Sniper Elite 5 Wolf Mountain Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 1 – 2 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: Yes (Authentic Difficulty)
    Playthrough: 2


    Welcome to the Sniper Elite 5: Wolf Mountain DLC Trophy Guide!

    Return to France, in the search for Hitler. Intel has placed Hitler at his retreat, and the higher-ups have deemed it as Fairburne’s job to eliminate him and hopefully end the war.

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    Step 1: Authentic Run (Optional)
    In your first run of Wolf Mountain, you will need to get the lay of the land and obtain the other starting locations to make infiltration into other areas and the clean-up easier. It is optional to complete this run on Authentic, much like the base game Authentic Difficulty is not that hard and should only take a bit of practice to get used to where things are and how you can infiltrate. If you choose to complete this run on Authentic remember that you can save the game anywhere you like provided you are not in combat.

    The 2 Spawn locations are shown in the image below for you to collect:

    • The Lake
    • The Road Exit

    In this run, you should also attempt to clear the Side Mission which will award you with the 2-Star Rating at the end getting you the Operation Foxley. The mission isn’t that hard and totally achievable in Authentic.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Herr Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Operation Foxley

    Step 2: Clean up and Completion of Wolf Mountain
    This stage will see you complete Wolf Mountain for the remaining trophies and finish the DLC to 100%. The Hardest Part of this stage will be getting theDas Familienjuwel, this is because it is not as simple as just aiming where you think you need to and shooting, but see the trophy for more information.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Führerious Repetition
    Reich To The Point
    From Führer Away
    Das Familienjuwel
    Covert Elimination

    Step 3: Covert Kill
    If for some reason you were unable to complete theReich To The Point andCovert Elimination You will want to get them here. These 2 Trophies are best combined together as you need to Kill Hitler Only and Kill him without being Detected. The best way to do this is in a separate Clean up run where you set up the Covert Kill and move to an exfiltration zone and wait for the kill.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Reich To The Point
    Covert Elimination

    Tips and Strategies:

    • This is DLC and you will need to buy it if you did not get it as a Pre-order Bonus
    • Authentic Difficulty is not that hard
    • You can save anywhere, as long as you are not in combat. You can even save with a coop partner.
    • Playing with a coop partner can be helpful as well as a hindrance, pick a partner carefully!
    • Only enable Invasion Mode if you are happy to be invaded. This is highly not recommended for Authentic Difficulty; with an invader, Authentic becomes that much harder.
    • You can track all the trophies using the Medals
    • Killing Hitler is the Main Focus of Wolf Mountain, Try not to get sidetracked on how to achieve different kills.

    Trophy Guide:

    Führerious Repetition
    Wolf Mountain – Kill Hitler 5 times.


    For this trophy, you only need to kill him a total of 5 times, to make this less painful you can save just before you kill him and load the save to eliminate him again. This makes the number of runs you need to do of the DLC Drastically reduced.

    Reich To The Point
    Wolf Mountain – Kill only Hitler and exfiltrate.


    Killing only Hitler can be combined withCovert Elimination, and is better done in a discreet manner which will draw little to no attention for anyone nearby. The best way is Electrocution up at the Lake, however, he will take a good amount of time to reach the location. All you need to do is set up the kill and make your way to the exit, provided you don’t leave unconscious guards in the open, get detected or kill you will get both trophies. If you encounter a guard you can pacify them with the Square Button just make sure to hide the guy somewhere before moving on. You can also let guards get to the Yellow investigation status, however, it is not advised. Finally make sure to use the Save function as you go, in case you are caught or mess up you will have a fallback.

    From Führer Away
    Wolf Mountain – Kill Hitler at a distance of 300 meters or more.


    There are 2 ways to do this. The first is the path where the truck to run him over is, and the second is shooting him at the breakfast table from the mansion. Either will work, however, the former gives you more time to get into position, and will let you see his routine. Below are some images to show you where you should be to get this, and where to aim:

    Above is the map showing that the player is standing near the target (the 2 White Arrows near the Yellow Marker) and the Map Crosshair is located at the mansion. Below is what you are actually looking for in-game:

    This is on the path just a little way behind the Truck you can assassinate Hitler with if you look to the Mansion you will see him by the flag when the time is right. Alternatively to this location is the Balcony of the master room in the Mansion which can be seen below:

    Either of these locations will do the job just pick the one you are most comfortable with and take the shot. It should be noted that you will want to make the target and make sure he is 300m away from you before you shoot him, and make sure you have a save before you shoot him, in case you miss or it isn’t 300m.

    Covert Elimination
    Wolf Mountain – Kill Hitler and exfiltrate without ever being detected.


    Refer toReich To The Point for more information

    Wolf Mountain – Complete the mission on Authentic difficulty.


    This is no different from the main campaign, all the same, tips apply and can be found below:

    • You can save, make use of it often
    • Rely on Stealth
    • A full-on Gun Fight can be lethal to Karl (or who the Player is), try to only go guns blazing if you have no other option
    • If you are compromised disappear till normal patrols are resumed, this will limit the amount of danger you are put in but significantly increase the time.
    • Snipers are lethal, kill them before they kill you!
    • There are some upgrades that will help you more than others,
      • Combat Tree
        • Back In The Fight
        • No Time To Bleed
        • Combat Medic
        • Grenade Throwback
        • Quick Trap
      • Equipment Tree
        • Scavenge Weapon Ammo
        • Carry More Decoys
        • Extra Item Slot 1
        • Extra Item Slot 2
      • Body Tree
        • Health Boost 1
        • Health Boost 2
        • Cardio
        • Deep Breath
    • These are the most valuable for you to use and should be obtained when you can.
    • This can be cheated by joining a friend who is at the end of the mission, however, this is not recommended as the missions are easy to do even on Authentic.

    You should combine this withHerr Today, Gone Tomorrow.

    Herr Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Wolf Mountain – Complete the mission.


    Simply play through the mission and kill Hitler then extract. You should get this in your first run of the mission, provided you complete it.

    Operation Foxley
    Wolf Mountain – Complete the mission with a 2 star rating.


    All you need to do for this trophy is complete all objectives, main and side. The main mission is to kill Hitler, how you achieve this is up to you, you could:

    • Assassinate him while he is bowling
    • Electrocute him at the Lake
    • Tamper with the railing at the Coffee house
    • Poison him
    • Trap his Cigar Box
    • Run him over with a truck
    • Melee him
    • Shoot him

    These are just to name a few, but the option is yours. As for the Optional, all you will need to do is destroy the AA encampments not far from the default starting locations, and you should attempt this in your first run as it is easiest when starting at the default deployment location.

    Once all missions are achieved simply reach the Exfiltration and leave to complete it.

    Das Familienjuwel
    Wolf Mountain – Kill Hitler with a testicle shot.


    Despite how easy this was in the base game, and probably came naturally there, this trophy is actually pretty difficult to achieve. Below are some tips to achieve this easier:

    • Wait till he is facing you
    • Try to attempt this when you are not compromised
    • Save before attempting
    • If you need to grab his attention throw a bottle
    • Don’t try to attempt this if you are at a distance unless you are really confident

    This trophy took the longest out of all the DLC to achieve and the Hit detection might be slightly off where you think you need to aim. Provided you saved before taking the shot you should be able to re-attempt this as many times as you need to. Below is a video to help with this trophy.

    Credit to Trophygamers for the Video.


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