s not that much of a deal-breaker compared to other things.

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    The core of the game is good, but it feels like a step backwards from Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

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    The core of the game is good, but it feels like a step backwards from Assassin's Creed Black Flag.Skull and Bones Review