Starfield Review

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    Starfield is an open-world space exploration game where you join up with a group trying to find artifacts that hide a big secret. Here is our Starfield Review.

    The game is developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios, it was released on September 06, 2023, for the Xbox Series X|S and PC.

    Starfield is about your character joining a group called Constellation after finding an artifact that gave you a strange vision of the universe. The story itself is pretty boring and the twists even get revealed about halfway through, Of course, due to the “openness” of the game it is not that bad because there are a lot of other quests to do as well. But where the game gets better is the 4 factions you can align with. Each of them has about 1 cool action mission that are the highlight of the game, nothing else was fun or got even close to being fun.

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    The game is just boring, In my 40 hours of playtime, I spend the majority of the time just walking from A to B and looking at loading screens. Something that is even worse, from hour 14 till hour 25, I’ve seen and taken down exactly 0 enemies, Those 11 hours were just walking around and talking, it was one of the most boring gaming experiences I’ve ever played.

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    There are a lot of side quests, but the majority are kind of boring, There are only a handful that are a tiny bit of fun but get limited again by just walking and traveling most of the time. There is also a new game +, but it’s kinda more of the same, only you lose everything you worked for other than levels and skills, so building something up or getting a cool ship collection is pointless, because you have to NG+ 10 times to hit the max rewards and get the best stuff, and the being boring the 1st time, I don’t think doing the same thing 10 more times would be any better.

    Something I did enjoy was the gunplay, while limited, it still felt really good the times I could shoot at some things. Of course, this isn’t without any issues either. The enemy AI isn’t the best and their aim is sometimes really on point, but you barely get any damage at times and 10 seconds later you just get shot to pieces. Either way, it’s pretty easy to dodge or you can just stand there shooting at the enemies without having to really defend in any way.

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    The menu is just annoying, you need to go through so many hoops, and with looting it’s really hard to see what items the enemy actually has without going to a whole different menu. I have no clue what a maelstrom is or an EON, Are the weapons? Are they meds? No clue because the game doesn’t say in the quick menu in any way. Besides that, after the 24-hour mark, my game would freeze up for a few seconds every time I pressed a menu in a city and frames started dropping a lot and the game just lagged so much making the game unplayable at times making me have to reload a save 10 minute before I went to the city.

    While also not perfect, the game shines best in its visuals. Sure, everything is empty and there is nothing to do on the planets, but at least they look nice right? That is also where the visuals only shine because in the cities, the visuals also go down a lot and the citizens also look terrible.

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    The game is hard to enjoy, but it really does have its moments, but there is 0 innovation and the majority of the game really is just a copy-paste of Skyrim/Fallout but without the things that make those games special, it’s an empty shell that is just waiting to be fixed and improved on by modders. I do think the game will be better in the future, mainly due to the Bethesda modding community that already has improved things on PC for the players, but on console, you are stuck with what you get and I don’t think there is a way to actually make the game an enjoyable experience.

    You can also unlock some powers, but the game does nothing with them, In the story you only have to show the crew it 1 time and then it’s just never brought up again or used in a good way. Besides that, the powers are just useless in general, I feel like they needed to add something “magic-ish” to have something like the Dragon Screams from Skyrim in the game, but the difference is, in Skyrim it’s useful.

    I kept pushing myself to enjoy the game because I heard it gets better at hour X, but no, it doesn’t change anything other than maybe doing a mission that is alright around that time, but after those good missions, it is back to boring loading screens again. The game just made a lot of promises and it feels like almost none of them are actually true. The game is also a bit filled with glitches, but the majority are just visual ones of the “Bethesda charm”. There are also a bunch of crashes I started experiencing with the lag after the 24-hour mark and at some point my game would crash every 30 minutes making me have to save so many times.

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    A boring empty world with walking and loading screens for the majority of the time.

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    A boring empty world with walking and loading screens for the majority of the time.Starfield Review