SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Review

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    “Are ya ready kids!?!?” If you don’t know the rest of the song, after that simple line, then let me tell you, you’re missing out. Spongebob is a gem. Battle For Bikini Bottom was originally released in 2003, but has since seen a Remaster, thanks to Purple Lamp, and THQ Nordic!


    It’s a quiet day in Bikini Bottom. Spongebob and Patrick are filling their time, with silly games, and pipe dreams. Before they say goodbye to each and go to bed, they make one simple wish. That robots were real. On the other side of Bikini Bottom, little do they know, Plankton is making an army of robots to take over Bikini Bottom and steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula!!! So, you know, just a typical day in the life of Plankton.

    The next day, Spongebob wakes up to find his house destroyed, and robots are destroying the town! It’s up to him, and his friends to stop it! That’s as crazy as the story goes. The writing is silly, and playful, and just feels like each level is a Spongebob episode. Each level has a basic story and premise, with little tasks, to advance through the game! Though, how Golden Spatulas save the day, I’ll never know.

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    Now, the gameplay is where this game shines. It’s a simple platformer with some combat elements to it. You go around 9 levels, all with 8 separate tasks to get the Golden Spatulas of the level. These are used to progress the game. The tasks are usually just getting through the level, doing a puzzle, or beating up bad robots!

    There some levels that have silly little snowboarding-esque sections. Or in the case of Sand Mountain, it’s the whole level. It’s such a silly, simple task, but yet it’s so fun. Plus, with the quality of life changes in this remaster, it’s much better than it used to be! That’s the other thing too, is that the game has had some good, small quality to life changes, but other than that, it’s a 1:1 remake. But that’s not a bad thing! The game was great back then, but it’s spectacular now!

    You also can’t forget, the giant robot boss fights. There’s Patrick, who you right in toxic dump. Sandy, in a boxing ring, and Spongebob in the Chum Bucket. They all have silly unique mechanics, that make the fights really fun, and different from each other! Now, there was originally supposed to be a robot Squidward fight, but it was cut. Now it made a debut in the remaster….but it’s not a fight. It’s a multiplayer horde mode, where you don’t actually fight Squidward. So that was disappointing. All the hype, for nothing.

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    Might I just say, this remaster looks stunningly beautiful. I never realized how dark and wrong the original looks, until I saw a comparison. Back then I even thought “it can’t get prettier than this!”. Boy was I wrong. The game looks amazingly bright, the sound is great and sounds like music right from the show, and the voice acted lines are amazing. In the original they sounded bad because of the compressed files. But now, they sound perfect! Sure you don’t have Clancy Brown as Mr Krabs, and Ernest Borgnine isn’t around for Mermaid Man anymore, but the fill in actors did a good enough job! This game has never looked or sounded sexier!


    After you finish clearing the game 100%, there’s not much of a reason to play this again. There’s no unlocks, and nothing changes, but at least with the inclusion of the Horde Mode, you can kill robots as any character you want! So there’s a bit more replayability now a days. But, there’s always the chance at speed runs!

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    • Game Sounds Amazing
    • Quite a few Quality of Life Changes
    • Looks Fantastic
    • Super Nostalgic


    • No Real Squidward Fight
    • No Completion Unlockables
    • No Added Things



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